Friday, 18 December 2015

The Perfect Christmas Nails

Now I'm pretty sure every girl thinks about their nails when it comes to Christmas.  Out come the reds, whites, greens and sparkly nail polish, I don't know what it is about the festive season that means us girls can only wear glitter during the Christmas festivities, I mean surely glitter can be worn on the nails all year round. Especially when they look this good anyways!

Lately I've been obsessing over my SensatioNail Gel Nail Kit, they are so easy to use and have a gorgeous array of colours to choose from. Down side to that though is that they are a little expensive not just for the gel nail polishes but also the removal and the other bits and bobs to go along with that.
However, I would say it's all totally worth it especially if you can grab these gel polishes on a buy one get second half price deal at Boots
I've been obsessing over my Gold Glitter gel nails for the past couple of weeks now and this is now my second application!  These gel nails lasted for just over a week, however they could of lasted a lot lot longer if my nails didn't grow to quickly.  

The nails eventually flaked off in which I could just peel the rest of the remaining gel left off my nails and filed my nails to make them smooth again, or you could use the SensatioNail Remover along with the removal wraps. 
These are now my current go-to nail look, I am actually in love with them and have had so many compliments! These are my perfect Christmas nails which I'll definitely be sure to wear on Christmas Day! 

Shop the SensatioNail range over at Boots. - link here


  1. I love sensatioNail and this shade is so lovely for Christmas. I think glitter nails can be a bit too much but this is still glitzy but subtle.

    1. I totally agree Amy, I do think I go a bit overboard with the glitter every Christmas but this is gorgeous and like you said, it's quite subtle too. :)


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