Friday, 11 March 2016


Lately I've been so busy redecorating our rooms that I've been a bit MIA, I got into such a routine with my blog and then stopped so suddenly due to the redecorating and everything else drama wise in my life right now... Alot has gone on since I did my last update anyways.
Anyways, I finally have a new office!! For the longest time now me and my Fianceé have been sharing a small room as our office, I was basically sitting in the corner of the room with my little desk so I finally got my own office in the house and completely re-done the whole room from top to bottom. There was a ton of work to do with this room.
So we started off first with having to steam down all the horrid wallpaper, because this used to be a kids bedroom we had childrens wallpaper and stickers on the wall so that had to all come down, we then sanded and painted all the walls white, this had to be done in 3 stages to completely cover then for my accent wall I wanted Grey. 
After that came the carpet, I had in mind that I wanted a grey and white theme office so went with a beautiful greyish purple carpet which was amazing as i wanted to get rid of the disgusting green carpet before. 
So this how my office turned out, I love it! It's not completely done yet and there are still a few changes I would like to make but for now, this is my new cosy office.

If you would like to know in depth where items are from in my office then maybe I'll do an office tour video.

Let me know what you guys think! 


  1. I love the combination of white and grey colors. Waiting for your office tour ^^

  2. What a pretty space, I love the wall color!

    xx Kelly
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