Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentines Day Gift Guide For MEN

I'm sure we all know what day is coming, if not, you've obviously been living under a rock these past few weeks as Valentines Day is highly hyped up that you couldn't get away from it even if you tried.
I've been with my boyfriend for 8 ½  years and we stopped celebrating it a long time ago, not because we don't love each other it's because we tell each other day we love each other we don't need a special day a year to tell or show each other. However, that's just my personal opinion but we do like to buy each other a little gift when it comes to V-Day!
I honestly really struggle when it comes to buying gifts for guys, unless they tell me what they want then i'm totally lost when it comes to gift giving. I picked out a few gifts with my boyfriend for the purpose of this gift guide so it has some manly touch to it.
If your man likes games owns a PS4 or an Xbox then you cannot go wrong with extras for them, an extra controller so you can play 2 player games, i know the PS4 only comes with one controller so maybe pick up another Xbox or PS4 Controller {£42.19} and play some 2 player games, it could also come in handy if he breaks his other one! 
Sticking with the gaming theme, does the noise sometimes get to you?.. Maybe some headphones may do the trick, my boyfriend loves his Sony Playstation Wireless Stereo Headset {£82.99}.
Or maybe your man likes his fragrances, i've picked up three of my boyfriends current favourites - Oriflame Voyager EDT {£18.95} this scent is a great day time scent it's very light and isn't to strong or overpowering - Joop! Homme {£20.00} this has been one of his favourites since his college days and you could never go wrong with Joop! I would say this is more of a going-out scent than a daytime scent as it's quite cool and spicy. Lastly is the Hugo Boss Hugo Man EDT* {40ml - £29.50} this is my boyfriends go-to favourite and this is the perfume he used to wear back when we first started dating. It's quite a rich and intense fragrance but smells great and would make a great day time or going-out fragrance. Plus you can never go wrong with Hugo Boss.
Lastly for the mens gift guide is the Gilette Fusion Razer {£7.73}, this razer is fab and does great close up shaves my boyfriend loves Gilette when it comes to shavers and razers plus if he doesn't want it you could always keep it for yourself it's a win/win situation.

That's it for the men's gift guide,  go check out my gift guide for women here.

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