Saturday, 17 October 2015

Face your fears

I haven't posted an update post in what seems like forever so I thought now was the best time.. Even though my laptop has 19% battery and the charger is in the other room #firstworldproblems.

I regularly update my Instagram with pictures of my life, not all.. But I do like to give little snippets on what I've been up to and recently I just got my first ever tattoo.. or shall I say tattoo's.. 2.. in one day!
Even the tattooist thought I was a little crazy in getting 2 in one day, however I've always had these tattoo's in mind.  This year, I've been trying to face my fears, live my life how I want to and just to come out of my comfort zone a bit. 
The first tattoo I had in mind I needed my sister as it was something we had spoken about for years and finally decided to do.. We both got chinese symbol sister tattoo's, I'm the little sister and she's the big sister - I have my tattoo on the right foot and she has her's on the left foot. 
For my other tattoo, and something which actually inspired me to get my first ever tattoo - It had to be something for my Grandma. In Roman Numerals, I have her date of birth - 26.09.1931.
The reason as to why I've been inspired to do new things has been for my Grandma - Since I lost her last year (nearly a whole year gone by) I decided I needed to do more with my life, do things that I wanted to do but scared me.. Just to live my life a bit more..


  1. These are lovely! Well done you on facing your fears :)

    Jess xo


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