Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Quick Look Back At 2014..

Taking a nice quick look back at 2014 and man a lot has happened this past year. I never thought i'd be travelling back and fourth 350 miles 5 times in a year, i didn't ever think i would have my own business nor did i ever think i'd be losing someone so important to me in such a short time.
If you've been reading my blog for the past year or even the past few posts you'll know that i sadly lost my Grandma in November, if i'm honest i think that' that was the hardest time of my life so far.. 
i've been through quite a lot of rough times but that was the cherry of all cherries to top off a bad year. The year actually started off well, i set up my own shop - BOMBS AWAY COSMETICS and it's turned out perfectly so far, it's really kicked off well and it's doing amazingly - Thanks for all of those who have ordered from us the past year! I also went on a few holidays to Newcastle starting from June and in July i found out my Grandma had Bowel Cancer which really took me by surprise. Then sadly in November she passed away, with all her children and a few grandchildren by her side my granddad came to collect her and take her to heaven. I've lost people in my life but this heart ache was horrible and though i still feel it now i'm slowly getting back to my normal self.
I really strongly believe that time is a great healer - time and your family and friends!

On the plus side and something that's kept me a little busy is that my sister got a beautiful Pug named Sasha and she's gorgeous! Honestly, love at first site when i saw her.. However there's always a downer to that as i found out that i have a minor allergy to dogs. HAHA - great start ay! Doctors have said as long as i take allergy tablets i'll be okay around her so not all that bad.
Also i FINALLY opened my Justin Timberlake 2015 calendar today and boy oh boy what a great way to start 2015 ;]

Finally, I'm so sorry i haven't posted on here as much as i would have liked to and promising posts that i couldn't achieve in time. I PROMISE from now on, i'm back and i have plenty of post's planned out for this year and excited to share more of my life with you all.


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