Thursday, 23 March 2017

32, 33 & 34 Week Pregnancy Update | Hospital Trips

I haven't posted an pregnancy update on here for a few weeks so i have a lot to catch you guys up on. Firstly, i get a lot of questions about this so i thought i'd address it, finally!
I was admitted to hospital when i was 32w+6d, it started at 5am in the morning when i went to the toilet and saw loads of blood, enough to make us all worry.. I went back to bed and was researching as to why i was having the bleeding (bad thing to do, best thing is to just call your midwife or hospital).. Anyways, come 6:30am i started getting bad contractions.. i thought there was no way i was going into labour already so i called the hospital and was sent in immediately..


Friday, 3 March 2017

30 - 31 Week Pregnancy Update | 4D Scan WTTW

So i am finally into the single digit countdown now and with only 8 weeks to go things are definitely getting a bit more real for me and my partner.
The past couple of weeks have been probably some of the best weeks during pregnancy so far, we had our 31 week midwife appointment the other day and last week we also had a 4D scan with Window To The Womb, one of the best experiences ever! I would highly recommend them to all pregnant ladies!
I've also been experiencing some very new symptoms which i'm going to do a whole other post about the weird symptoms i've gotten since being pregnant so look out for that post sometime during the week.

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