Tuesday, 14 February 2017

29 Week Pregnancy Update

29 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 29 weeks + 4 days
Weight Gain: Last time i checked it was 2 stones. 
Symptoms: Little dizziness and nauseous. I've had to go back on Ferrous Sulfate (Iron tables) due to my low blood so it's been making me feel a little queasy at times, but besides from that it's all been good. 
Food Cravings: Biscuiteers!!! If you follow me on Twitter then you might of seen me tweeting all about my cravings, luckily i managed to force the Fiance to buy me some as a last minute Valentines present and my bestie also got me some! I'm also really craving Sushi at the moment, i'm not usually a huge sushi fan but i could really do with some Avocado Maki's and Salmon Teriyaki from Yo Sushi.

Movement: She's been moving around like crazy past few days, it's so amazing to feel her little kicks. Sometimes they aren't so 'little' and her kicks sometimes scare the crap out of me during the night time.
I had a little scare last week when i didn't feel her moving as much but that's now changed and she's back to kicking me constantly! 
Gender: Baby girl!
Sleep: Still very uncomfortable with the back and pelvic pain which the midwife said i've got to have physiotherapy for and the sleep's been on and off, some nights i'll be able to fall asleep straight away then some nights i'd literally get the sweats so badly and won't be able to sleep all night. Still having to get up 2-3 times a night for a pee too and find it difficult to get back to sleep after. 
Miss Anything: Missing going out! I can't go out much due to the PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) i'm limping around everywhere i go and find it difficult to stand for long periods of time.
Best Moment: The 28 week check-up with the midwife where we got to hear her little heart beating again and also I've officially left work for maternity now. I had to leave a little earlier than expected due to my condition but i'm happy about it as i really couldn't take much of work right now. 
Worst Moment: Again, the pelvic pain!! It's possibly the worst thing i've experienced in terms of pain although i'm hoping the physio will do something.. Also finding out the baby was at Breech but i won't be letting that get to me, as long as she's healthy then that's all that matters right now. Plus she still has plenty of time to turn around.
Maternity Clothes: I've purchased a couple of maternity leggings and a comfy pair of joggers. Besides from that, i'm still fitting into most of my tops. 
Looking forward to: Our 4D scan which we have next week so i'll be keeping you posted with some pictures on my next update.

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