Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentines Gift Guide For WOMEN

With Valentines Day coming up have you thought of what you want from your other half?.. Or maybe your still trying to decide..
I've put together a small gift guide with a few of my current favourites and things i would love to receive for V-Day, plus if you haven't thought of anything yet - send this gift guide to your other half for a little inspiration as to what he can get you.

I love nothing more than make up, clothes, hand bags purses and perfumes and a guy can never go wrong with any of those options. Except, when he buys you something you already have because your a shopaholic and you just cannot stop yourself from buying to many perfumes, make up and bags!
I am obsessed with purses, if anyone knows me well then they know i get extremely bored with purses very quickly which is why if you buy me a purse i will love you instantly! I recently picked up this cute Scallop Clipframe Coin Purse {£8.00} this just about holds all my coins and a few important cards. It's got an adorable scallop design and it's so dainty that you could just throw in your bag and goes with everything to.
I've also been loving my Oliva Burton Flower Show Watch {£65.00} which i got as a gift from the bestie for my birthday, i love floral designs and if you/your girlfriend does to then you cannot go wrong with an O.B watch! Unfortunately this watch was limited edition and is sold out everywhere however there are so many other gorgeous watches to choose from. 
For make up i've picked out 2 things which i've been using non-stop since i've had them - The Naked 2 Basics Palette {£23.00} & Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette The Dolce Vita {£38.00} if you/your gf is into make up and doesn't have these then you/they need these in their life, like right now! Two of the' best eyeshadow palettes out there one filled with matte eyeshadows and the other filled with gorgeous shades to wear day and night.
Lastly, we cannot talk Valentines without talking about perfumes.. I've picked out 3 of my current go-to fragrances and one's i would not personally recommend if i didn't love them that much! 
The first is the Taylor Swift Incredible Things EDP {30ml - £23.00}, I can go on and on as to why i love this perfume but i wrote a full review of this here so go check that out instead for a more in depth review.
The next is the Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne {30ml - £40.00} this perfume smells incredible really sweet, fresh and great for every day wear, if you really want to treat your lady this month - this would be the ultimate treat!
Lastly is the new Hugo Woman EDP* {30ml - £34.50} for an everyday wearable scent the Hugo Woman is perfect for that, it's light and fresh, fruity and floral, not to over powering and lasts all day. This has a twist of the Hugo Man fragrance so has both feminine and masculine notes - a nice uplifting day to night fragrance.

That's it for the women's gift guide,  go check out my gift guide for men here.

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