Friday, 30 January 2015

Holographic Nails

A few years ago there was a hype around Holographic nails, i remember all the bloggers fell in love with the GOSH holographic nail polish then all of a sudden it had been discontinued and it was nowhere to be seen or found except on eBay, if you were willing to pay nearly triple the price!
Since then i have been searching around for a holographic type nail polish but with no luck i kind of gave up and just forgot all about it - then whilst i was out shopping in Boots i found this little beauty and instantly grabbed it.

At the Boots i was in (Lakeside) they didn't have these on the Seventeen stand but instead right by the check outs, so if your looking for this and don't see it, try looking there. This was also extremely hard to find online so i'm not surprised if some of you may have missed it. 
I've been getting so many compliments on my nails ever since i got this nail polish and have repainted them twice already. It last's a pretty long time with a good top coat, i've had mine on since Sunday so that's 5 days so far and no chips!
This nail polish looks so gorgeous when it hits different lights, the images don't do it justice really as they look much better than how they appear on camera.
(nail polish can be found 'here' - 5th row down, 8 across)


  1. I love Seventeen polish! this is such a lovely colour! :)

  2. Love this colour and it's a great price xx


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