Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Product Expiration Dates

After having my annual clear out of my beauty products and makeup, I realised I had a lot of products which I had been hoarding for years. Normally I am quite good at throwing old makeup out but when it comes to stuff like high-end beauty I am very reluctant on throwing them out and end up hoarding them.
As part of my new year's resolution I really wanted to be more organised and actually have a proper clear out so that's exactly what I did. I also used white labels and wrote down dates on the majority of my makeup to help me along the way of throwing out old products.

As most products do come with an expiry date of some sort on the products, there is always a few that don't and you kind of just have to guess when they are - however, I've put together a rough guide to the lifespan of products which will hopefully help you along the way of keeping your products fresh and not allow you to use products which have expired.
This guide is only a rough estimate and personally what I go by, however, if you're product has lost it's texture, smells funny or just doesn't look right then it should go straight in the bin.
You can also use websites such as Cosmetic Calculator, all you need to do is fill in the brand, type in the product/batch code and click search - this should tell you when your product was manufactured and when it's due to expire. 

Are you a hoarder of beauty products? Do you throw them out when needed?..

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