Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Ultimate Pamper Routine

There's certain times during the month where my skin just feels and looks crap, girls, we all know what it's like to have those days and it just cannot be helped. 
When I have bad skin day, I mean it's a BAD skin day!  When I'm due, my skin gets quite dry, blotchy, red, and feels really sore, oh and not to forget the terrible breakouts too! 

When I am having a really rubbish skin day, I always know what products to use. See, I've now mastered my ultimate pamper routine and know exactly what not to use and what to use to make my skin better again.
I normally like to start off with some sort of mask, my favourite mask's in particular are sheet masks or peel off masks. They are easy to use and easy to remove, I love using Japanese brands and my favourite at the moment is the My Beauty Diary 2 Step Europe Clarifying Mask - These masks come in a pack of 8 and were only £7.50 from YesStyle. I love using these when my skin feeling really dry and looking blotchy and it really calms my skin down. Feels so cooling on the skin and leaves it looking more radiant. 
My other favourite mask to use is the Annies Way Arbutin+Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask, I've been using this mask for years now, it's a great little pick-me-up for bad skin days. You apply this jelly on your face and leave for approximately 20-30 and then using the spatular providing you likely scrape this off the skin and rinse off. I've found this mask really works with dry skin and leaves it feeling more hydrated and moisturised after, it's also great at reducing redness and clearing up any blemishes. 
After my face mask, I like to apply something for my under eye circles and for my blackheads on my nose. No matter what I do, I always have both! So to cure my bad under eye circles I like to use the Eye Am Not Tired Eye Patches, these feel so amazing under your eyes, they feel cool and after you're left with less visible eye bags than before. 

For my awful blackheads on my nose, now we all get them and I've been using loads of different products to try and get rid of them but these one's really do work! The Biore Pore Pack is honestly the best I've used, these really do get rid of most of your pesky blackheads and leaves your nose feeling so smooth after. They don't completely get rid of all blackheads but it does a fair good job removing the majority of them. 
After I have done my face mask, nose and eyes I like to finish off with a toner and then moisturiser. The toner I have loved for many years now is the Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner*, as it states in the name, it's great at soothing skin - I spritz this onto a cotton pad and apply over my face and my skin instantly feels more calming, refreshed and balanced out.
Lastly, to finish off, I apply a moisturiser - Depending on how dry my skin is and how much treatment I want is how I pick my moisturiser.  If my skin is really dry and really needs TLC I use the Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream*, this cream is thick, rich and very moisturising. I apply this before I go to bed and instantly the next morning my skin is back to it's old self, it really is a miracle worker. 
If my skin just needs a little pick me up I like to use Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser, it's refreshing, moisturising and feels so calming on the skin. I also love how it gets rid of any redness and blotchiness I have too.

What products do you use when your skin needs a little pick-me-up?

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