Monday, 5 January 2015

AirMotion Plus Hair Brush

It's always lovely receiving a brand new hair brush just at the moment you need it most. All my hair brushes, i say all because i have 3 Tangle Teezers which all have their living places - in the bathroom, bedroom and in my handbag. I've been meaning to get myself another hair brush but just never got round to it plus i wanted to try something different other than the TT's. 
Luckily this landed in my hands just in time and i can honestly say i much prefer this hair brush over the TTs. I mentioned a while back how i much preferred hair brushes with a handle but couldn't quite find a hair brush with these types of bristles with a handle.

The AirMotion Pro Hair Brush* comes in two colours, pink or white. The brush i received is in white and has a simple black and white design with white lined edges and a white back with AirMotion printed on the back of the hair brush. 
The brush has a non-slip handle which is easy to grip for when your brushing your hair, it also has 3 different length bristles which makes it easier to brush and detangle. 
I instantly fell in love with this hair brush when i first used it, it works really well in and out of the shower and detangles your hair without having to tug on it. The brush gently glides through your hair leaving it smooth and helps straighten. 

I have no faults about this hair brush, i absolutely love it and will be picking up another one of these - i do think it would be great if they could bring out a selection of other colours, maybe a mint green or a coral?.. Nothing beats having a brightly coloured hair brush.

The AirMotion Pro Hair Brush currently comes in 2 different colours, pink & white and retails for £11.95.

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