Saturday, 20 June 2015

Magnitone Lucid Face Brush

I've been obsessed with caring for my skin for the past few years, if there is anything out there that can help improve my skin then i'm all for it.
I discovered the Magnitone Lucid about 6 months ago now and it's always made a regular appearance in my skin care routine (I'll be posting my full skin care routine soon)
The Magnitone Lucid promises softer, clearer and brighter skin in just 7 days so i had to pick it up and give it a go - i picked mine up in the colour Dazzling Blue however there are 4 shades to choose from in the range.

The Magnitone Lucid has 2 cleansing modes, press the button once for a deep clean and press twice for those with sensitive skin. They also advise you to start off using the sensitive mode and work your way up to the deep clean which is what i did.
It's great for all skin types and has a built in timer, use once a day for just 1 minute with your regular cleansing products.
I've been using mine now for around 6 months so i'm happy to report that this does really work, i don't use it every day, but every other day as i find that's best for my skin.
I use this with any cleansing product i have, lately i've been using it with the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which works amazingly.
The built in timer goes off every 20 seconds which gives you enough time to focus every 20 seconds on your nose, forehead and chin area, then moving onto another section so 20 seconds per cheek and in total 1 full minute.
Even after the first use i could tell a difference in my skin, every time i use it my skin looks and feels more smoother and gives me a more brighter complexion. After using it for about 2 weeks my skin has never looked better, this is also great for those who suffer with dry skin - as i don't want to completely strip my skin of it's natural oils i only use this every other day but it's fine if you want to use it every day.
The Magnitone Lucid is waterproof and also travel friendly, it doesn't weigh that much and also comes with a wireless travel charger, the charge on this lasts approx. 2 weeks! So you won't have to worry about taking the charger with you when you travel.

The Magnitone Lucid comes in 4 colours, choose between the Dazzling Blue, Aqua Green, Plush Pink, Sunshine Yellow or for the same price why not pick up the Limited Edition Magnitone Lucid by Pixie Lott - only £69.99


  1. Omgosh I'm in need of one of these!!! They must be amazing!!

    I'd love to get the blue/pink one ^_^ great blogpost

    Lauren <3 xx | laurlauu

    1. They are amazing, best thing every created for your skin! I was torn between this one and the pink one too. XO


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