Friday, 3 March 2017

30 - 31 Week Pregnancy Update | 4D Scan WTTW

So i am finally into the single digit countdown now and with only 8 weeks to go things are definitely getting a bit more real for me and my partner.
The past couple of weeks have been probably some of the best weeks during pregnancy so far, we had our 31 week midwife appointment the other day and last week we also had a 4D scan with Window To The Womb, one of the best experiences ever! I would highly recommend them to all pregnant ladies!
I've also been experiencing some very new symptoms which i'm going to do a whole other post about the weird symptoms i've gotten since being pregnant so look out for that post sometime during the week.

30 - 31 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: I am now 32 weeks exactly as of today.
Weight Gain: I haven't checked recently but i'm probably assuming around 2.5stones.
Symptoms: I noticed about a couple of weeks ago that i had a very sore tongue so went to the chemist to ask what it could be, apparently it's called a Geographical Tongue, very weird but apparently it's caused by hormones and having being anemic too. Was prescribed a mouth wash which would help clear it up which tastes like utter crap and i stopped used it right away! It still hasn't cleared up but apparently it's nothing to be concerned about. 
Food Cravings: Still craving Sushi badly and anything sweet, also fruit juices still!
Movement: I feel her all the time now, all i have to do is rub my belly and talk to her and she kicks me. As she's running out of room in there now I can feel all her twists and turns a lot more and sometimes they can feel a little uncomfortable.
Gender: Baby girl!
Sleep: Getting some sleep, i still have to wake up 3-4 times a night to go for a pee but managing more sleep than before. (fingers crossed that stays the same). 
Miss Anything: Not much really, apart from certain foods i cannot eat but i haven't really thought too much about it.
Best Moment: Our 4D scan, it's the best experience a mother & father to be can have, she didn't want to face the right way for a while but as i turned we managed to get a few great snaps of her, we even caught her smiling and waving.
We even got a recording of the whole scan to keep as well as photo's, keyrings and a USB drive full of all the pics taken on the day. (See pics below).. Also she's no longer in Breech which is great news!!
Worst Moment: I don't think there has been a worst moment for me these past couple of weeks, again besides from the Pelvic and Back pain which i've had most of the pregnancy anyway - It's actually not been too bad lately. I have noticed the more i move around during the day the more it hurts by nighttime so i try to do really light exercises and try moving around and twisting in the 'right' way during the day time.
Maternity Clothes: I had to pick up more t-shirts and jeggings as it was getting a tad ridiculous that i was walking out the house with tops way to small for the bump now. Also none of my PJ tops fit me anymore so i've been wearing a tshirt i picked up from New Look as my sleep top.
Looking forward to: Just getting everything ready for her now, getting things ready for mine and baby girls hospital bag and just embracing the last 8 weeks with her in my tummy before she arrives.

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