Monday, 17 August 2015

Glim-Glam Watercolor & Metallic Temporary Tattoos

If you regularly check my Instagram posts then you'll how obsessed I am with temporary tattoos at the moment. I don't have a real tattoo but I have always wanted one, however i've never wanted to commit to getting a real tattoo in case I get bored with it so temporary tattoos are they way to go for me right now.
I've been playing around with a few temporary tattoo's these past couple of months, I loved wearing them on holiday and I just love how they look on your skin and can dress up any outfit.
These gorgeous temporary tattoo's from Glim-Glam* are to die for, they have some great watercolor and metallic tattoos in different designs and each pack comes with 2 sheets to play around with.
Since I received these in the post I've been dying to try them out, especially the watercolor one's as I love nothing more than anything watercolor.
I cut out a few of my favourite tattoo's from both collections and had a whale of a time applying them, it always brings back that little kid in you when you're applying the tattoo's onto your skin, soaking a cotton ball or tissue and peeling back the paper backing to reveal a beautiful design. 
As you can probably tell, I really like the simplistic designs - My favourites have to be the watercolor 'live, laugh, love' & the 'beautiful' handwritten tattoo which I placed on the side of my foot. 
These tattoo's, like any other temporary tattoo's only last a couple of days. I would say they are normally a one-day thing, however if you looked after them by staying away from any oils then these last a little longer.
These are great for festival fashionistas, parties or even day to day wear and would look amazing in outfit of the days. 

The Glim-Glam watercolor and metallic temporary tattoo's are only £11.99 and you receive 2 sheets per pack.


  1. I actually won 5 sheets of flash tattoos a while ago in a contest on Facebook and I think they are so cool. I really like these, they look really pretty on you :-)

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