Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Glossybox | March 2016

Once again it's been a while since i blogged, i don't know why i can't just get into the swing of things and get into a routine but i'm trying my hardest right now with everything else going on which i'll explain in another post. 
This month, even though i haven't been blogging so much i have been really getting into makeup again, trying out a bunch of new products and a couple of those products have actually been from the latest Glossybox*.

This perfecting cream is said to help with discolouration and dark spots which i feel like my skin definitely has. I get a lot of dark spots during the time of the month and they take ages to fade away, I also get discolouration in my skin a lot mainly on my cheeks where i get redness and dark under eye circles. I've been using this now for the past week or so and have actually noticed a huge difference in my skin and i love applying this just before i apply my make up for the day. It evens out my skin tone really well and feels so hydrating on my skin which has been so dry lately. 
Just before i use the Olay Perfecting Cream i like to apply a small amount of this facial serum which helps lock the moisture in and keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. It's infused with honey and propolis and helps replenish and protect the skin.  It's 100% been working as my skin has been so dry lately and i feel like this and the perfecting cream have been working wonders and my skin doesn't feel so drying anymore and actually feels quite hydrated and replenished. 
I've never heard of this brand before but loved the sound of these shampoo and conditioner. Considering i had just ran out of my normal s&c i decided to give these a go, firstly they smell incredible and secondly they made my hair feel so smooth unlike no other shampoo and conditioner!
Now i don't know if that's because i had been using my other shampoo and conditioner for a while and really needed to change or if it was just the products but they honestly made my hair feel so smooth for days! 
Collection Speedy Highlighter / Full size / £3.99
Now here is a product i have been loving these past couple of weeks! I haven't ever really been into highlighters really but i've been really getting into it lately and that's ever since i received this highlighter in the March Glossybox.
I actually done a few looks already with this which i've posted on my Instagram (@mllehoux) I love how glowy this makes my skin look and it really brightens up my complexion and of course highlights. It's so easy to blend which i also love and they colour is gorgeous!

Now the most exciting part of this month's Glossybox was this Luxie angled face brush, not only because it's rose gold and anybody that knows me knows how much i love rose gold but it's also because it's so amazingly soft and you can never have too many make up brushes.  I've been using this with my NARS blush palette as i don't like using the same brushes with colours on, basically i don't like mix matching my blushes so i've been using this and i love it! It's possibly one of my favourite brushes now. 

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