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Hey guys! *Just a quick note that this post is going to be a bit of a long one so grab yourself a cuppa first and sit down and have a little catch up with me*
So it's been ages since i last blogged on here in fact my last post on this blog was from May (LAST YEAR!!) and i've had a few people asking if i've quit blogging but in all honesty i couldn't really give you an answer. For the longest time now i've really contemplated starting a fresh and just letting go of this blog, i've been blogging now for 5 years and to me it's just a hobby, nothing else nothing more.. But i just didn't really have the time for it or the love, passion or motivation i had for it like i did before.
However this blog has now taken a huge turn and you'll be seeing a lot more posts and updates from me, and of course on my pregnancy, birth etc now too.

I found out i was expecting when i was just 2-3 weeks pregnant which feels like forever to me, it's been amazing, emotional, exciting and scary all at the same time and a roller coaster ride. I am now currently 27w+3 days now and even though pregnancy hasn't been that great right from the start i've really been enjoying it now.

I've managed to keep it a secret from social media that i was pregnant, even personal facebook account so even friends don't even know, of course all my family now know.
I have dropped hints here and there but nobody has really picked up on it, I worry so so much about everything and didn't want to announce too early 'just in case', but honestly now i just want to shout it from the roof tops that I AM PREGNANT!!!

When i was just 9weeks pregnant, I had a little scare just before i went swimming with the family. I went to the toilets and saw a little bit of blood. Me being me, i panicked and instantly called the hospital for advice on what to do. Luckily i managed to get an earlier appointment and scan a week later even though they apparently wouldn't normally call you in that early for a scan.
That coming Friday i went in and received a scan and saw my baby for the first time and everything was perfect.

My next scan was at 11weeks+5 days and again, everything was perfect we saw the flickering on the screen of the baby's heartbeat, took some blood and measured the baby for the screening of Downs, Edwards and Patau's syndrome which all came back negative a few days later.

Then for the biggest scare i've had so far during this pregnancy was when i was 15weeks+1day,  I woke up like normal and went about doing my normal routine and then come lunch time, I was laying in bed about to get up to go toilet and make myself some lunch before i set off to work.
As i went to the toilet there was a gush of blood, just like you'd get when you started your time of the month. I was shaking, crying, panicking and i had nobody in the house to calm me down. I phoned the hospital and rushed to the labour ward straight away. Luckily i had someone come home just in time to take me and my Fiancé met me at the hospital, we heard the baby's heartbeat and they had to check me over to see why i was bleeding and what to expect.
They unfortunately couldn't tell me where the bleeding was coming from and we were told I could either stay in hospital or go home to rest. I chose to go home so they filled out my 'Record Of Pregnancy' folder and told me I may be experiencing a 50/50 chance of a miscarriage and to be prepared and only time can tell.
I was heartbroken, i never have the best of luck but this was just terrifying and something i was just not ready for.

Over the next few days, the bleeding did stop which i was so grateful for! I had no tummy cramps during this time a mild cramp here and there but nothing i was too worried about. I already had a handheld doppler which i bought weeks back just to reassure me and my Fiancé so I used it everyday to check the baby's heartbeat. I was told this was okay to do so from the doctors as I know a lot of people do worry that it will harm the baby but the doctors assured me it was safe to use.
So spending the next few days in bed were a joy.... not! I do love laying in bed all day but when you're trapped in the bed and not really allowed to do much you're stuck watching reruns of Pretty Little Liars for the 500th time that you've started to know all the words to every scene to every episode that you've started to go stir-crazy and wonder if you're actually 'A'.

I finally went in for my emergency scan a few days later after not being able to get a scan for a few days due to being booked up and i'm so so pleased to say that everything was perfect and little one was doing great!

We've also had our 20 week Anomaly Scan too and baby is doing amazingly, and also.. we found out we are having a baby girl!!
Luckily i've had no bleeding since that big scare which is great and i'm so much more reassured as i can also feel her moving around a lot in there now.

Anyways here is my 26/27 week update, i'm going to try do this every week or fortnight and keep you all posted throughout the last trimester of my pregnancy.

26/27 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 27 weeks + 3 days
Symptoms: Luckily, i've not had much symptoms lately, compared to my first trimester when i was constantly feeling dizzy and sick. The most i've had lately is just feeling uncomfortable and major back pains.
Food Cravings: Sugary foods, chewy sweets mainly and just any type of juice in general.
Movement: I've felt her moving around so much, i first felt movements when i was 19weeks and it's such an amazing, magical feeling. I love feeling her little kicks! 
Gender: we're very happy to be having a baby girl! 
Sleep: Managing to get a bit of sleep but always have to wake up to pee at least once or twice during the night. Also getting a little uncomfortable especially with the major back pains.
Miss Anything: The things i'm not allowed to eat during pregnancy, like certain seafood.. Also missing sleep occasionally.
Best Moment: The 20 week scan when we found out we were having a baby girl, and also when the Fiance feels her kicks.
Worst Moment: The back pain!! It's been so so bad recently, as the midwife explained to me because i'm so petite my belly is growing more outwards which means i'm putting more pressure on my lower back and hips and it's making walking, standing even laying down very very uncomfortable and the pain is just unreal!
Looking forward to: Our 4D scan which we have coming up in February. I am so excited to see baby girl in 4D!

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