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December Favourites 2014

December was by far my favourite month of last year as i got so many goodies for my birthday and Christmas and not only that but i spent plenty of time with my family too. It was so lovely receiving gifts that i had wanted for so long and knew i would love and i'm so grateful for everything i got..
For birthdays i don't really expect much anymore i presume that's just part of getting old so it was a lovely surprise when i got a few goodies i'd had my eye on.

A couple of months back when out shopping with my best friend i picked this perfume up and had a quick sniff of it and instantly fell in love. I had a hard time separating with the perfume due to low funds that day but was amazed that my best friend bought this for me the next week for my birthday. 
I own a fair few perfumes but this is by far my new favourite and probably will be for a while.. The scent is so uplifting and lasts all day with beautiful notes of Amber and Patchouli to blend with just-ripe pear and white freesias. I think this scent would probably suit anybody and though it's quite expensive even for a 30ml bottle i'd say it's definitely worth every penny.
This is another product i've been eyeing up for months now so i asked my lovely boyfriend to buy it for me for Christmas. I've seen loads of people using the CT palettes in tutorials and really wanted to get my hands on one. The palette i picked was in the shade Dolce Vita and it holds 4 of the most beautiful shimmer shades which could easily be used to create stunning day to night looks.
Another eyeshadow duo which i received for my birthday was this one by NARS in the shade Silk Road. I like to wear these shades on days where i don't want much on my eyes which are normally the days i go to work. The shades are very subtle but also very beautiful and eye catching and contain gold flecks of glitter. I love using this palette to create a soft subtle smokey eye.
I've been really loving the darker shades for the winter and this lip bullet was a little spare-of-a-moment add to my Christmas wish list but i've been loving it so much that i've been practically wearing this everyday. 
You can apply this lip bullet lightly to create a softer look or go heavy handed to get a deep dark plum brown shade. It's beautiful worn with a subtle smokey eye as all your lips get the attention. I've been wearing this shade with a soft smokey eye and a knitted beanie. 
If you know me well you'll know just how much i love AA and candles so both put together is just pure heaven. I received this mini candle in my beauty advent calendar from YouBeauty and it smells incredible. I'm nearly out of it now so definitely going to pick up a full size of this when it completely goes. It's not a cheap candle but again well worth every penny - i'd have to say this is one of my favourite candles of all time. 
Every time i look at this watch i fall more and more in love. Isn't she a beauty?.. I received this watch as part of my Birthday present from the bestie again and it's just perfect. I did pick this watch out and it was a toss up between this and the mint green one but glad i picked this one as it goes with practically everything.
This was also a gift from the boyfriend for my birthday, i had picked this ring out because i love cute dainty rings and had my eye on a bow ring for a while. 
This ring comes in either Silver or Gold but i much preferred the silver plus it was a heck of a lot cheaper than the gold one. This ring is so dainty and gorgeous and sits nicely on my middle finger.

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