Sunday, 2 August 2015

SASS Sooth & Smooth Shave Gel #GotSASS

I'm not sure if anyone enjoys shaving, I mean I certainly don't (without that sounding to disgusting). I find it such a chore and I can never find the right products to shave my legs with. Normally if i'm feeling super lazy it's normally a quick soap in one hand shaver in the other hand job (this method normally leaves me with cuts everywhere). Or if I really want to take my time I normally purchase a shaving foam and take extra care when shaving.
SASS Sooth & Smooth Shave Gel* is something I have never tried before, normally I use shaving foam so this was relatively something differently and I was interested in how this would work.
The SASS Sooth & Smooth Shave Gel is said to help reduce ingrown hairs and has been specially designed to allow a smoother shave in your most intimate areas and it's suitable for Vegans.

The gel is a clear thick consistency which you apply over the areas you want to shave and leave for 5 minutes before you start to shave - I tested this out on my legs first and followed up with the SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate and the SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser.
After the first use i didn't really see much results, besides from the fact it left my legs feeling amazing and they looked more smooth.  I didn't see immediate results until my second use which was about a week later, I normally suffer from ingrown hairs especially around my intimate area so I could notice more results there.  I normally don't go for these gimmicky products as they are normally just something that someone is trying to sell but I can honestly say that this does work. I'm not sure entirely which product worked best in reducing ingrown hairs but all three used together definitely worked miracles and I have not spotted one ingrown hair yet.

I would definitely recommend if your like me and get those pesky ingrown hairs - I completely understand how annoying they can get and would highly recommend you trying out the SASS Sooth & Smooth Shave Gel - 100ml | £10

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