Saturday, 31 May 2014

Holiday Wishlist | 2014

YAY it's nearly that time of the year again and in just under 2 weeks i'll be going on holiday to my favourite destination! NEWCASTLE! - If you've followed my blog for a while now you'll probably know that i go to Newcastle every year now! Newcastle is by far my favourite place in the world to go chill out and spend time with family!
I put together a little wishlist of items i've been looking into getting for my holidays and thought i'd share them in a post for you.
The first has to be these gorgeous Turquoise Cross Strap Platform Sandals which i instantly fell in love with! I've been looking for a mint green, turquoise or coral coloured platform sandals for a while, searched high and low and eventually gave up! Then out of pure coincidence i decided to check out the River Island site and low and behold i finally found my dream platforms! These were added straight to my shopping cart and checked out within seconds!
Also from River Island, i found this gorgeous Green Gem Stone Statement Necklace, i have so many statement necklaces some of which i have just never worn, however i'm thinking about taking the whole lot with me and getting my moneys worth by wearing one every night with each outfit i wear. This is just one of many i've had my eye on!
I've also had my eye on some Flat Hoop Earrings, i haven't worn earrings in so long - some reason i just don't think they suit me and my ears get so irritated cos of them, i saw these in Topshop the other day and loved them so much! Didn't end up picking them up which i highly regret now!
Lastly, for clothing, i found a beautiful plain Yellow Pleated Mini Dress, i'm definitely getting one of these pleated dresses, just not sure which colour to go for! They have them in a few colours but this one caught my eye the most as it's bright and very summery!
I am also loving this Lace Shoulder Playsuit by Topshop, i am honestly so in love with this and have this in my shopping basket online, it's gorgeous! Just don't know if i can justify spending that much on a single playsuit!
Lastly, also by Topshop is this Embellished Crop Tee, i'm all about the embellishments especially in the summer time! I think it really adds that extra something to a plain outfit, especially as i normally go for plain T-shirts and tops! I love the soft pastel colour, as you may be able to tell i'm loving the pastels right now!

Are you going on holiday this year?  What's on your holiday wish list? 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lanolips Triple Buttermilk Body Balm for Very Dry Skin

With the warmer weather we've been having lately, on and off, i've been making sure to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised.. Especially as my skin can get extremely dry through-out this time of the year so it's really important for me to keep it well moisturised.
I've been using the Lanolips Triple Buttermilk Body Balm for Very Dry Skin* for the past few weeks, in the morning and after i get out the shower/bath at night time. 
The Lanolips Triple Buttermilk Body Balm for Very Dry Skin, as the name states is for very dry skin, i wouldn't say mine is very dry but it can get quite dry when faced with hot weather.  I normally apply this on top of a SPF body lotion and as soon as i apply it (it takes a few minutes to dry and really sink in), i'm normally set for the day and only reapply and night time. The texture is thick and blends in really well with a lovely light sweet floral scent.

This body balm leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and moisturised through-out the day and even through-out the night, i love the fact it dries pretty quickly and has a beautiful scent to it.

The Lanolips Triple Buttermilk Body Balm for Very Dry Skin retails for £13.99 for a 170ml tube - link here.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash

I briefly remember using this product last year when i completely and madly fell in love with it! I received a 30ml sample size of this in my January 2013 Glossybox which i instantly used up and almost forgot about..
In my Glossybox post i had wrote how much i loved it and that i was going to repurchase it as soon as i had used the sample size up, total mind blank as i didn't! 
However a year and a half later i am finally re-united with my beloved Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash*, Honestly when i say i am in love with this exfoliator i seriously seriously mean it. I don't even know what it is about this particular face wash compared to the others i use but this just makes my skin look amazing!
Even after the first use i can see a massive difference to my skin, it always makes my skin look more glowy, healthier and makes my skin feel so smooth and i hardly seem to break out when i use this face wash in fact my skin has never looked and felt better!
Last year when i had terrible bad skin and slight acne problems on my cheeks i remember using this and instantly my skin felt and looked more refreshed!
I can honestly see myself constantly repurchasing this exfoliating face wash and again Elemis has seriously impressed me for like the thousandth time.

The Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash retails for £13 and comes in a 100ml tube - link here

Have you tried this Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash?

Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour SPF15 - Rose

I must admit, i'm not a huge fan of lipglosses.. in fact if i were asked what i prefer i would hands down pick lipsticks.. However i am slowly starting to enjoy wearing lipglosses again.. in particular this one by Lanolips.
I already love Lanolips for their 101 Ointment which i use daily before bed to wake up with lovely moisturised lips.. So i kind of knew i would kind of love this lip ointment without even a thought of a doubt.
On a day to day basis i normally wear an ordinary lip balm with a lipstick on top, however lately i have found myself reaching for this more in my make up bag.. It has SPF 15 to keep my lips moisturised, protected and hydrated with the sunny weather we've had lately and it keeps my lips moisturised for a good amount of time before having to reapply. 
The shade is in Rose, which is a beautiful mauve pink but applies quite sheer and gives your lips a slight tint of colour.  The texture is quite thick and it's not sticky at all, i couldn't really pick up on a scent with this lip gloss which is a little disappointing, however the scent is not really that important just would of been a little extra treat to the gloss.

The Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour* comes in 5 different shades - Apples, Rose, Dark Honey, Sunshine & Rhubarb. - £8.16 - link here

Have you tried the new Lanolips Lip Ointments?..

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

3 for 2 Selected Nailcare | CD

Oh i do love me some good deals, especially nail polishes! I rarely purchase nail polishes on their own nowadays, i always have to wait for a good deal to come along to snap them up and when i saw this deal i couldn't resist taking them up on their offer of a 3 for 2 on selected nail care.
Weather i am in-store or shopping online the first thing i look for when beauty shopping is deals on nail polish and normally it's deals on the same brand, however Chemist Direct have a good few selected brands, some of my favourites to choose from.. Such as Essie, Butter London and Models Own to name a few..
The first shade i picked is from Essie, I love Essie Nail Polishes they give the most precise application, they dry within minutes and i find them extremely long lasting. I picked a shade which i don't have anything similar to in my collection but is absolutely gorgeous on the nails, the shade is called Island Hopping and i'd describe it as a deep purple brown shade.. In some lights in looks more purple and in others more brown. It's so versatile that it can be worn all year round i especially love it for the Spring/Summer time but would also look awesome for Autumn to, would match the leaves perfectly.
The next shade i picked up is a very Spring/Summer shade, if not the perfect shade! I love mint green/turquoise nail polishes and it was literally love at first sight with this.
I love Models Own nail polishes to, again one of my favourite nail polish brands and i seem to always find myself at their stand when browsing for polishes. This shade is like the perfect mint green and when applied gives a really glossy gel like finish without having to apply a top coat. I found that i only really needed one coat, however to intensify the colour i added another coat.
With Models Own i find the staying power only really lasts a few days however these new Hyper Gel nail polishes last a good week without a single chip!
Lastly is this gorgeous Butter London nail polish in Cake Hole. In the bottle it looks more pink but when applied on the nails it actually looks more red. Again, a very gorgeous shade which is perfect for the Spring/Summer time. I would describe this shade as a deep pinkish red, depending on where it reflects but in most lights it looks more red to me.
I've only ever owned one other BL nail polish but i am completely sold, they are a tad more expensive than i would normally go for but i'd definitely get more shades to add to the collection.

Go check out Chemist Direct to see their 3 for 2 deal on selected nail polishes - link here

What do you think of these shades? Which one is your favourite?..

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Blogger Make Up Challenge

To celebrate the launch of the new Metallic Samsung Galaxy S5, i teamed up with Three Mobile to create a make up and nail look inspired my the new Galaxy S5 range.
The new launch reveals 4 new colours to add to the range, black, gold, blue and white. My look was inspired by the gold S5.

I went for a bronzed all over natural look with a golden shimmer eyeshadow all over the lids and under the eye, then finished it off with a nude lip. I added some highlight on the cheek bones to make my skin look more dewy and sun-kissed. Out of all the eyeshadows i own i couldn't find one that matched the gold Galaxy S5 so i ended up going for Trick from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.
For my nails i didn't have much to go on, honestly what beauty blogger doesn't own a single golden nail polish?.. Me obviously, well i managed to find a golden shimmer nail polish which was gloopy and i've had it for so long.. but i made it work, found some glitter nail polishes and manage to put together a simple golden glitter nail look. 
I hope you all liked my inspired make up look for the new launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5..

Monday, 19 May 2014

Sponsored Video: Nivea Presents Power Touch

When people think of deodorant, i'm sure 95% of you just pick up the closest one to you on the shelves in stores, however i cannot stress enough at how important it is for you and others to find the right deodorant for you, depending on what you do day by day i think it's important to use a long lasting deodorant on a daily basis.
Nivea, who i have loved and used for years have just introduced their new Power Touch gentle antiperspirant which lasts for up to 48 hours, dermatologically tested to suit for all skin types and dries instantly.
Nivea produced a beautiful film of a ballerina who started dancing when she was just 5 at a small local dance school in Montford Dance and Stage Academy, and now has been dancing 11 years with the English National Ballet.
The film shows 2 side features, to show the benefits of the new Power Touch deodorant. The short film shows the ballerina being graceful, feminine and delicate on one side and on the other fierce, strong and intense. Having been a ballerina myself in the past i can totally relate to that feeling.. That feeling to feel powerful and confident, to take control and to feel unstoppable.
The new Nivea Power Touch not only offers maximum protection, softness of the skin, being a great treat for your underarms with fresh citrus notes of Bergamot and Orange and with extracts of Rose and Lily of the Valley. It also has a anti-residue formula to prevent those annoying and unwelcome underarm stains and a quick dry, which means you won't have to stand around waiting for your deodorant to dry.
Over 8,000 women say that the perfect deodorant should offer long lasting protection, should dry quickly without leaving your underarm sticky and should have a long lasting scent.

To meet every women's needs the Nivea Power Touch range is available in 3 different variants: a spray, roll-on and a stick.

- NIVEA Powder Touch spray, 250ml - £3.29

- NIVEA Powder Touch spray, 150ml - £2.29

- NIVEA Powder Touch roll-on - £2.29

- NIVEA Powder Touch stick - £2.29

For more information on the new Nivea Power Touch.
- Nivea Facebook
- Nivea Twitter
- Nivea Website

You can also follow this beautiful ballerinas story by following and keeping up to date on the Nivea Twitter and Facebook page linked above.

* post sponsored by Nivea.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Skin care: what we should and shouldn’t eat

Our bodies are very delicate and what we eat can have a big impact on them. But it isn’t just our bodies that are impacted by the food we eat; our skin is also affected. If you want to look after your skin it is important to consider what you eat and drink. Below are various foods and drinks that are both bad and good for your skin.

Food and drink that is bad for your skin

Meat forms the basis of many people’s diet, but in some instances it can have a negative impact on skin. Two key examples are grilled meat and red meat. Grilled meat can lead to wrinkled skin due to a reaction that occurs between the fat and protein when it is heated at a very high temperature. So if you want smooth skin, it’s probably best to cut down on the barbecues this summer. Eating too much red meat can also lead to wrinkles due to the high level of cartine that is found in animal protein if it isn’t sufficiently cooked.

This probably won’t surprise you but sugar and salt are two things that aren’t good for skin. Sugar affects your insulin levels, thus leading to inflammation of the skin. High levels of salt, on the other hand, leads to high blood pressure. This can result in all manner of health issues, one of these being to weaken the skin. If you want to look after your skin what you eat as snacks should be considered. Sweets and crisps are amongst the biggest culprits. Although it varies between different varieties, sweets tend to contain very large amounts of sugar. Crisps usually contain a large amount of salt but also contain sodium. Sodium causes water retention, which results in puffy skin.

High glycaemic foods such as white bread, pasta and cakes can cause acne. The glycaemic index is a measure of how quickly blood glucose levels rise after a particular food is consumed. High glucose levels, which are generally found in high carbohydrate foods, can be a cause of acne so these foods should be eaten in moderation. Where possible you should instead stick to wholemeal bread and pasta.

You shouldn’t overdo the consumption of spicy foods if you want to look youthful. The reason for this is that spicy foods can dilate blood vessels, including those in the face.

Fizzy drinks should be avoided if you are concerned about your skin. Sugar is one of the obvious reasons for this – some fizzy drinks contain up to nine spoons of sugar in a can – but there are other reasons too. Fizzy drinks are very acidic and contain high levels of sodium. Dull skin can be the result of this.

Something else that can be problematic is tea and coffee. The reason for this is that they can lead to dehydration. While you would need to drink a lot of tea and coffee to become seriously dehydrated, it may not take a massive amount of dehydration to impact the skin. Dehydration causes skin to dry out, making it appear older than it is. Alcohol can also cause dehydration. It has much of the same effect as caffeinated drinks but it is more pronounced.

Food and drink that is good for your skin

You may be thinking that there is a lot of food and drink that will have a negative effect on skin but there are also those that have a positive impact.

Drink-wise, water is the best thing for your skin. While caffeinated drinks, alcohol and sugary drinks can be bad for skin, water has the opposite effect. The purity of it means that it doesn’t contain some of the nasty’s that can negatively affect your skin.

The sun can be damaging to skin and there are a number of foods that can protect against sun damage. This includes anything that is high in vitamin E, with nuts and seeds good examples of this. Over exposure to sun can cause the skin to dry out, and to an extent this damage can be limited by consuming high vitamin E foods.

While regular tea isn’t great for your skin, green tea is. Heating green tea leaves releases catechins, a type of antioxidant, which is anti-inflammatory. This doesn’t just reduce the impact of the sun on the appearance of skin; it can even slightly reverse it.

Vegetables are extremely good for your skin. Vegetables contain monounsaturated fats, antioxidants and protein. The combined effect can protect against developing wrinkles.

You may want to eat foods that are high in vitamin C if you are concerned about your skin. Vitamin C is key to the production of collagen. Collagen assists the growth of cells and blood vessels, thus giving skin more firmness and strength. Examples of high vitamin C foods include peppers, kiwi, broccoli and raspberry.

Due to its high protein content fish is good for skin. This is because protein speeds up the repair and regeneration of skin cells. Fish is also high in vitamin E.

There are many things that we can do to look after our skin. This includes watching what we eat and drink, with various food and drink that is bad for our skin. There are also many, though, that have a positive impact and that you should attempt to work into your diet if possible.

This article is a guest post, written on behalf of the Medical Chambers Kensington.
- image source

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Models Own Nail Polish For Tans - Sun Hat

I must say first, please excuse my ring finger.. As you can see it's bruised and swollen as i had a little accident at work - so putting all that aside look how pretty my nails are instead haha.
Models Own, one of my favourite brands to go to for nail polishes just recently launched their new collection, the nail polish for tans, which includes 5 gorgeous bright and bold shades to compliment you golden skin.
The nail polish that caught my eye the most out of the collection was the Models Own Nail Polish For Tans - Sun Hat, a bright neon barbie pink.  I honestly own so many of these 'bright pink' type shades in my collection that adding another just seemed to be fitting at the time.
I love the colour of this nail polish when applied, it dries pretty quick and the staying power is pretty good to, this lasted about 5-7 days without a single chip, top coat was applied on top however.
The consistency was quite runny, applied a little streaky so ended up applying 3 coats of this however again the colour and finished results totally made up for that.

What do you think of the new Models Own collection?..

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Current Loves | MAY

No this isn't another monthly favourites post, instead this is an all round love of a few selected items which i have been loving for a while now and thought they were worth a little mention on here.
The Angel Wing Ring is my absolute favourite ring of all time and it was only £5, i got it in the sale from Accessorize months ago so don't think it's available to buy anymore, sadly. This ring just compliments any outfit and is just so stunning to look at.
The Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal is a must-have for those who like to jot down their thoughts daily, as you can probably tell, it's a 5 year journal which has a question everyday for you to answer. I thought this was great as it would be cool to look back on what i wrote every year.
The other diary i have been really loving is one i bought back in December, it's from Monsoon and it's the Large Silver Shellac Notebook.  First off this notebook is just to beautiful to write in, it took me months to master up the courage to use it. I use this notebook for my business so i can write down any ideas, plans etc..
For random little sweeties i am currently obsessing over the Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs i could get through packs and packs on these a day... As well as though new Chewits Chewie Gum.. mmmm!
For beauty items i am a little bit of a germ freak and have to constantly have clean hands, i picked up a load of these Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitisers and fell in love with the Vanilla Cupcake one. 
I'm also loving one lip balm lately which i got in my last years Glossybox and only just got round to using and it's the Figs & Rouge CoCo Rose Lipbalm, this lip balm smells amazing and it's been keeping my lips moisturised.
Lastly is some home fragrances, a little bit of a plug here but honestly i am in love with the Clean Cotton Soy Candle, it smells incredible so fresh and clean.  The Yankee Candle Summer Scoop just reminds me of the Summer time, from floral but still fresh.

 What have you been loving lately?..

Monday, 12 May 2014


Another month, another monthly favourites post. I don't know how many times i have started a monthly favourites post saying that but as always i am fashionably late with the favourites post again.
In the month of April i've gone back to some old favourites of mine, after looking through my make up drawers the other day and realising how many make up products i have purchased and never used, so i decided it was time to change up my make up for the month and discover some old but goodies.
Starting with the non-beauty side of things, i have been loving wearing chunky bracelets again especially when paired with this mint green watch i got from New Look a couple months back. I picked up the watch for work as i'm constantly moving around and bashing my wrists left right and centre and thought this watch would be great as it's pretty cheap and i won't feel as bad if i end up breaking it, plus i love the bright mint colour and it's quite a pretty watch to.  
The chunky bracelet i picked up from Bijou Brigette which my sister used to work at but unfortunately the shop closed down, i only got this bracelet for a few pennies as i was lucky enough to pick it up in the clearance sale and got this bracelet along with a load of other jewellery at 75% off!
Next is one of my all time favourite perfumes and it's the Miss Dior Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette* which i'm also currently giving away - see giveaway here
I adore this perfume and this is possibly my signature scent, every time i spray it on myself i always get compliments on it. I wrote a review on this perfume to so if you want to read my review - see review post here.
For eyeshadows i have been loving the Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Quad in Molten Bronze*, i specifically love the brown and gold shades in this mini eyeshadow quad. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and creamy and blend so nicely to. I also wrote a review on this eyeshadow quad if you want to read more about it - see review post here.
Another love which i have not only just loved for the month of April but since i first got my hands on it back in December, this was a Christmas present from the mother in law and i've used it every single day since. (well, not everyday.. just the days i wear make up).. I love the NARS Blusher in Orgasm as it gives me a healthy looking glow on the skin and instantly adds this pop of colour on the cheeks and it's extremely pigmented so you only need a touch of this and your good to go.
If you've been a long time reader of my blog you will know how obsessed i am with the L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara - however i am so sad you can't get your hands on it anymore and i always result to ordering mine online on Amazon.
I discovered the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara a couple of months back and though i can't say it's better than the other L'Oreal mascara, i do really really like it. 
This mascara has a slightly thicker wand and the formula i find is wetter than the other telescopic mascara, however it's still great at holding the curls in the lashes and lasts all day without a single smudge.
Lastly, there has to be some lip products thrown in the mix and the 2 i've been loving for the past month are the L'Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Lolita, this is a great everyday natural shade i would describe this as a pinky nude and when applied onto the lips it's like 'my lips but better' shade. It's a non sticky lip stain which dries within a few minutes into a slight glossy' lipgloss. - See review post.
The other lip product i've been loving is the Rimmel Apocalips in Luna, now i had forgotten all about these and since my post on them it ended up at the back of the drawers so i was delighted to find them again and full back in love with this particular shade. The Luna shade i would describe as a warm peach shade, it's defiantly a shade that will match all skin tones and would look great on everyone.

What have you been loving in April?...

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes

After the bashing on the previous face wipes post on the Yes To Facial Wipes i decided to lift the spirits and share with you the Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes which unlike the other's i absolutely love!
I was a little reluctant on spending so much money on some face wipes however i haven't been this excited about a product in a long ol time.
I opted for the 10wipes pack being as though they were the cheapest and they were a cheaper alternative if i wanted to try them out, plus if i didn't get on with them it wouldn't be as big of a loss than getting a bigger pack.
Ole Henriksen have only recently started to come over to the UK, being a US based brand and seeing so many people in vlogs purchasing and stocking up on them only when in the states, i'm glad they've finally bought them over to the UK for us brits to get our hands on.
I picked up the Truth To Go facial wipes but they do have other choices, such as the Nurture Me Cleansing Cloths and the Greese Relief Cleansing Cloths which i am dying to get my hands on next.

The Truth To Go wipes have a gorgeous scent to it, almost as if like a sherbet type scent. I can't quite describe the scent.. it's very fresh smelling anyway and has a nice zing to it.
The wipes are incredibly soft and feel a lot thicker than other wipes i've used in the past, it's really soft and removes make up really well leaving it feeling really refreshed and hydrated. I find it a real treat to use and a great little pick me up for your skin. 
I've fallen in love with face wipes all over again, bad i know.. trust me i don't use them everyday.

Once i've used this small pack of 10 i'm definitely going for the 100 wipes pack at £25! Worth it? I'd bloody say so! 

Have you tried the Ole Henriksen facial wipes yet?..

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Yes To.. Facial Wipes | Thumbs Down

I never really write negative reviews of products on here, i mean if i clearly don't like a product i've picked up then it would normally get thrown to the back of the drawers or given away to my sister unless i was really disappointed in the product.
I couple of weeks back when i was shopping in Boots i saw that they started stocking the Yes To.. range, i've only really heard of this brand through bloggers which have said nothing but kind words about the products. I believe Yes To started off as a US brand which has just made it over to the UK.
As there has only been rave reviews of the face wipes in general that i've seen i decided to pick a couple packs at £3.99 each.
I knew i wanted to try out the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes as this was the product that i had seen so many rave reviews on and it's been formulated to suit those with sensitive skin, like me. It comes in a green packet which holds 30 wipes and retails for £3.99 a pack.
I'm not sure what it is but as soon as i read the words 'Hypoallergenic' i almost instantly knew these weren't going to agree with me. These facial wipes say they are soothing with cucumber and aloe vera to cleanse, remove make up and nourish skin.. all in one swipe.
Firstly, they are cooling which i do like, i love the cucumber and aloe vera scent and the wipes are pretty soft and gentle to. It didn't remove my make up off in 'one swipe' i used 2-3 wipes to completely remove all my make up, it doesn't go well with waterproof mascara either but isn't surprising as i haven't really found many facial wipes that are good enough to remove waterproof mascara anyway.
As soon as i had removed all the make up off on my skin and eyes instantly started to feel tingling which turned into a stinging feeling which felt really irritating and itchy. After about 20 minutes my face had sore red patches everywhere, and it felt really dry and dehydrated.
Moving onto the Yes To Blueberries Facial Wipes, these come in a dark blue, slightly slimmer pack. With 25wipes instead of the 30 and again retails for £3.99 per pack, these one's are formulated to age refresh leaving your skin feeling clean, youthful and glowy. It has Lemon Peel and Apple to help brighten the appearance of your skin and has a blueberry and a tinge of coconut scent to it.
Again these are really nice to use, feels really soft on the skin and has a gorgeous scent to it.. However again within 20-30minutes of using the face wipes my skin was extremely sore and irritated from using the wipes and the red patches and blotchiness starting coming back like a rash to. I know my skin is sensitive but honestly it's never been this way or reacted this way towards facial wipes before. 
I did think that maybe it was the cucumber one's which i had problems with but it seems as though both the packets i bought to try out have the same effect despite the fact if i have good or bad skin. Lately my skin has been pretty good until i used these which have now left my skin feeling really dry in places and still sore in some areas such as cheeks and forehead. 

I am really disappointed in these as i was hoping that they would be as good as people say they were, however not in this case.  I was honestly hoping to really love these and constantly come back to them but now i think i'm gonna wave a sad goodbye to them as they head off into the hands of my sister to try out.
Normally i stay well away from face wipes as my skin is quite troublesome and use a cleansing oil instead, for now.. i'll stick to my cleansing oil.

LITTLE UPDATE: My sister is having the same issues with these face wipes and she has normal/combination skin. Again, irritation on the skin and blotches. 

I would love to know if you've had a similar experience using these facial wipes or any other?..

Friday, 9 May 2014

09.05.14 - Spring

Today was such a beautiful day to just sit and chill out in the sun, minus the extremely windy conditions but apart from that it was sunny and the beautiful blossomed flowers were blooming.
I decided to take some pictures in the garden today whilst chasing a magpie round for a picture, not literally.. he was to quick for me and a little camera shy but he did come sit with me after.


HealGel Body

I must admit, i'm never normally a fan of body products especially as i am super lazy when it comes to moisturising my body, bad i know.. but that's until i discovered HealGel Body*.
I've tried a few HealGel products and have loved them all as far as i can remember so when i received this to try out i kind of knew i would instantly fall in love with it. I'll start with the gorgeous bright packaging which i love on all the HealGel products.  The bright yellow packaging puts me in such a cheerful mood when applying, so weird i know but honestly it really does put a smile on my face or maybe that's because i love the colour Yellow in general.
The formula of this product as it clearly states in the name is a gel consistency, i've never tried a gel type body product only ever creams, butters or lotions but the gel consistency made me intrigued to see if it would work any better than the others i have tried in the past.. And it really does!
I just love how quickly the gel dried on the skin, i find myself using about a pea sized amount for my body and a pea sized amount per section of the body. The gel dries almost instantly, as soon as you apply it on your arms per say and move onto the next area, your arms will be dry by the next section, it's amazing and also feels really light on the skin.
I also love the scent of this, not to heavy and not to light the perfect amount of scent for a body gel and it leaves a nice light scent through-out the day, it says to apply 2-3times a day, i normally only really apply when i have a bath or shower at night time as i don't tend to get time to do it in the mornings, however i think once is enough however you can apply more than once a day if your skin is super dry to keep it more moisturised through out the day.
I find it moisturising enough only using it once a day and i also have quite dry skin so depending on your preferences.. 
Overall i love the HealGel Body and would highly recommend it, they are slightly expensive but it's well worth the money i say!
I have also reviewed some other HealGel products - see a list below.

The HealGel Body retails for £39.50 and can be purchased on the HealGel Website - link

Have you tried any of the HealGel products? Which are your favourites?..
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