Monday, 22 December 2014

How Many Different Ways Can You Use Apples, Vanilla & Cranberries?

Being as though it's nearly Christmas - exactly 2 days away! It's no surprise that almost everywhere you look there are Apples, Vanilla & Cranberries, obviously when you think of Christmas, well when i do anyway, these are the 3 main ingredients in almost anything including our beauty products and baked treats.
This year The Body Shop have put together a great selection of Christmasy treats, The Seasonal Sensations include products scented with Glazed Apple, Vanilla Brûlée and Frosted Cranberry which are perfect for this time of the year!
Each collection includes 4 delicious smelling treats from a range of Shower Gels to Body Butters to Bath Jelly, Soaps to even Hand Creams the whole collection looks pretty amazing and they all sound good enough to eat! I'll definitely be checking them out with my next visit into town!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Glossybox December 2014 {CHRISTMAS EDITION}

Ah yes! It's that time of the year again, it makes me SO happy when i get my Christmas Glossybox - it's literally like receiving a Christmas present early! - Plus i always love the designs that they come up with for the festive box.
This months box in all honesty isn't much different to the other boxes and i'm starting to think, are they only sending out the same particular brands each month because almost each month i have received the same branded items but different products? I did think that Glossybox would go a bit above and beyond with their Christmas box and add in an extra, even like a lollipop or something would of been that much special for Christmas However in saying that i am happy with the contents of the box this month.
The first product which i love and have already used is the TREsemmé Renewal Hair and Scalp 60 Second Treatment Shots {£5.50 for pack of 4}, my hair has been so ridiculously dry lately and these have worked a treat! I do already use this treatments and love them so was a lovely surprise to receive these in the box.

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