Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sensationail Starter Kit | Pink Chiffon

I am probably one of the only female, well at least that i know of that hasn't ever had a gel mani before. Sure i'd have loved one but i don't exactly like going out spending hard earned money for a mani which i could of easily just done at home with normal nail polish. 
I didn't exactly need much persuading when i was offered the Sensationail Starter Kit* to try out - i had seen plenty of bloggers using this and loving it that i already had it on my 'things i need to buy' list and i was going to get round to purchasing it when i had some spare cash.
I'll start by saying i'm not exactly a pro when it comes to Gel mani's, i think i had just about mastered applying nail polish without painting my actual cuticles and hands only a short while ago so for me this was a big deal. 
Inside the Sensationail Starter Kit* you get: 
  • Sensationail Pro 3060 LED Lamp
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Gel Primer
  • Gel Base/Top Coat
  • Gel Polish
  • Lint Free Wipes
  • Nail File
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Instructions
It's a little tricky to get the hang of at first, if you've never used anything like this which i certainly hadn't. I read through the instructions over and over again and made sure to have them next to me so i could remember the timings but now that i've used this a couple of times now i would say it's pretty easy to get the hang of now.
The total prep time for me was about 10-15 mins, i first filed my nails like i would when prepping to apply nail polish, trimmed cuticles etc.. The next step after this was to use a Lint Free Wipe and soak with a little bit of Gel Cleanser - making sure to go over every nail throughly. Leave the Gel Cleanser and a Lint Free Wipe out as you'll be needing this again later. Next step was to apply the Gel Primer and leave to air dry - i left it to air dry for about a minute or two. After that was applying a thin coat of the Base/Top Coat and placing your hand under the LED Lamp for 30 seconds (until the beep), a little tip which worked great for me was to apply to your fingers first then doing your thumbs after.
Once you have done both hands with the Base/Top Coat it's time to move on with the actual colour Gel Polish, the shade i have is Pink Chiffon which is a beautiful every day wearable pink. Apply a thin coat and place your hand under the LED Lamp for 1 minute - so past the first beep and until the LED Lamp turns off. Repeat this step again with your second coat of colour and finish off with a thin layer of the Base/Top Coat with a 30second cure under the LED Lamp.
Considering this was my first time ever attempting gel mani's i am pretty impressed with the results - it may look a little sloppy but i am getting there and i have just used this kit again on both my fingers and toes and i am loving it! Not only is it quick and easy to use it also lasts for ages, i had mine on for a week or so before i removed mine, only because i had a wedding to go to and the pink didn't really go with the dress but considering i work in retail and i do a lot of things with my hands i can honestly tell you there wasn't a single chip within a whole weeks work! I am seriously impressed with the Sensationail Starter Kit* that i don't think there is any going back, i've already set my eyes on a few other colours in their range. 
The downside is of course the price, being that this is a gel starter kit, it's bound to be a little pricey however at £69.99 it's not exactly going to break the bank plus it works out a whole lot cheaper than going to the nail salon.  Each individual gel polish costs £15 and provides up to 20 applications which i'd say is well worth the money and they are also currently on a 'buy one get second half price' offer at Boots.

Grab the Sensational Starter Kit in 4 different shades for only £69.99 or why not grab the Sensationail Deluxe Starter Kit which is currently half price at only £55. 

Have you ever tried an at-home gel mani before?.. 

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