holly bo yee is a UK based beauty website that is updated frequently and offers in depth and extremely honest reviews, advice and personal recommendations. Mlle Houx is not affiliated with any brand of beauty in any nature.

Holly bo yee formally known as 'Miss Holly' has been around since 2011. Here you will find anything beauty related - nails, hair, cosmetics, skincare.. etc
I'm not here to sell anything, if I personally think a product is good then I would recommend it and vice versa, I would never recommend anything that I do not personally love.
It is also worth noting that what may work well with me, may not always work well with others. I do always tend to state in each post which skin type certain products would work well with - however you can always do further research before you think about purchasing.

I use a Canon EOS 600D and my iPhone 6s to take my photo's on my blog..  All photo's on here are my own unless otherwise stated.  Please do not take my photos without my permission. See full disclaimer here.

Age: 25
Skin Type:  Normal / Dry - During seasonal changes can be sensitive.
Main Problems:  Dry skin, suffer from hormonal break-outs.
Hair Colour:  Bleached a light ash blonde balayage - Natural hair colour is darkest brown
Hair Type:  Thick, little frizzy and naturally straight. 

Hair Tools: These would be tested/trialed a couple of times before I share my thoughts
Hair Styling Products: Tested a few times, roughly 3-4 times
Shampoo/Conditioners: I normally use either products a fair few times before making any judgement
Skincare Products: I tend to test the product as long as it normally states to see results, if that isn't the case, I normally tend to trial them for a 3-4 week period.
Lip Products: Normally tested over a 3-4 wear period
Foundation/Concealers/Primers: I will test these for a full week, using only that product alone to make a full judgement before I share my thoughts. 
Powder Products (face/cheek/eyes): These are normally tested a couple of times using different bases and primers. 

If you require any further information please get in touch:  miss-holly@outlook.com
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