Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Anatomicals Memorably Good Daily Face Wash

I'm pretty sure on Miss Holly this week it's turned into a skincare week.. unintentionally of course.
I've tried and tested a bunch of face washes, more than a handful of face creams and probably about half a dozen of cleansing waters.
Lately, I've been testing out the Anatomicals Memorably Good Daily Face Wash* which I have been loving far too much lately that a back-up has been bought for already.
I don't normally repurchase facial washes, I'm one that tends to try a product out, maybe love it maybe hate it then use the product up and either forget all about it or just end up trying a new brand out..
This wasn't the case for the Anatomicals Memorably Good Daily Face Wash, I honestly loved it that much that I had to buy a back-up one incase this one ran out.
I like to use this face wash in the shower to really waken my skin in the morning - it does the job so well and leaves my skin looking more glowy and radiant before make up application.
This face wash also makes your skin feel so clean and soft afterwards that you do tend to think to yourself why you hadn't tried this out sooner?..

The Anatomicals Memorably Good Daily Face Wash retails for £5.99 and can be found here.

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