Monday, 31 March 2014

Blueberry Pop Tangle Teezer

Ever since Tangle Teezer's were first released to the public i've been a massive fan, i've already gone through 3 of these brushes since then, this being my fourth now.
I've owned the hot pink, black and dark blue one's and now i own this gorgeous Blueberry Pop Tangle Teezer*.
When i first received this brush i was reluctant to use it as it is to gorgeous to use, it has 2 of my favourite colours, Baby Blue and Hot Pink.  I was waiting for my old Tangle Teezer to completely die on me before i could use this and i'm glad i waited and as always i'm extremely impressed.
The Tangle Teezer's normally last around 4-6 months for me, i guess it does vary but cause my hair is thick and gets extremely knotty i find myself using these brushes more often than i should.
Though brushes don't completely die they get to the stage where the bristles on the brush aren't strong enough to actually brush through the hair anymore. 
I did a comparison post on which i compared the Original Tangle Teezer's with the Denman Hair Brush, both of which are great - read post here.
As stated in that post, i love both hair brushes however i do think that Tangle Teezer's pull out more hair when brushing through than a Denman Hairbrush does, but in saying that the Tangle Teezer's are definitely more gentle and won't tug at your hair as much.

The Blueberry Pop Tangle Teezer normally retails for £10.20, however you can get it from Hairtrade for £8.55 - link.

Do you own a Tangle Teezer?.. Which colour do you have?..

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Overlapping Polka Dots - NOTD

Last night i had a sudden urge to paint my nails and that's not really like me, especially lately as i feel that it's pointless for me to paint my nails when they get ruined within a day(with a job like mine).
Anyway i had a vision in my head of what i wanted my nails to look like, at first i wanted polka dots then i thought the overlapping of polka dots would look pretty awesome to, so i put it to the test and this is the finished result, i'm pretty happy with them if you ask me! Though at first i was like, what the heck!? But taking a step back and really looking at them i actually love them and thought i'd share them with you! Some may think it looks messy but i do think the messier the better with these.. It's a love/hate thing so let me know what you think of them.
The first step to achieving these nails were to paint them a solid white, i used the OPI Alpine Snow which is the perfect white polish, i then let that fully dry before i moved on to the polka dots. The first colour i took was the Sinful Colors in 24/7 which is a gorgeous bright pink neon shade, i took a cotton bud to do the dots as i do-not own a dotting tool, however if you do then it would be easier to use that.
I just dotted them on evenly on each nail then took the Barry M Gelly Hi-shine polish in Greenberry which is my all time favourite polish for Spring/Summer time and then again dotted them on inbetween each pink dot, i did go back and dot some more pink and then some more green just to even them all out a bit.  Then lastly i just topped it off with my Essie Top Coat to blend them all in a little and to give them a little bit of a shine.

What do you think?.. Love or hate them?...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lily Lolo Lipgloss & Mineral Eyeshadow

A while back i was offered the chance to try out 2 products from the new Lily Lolo rebrand and relaunch of their fantastic mineral cosmetics brand.
I've only ever tried out one product from Lily Lolo which was the Eyeshadow Quad in Molten Bronze and absolutely love it! - see review here.
I'm a massive fan of the packaging of the old products as i said in my review and when i heard they had rebranded them i was a little sceptical on how they had rebranded them and if i'd like the new packaging.
Though i still think i prefer the old packaging i do really love their new packaging, a sleek clear and black plain design with the name and logo.
The first product i tried out was the Lily Lolo Lipgloss - English Rose*, I would describe this shade as a 'my lips but better' shade with a more tint of pink.. The shade is beautiful and would suit most skin types, the texture is a little sticky and has a light scent of Chocolate which i don't mind but not overly keen on, i wouldn't say it was long lasting as not very many lipglosses are but when applied over lipstick it gives a beautiful shine and makes the lipgloss/lipstick last longer.
The Mineral Eyeshadow - Miami Taupe*, has been in my make up routine since i first received it. Again, i'm not a huge fan of mineral eyeshadows but i seemed to have fallen in love with this one. It's a gorgeous shimmery taupe shade which is perfect for everyday wear, i've been wearing this non-stop lately with a simple cat eye flick. 

Have you tried any products from Lily Lolo?.. Which one's are your favourite?..

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

SteamCream - Thalia

Ever since i first discovered SteamCreams way back in December time i've used them consistently, it may possibly be one of my all time favourite moisturisers and since December i've used up 2 tins, this being my third.
If your new to SteamCream then they are an all in one natural moisturiser, though i prefer these more for the body than the face as my face is extra sensitive, however i have used this on my face before and it's been amazing - SteamCream comes in all sorts of designs whichever one that catches your eye, personally i love all of the tins and am building up a little collection of them in my bedroom - once the creams all used up they make great tins for keeping bobby pins, jewellery and even to keep perfume samples in.
This SteamCream is the Thalia SteamCream*, it has a gorgeous floral design on it. - The bottom part of the tin is red whilst the lid is a beigey white with red floral print all over.
Thalia is the goddess of fertility and nature in Greek mythology. Her blessing brought lush blooming flowers to barren fields. Thalia's floral design is a tribute to Mother Nature in her Ancient Greek guise.

Though i've mentioned before in my last SteamCream Post that these are a tad expensive however i do consider these as a luxury product, they come in at £12.95 per tin - each tin has a beautiful design on them and i'd pay that just for the tin itself to keep for storage. 
The Steamcreams are so moisturising on the skin, lightweight and non-sticky. It absorbs into the skin within a couple of minutes and it keeps my skin moisturised all day long. It is perfect handbag size to, i carry mine in my bag so that when i'm at work and wash my hands i can apply this straight after to keep them from getting dry and bumpy.. I'll almost certainly take one of these on holiday with me as it's a great travel friendly product to.

Have you tried any of the SteamCreams yet?.. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

MUA Luxe Glitter Palette - Burlesque

When it comes to glitter palettes i always try to stay well away, even though i love glitter and could literally bathe in it i would rather it not on my eyes, shimmer is great but glitter seems to be a no go.
I've had this palette for a while now and actually bought it way back when they first released these but only just got round to trying them out. 
The MUA Luxe Glitter Palette's come in four different shades, this one is in shade Burlesque which is probably the most wearable palette compared to the other three.
The shades in this palette include a gold, copper, baby pink and silver.. all very beautiful shades and all very wearable.. that's if you like glitter of course.
These sorts of palette would be fantastic for going out, parties, fancy dress etc.. the texture is how it looks in the pan, smooth but very glittery and quite pigmented for a glitter palette.
Although i have no idea where in the hell i would ever wear this, it's typically not for me and i don't ever see myself wearing it but i do quite like the concept of it.  I say this whilst it gets pushed back to the back of the drawer.. 

What do you think of these glitter palette's? Do you/ would you wear them?..

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Sunday Edit #6

This week has gone by like a flash as it's been busy busy busy! Looking back at the week i feel like i've been living a separate life to mine as i have no recall of what i've actually done! Okay, i lie i do know what i've done just that it seems to be a little bit of a blur and it's Monday tomorrow which means back to work, boo! Well i can't really complain as i work for myself, at home and 7 days a week! - However i do have another job which i still go to, up until July that is!
If you follow my shop on Twitter - @bombsawaycos you may already know this but we are featuring in the Press/Blogger Event in Manchester for Cancer Research, although we won't actually be there ourselves as much we would love to, it's a bit far for us to travel for one event. However we will be there in spirit and it's for such a great cause to!
This is our first blogger event we will be featuring in and if your lucky enough to attend and grab yourself a goodie bag you will receive one of our exclusive products we've made especially for the event! 
Also this week i've been having an inspiration moment where i have literally made an inspiration board - see post here. I've also found a ton of inspirational quotes as well which i've cut out and stuck to my desk.
Lastly, i've been loving H&M lately, i've always loved their stuff and i recently made an order for this gorgeous black and white cardie - shown above which i'm totally in love with! This may also feature in a haul post/video so you can see it close up.

How's your week been?...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sponsored Video: MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy

In September 2014 in Paris at La Cité Du Cinéma, based where all the movie professionals are located.. MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy is launching the TV and Cinema Academy. MAKE UP FOR EVER has a global network of Academies in Europe, Asia and the USA and opens it's doors to over 250 established professionals each year to learn new techniques, stage or special effects.
With a space for teaching SFX, prosthetics, wigs, beauty make up and aging techniques on intensive trainings of 1 to 3 weeks and long trainings of 6 months, starting in the fall.
MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy has just released a new social video where in the video it shows an awesome effect of zooming in from hallways, door to door and room from room until eventually it hits the doors of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy.. It almost leaves you in suspense until September this year.
I think 90% of us beauty bloggers dream of going to a make up academy, i would love to learn to do stage, special effects and learn aging techniques i would love to fully train to be a professional make up artist, that has always been a dream of mine.

Have you ever trained at a make up academy or would you, like me, love to train at an academy?

Here is a list below on where you can find more information and to stay up to date with MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy 

MUFE Twitter
MUFE Facebook
MUFE Website
MUFE Instagram

-post sponsored by MAKE UP FOR EVER, all opinions are my own.

How to dress like Lauren Conrad

It's no surprise how much i adore Lauren Conrad or LC as we also like to call her, not only is she my inspiration and role model she also has the most amazing California Chic style which i've loved ever since she first appeared in Laguna Beach and then The Hills. 
She has the most unique and easy to pull off looks going but also extremely stylish and very down to earth. She has so many outfits which i love and this one is one of my favourites, it's very laid back and casual which i love and it's great for just lounging around the house, running errands and even to go shopping.
The outfit is put together with only a few pieces, the wet look Studded Disco Pants which i definitely couldn't pull off but Lauren Conrad certainly does and very well too and it really adds to the look and puts it together! I then added a plain white Chiffon Tee paired off with a Black Knit Oversized Jumper,  this jumper isn't the same as the one LC is wearing as it doesn't have the cut out at the back but i picked something that i would personally wear myself and i'm not always keen/brave enough to show off my back so this would be perfect for me, plus i do love myself a good oversized jumper.
Though i can't see what she's wearing on her feet, i picked out a pair of cute Strappy Sandals with a snakeskin print and gorgeous metal detailing.
I love dainty or layered bracelets so i picked out 2 which i'd layer together, one is a Gold Tone Chain Stone Bracelet which has a single stone detail and clasp fastening. I'd pair that bracelet with this Gold Tone Eclectic Gateway Bracelet, i think these 2 bracelets together would go amazingly maybe even paired with a rose gold watch too.

Lauren Conrad has so many styles i love and admire, her day time outfits where she wears simple bodycon dresses and cute sandals, her evening red carpet looks where she wears the' most beautiful gowns.. She even looks good in lounge and work out gear too.

So that was my quick and easily put together look on how to dress like Lauren Conrad, the look isn't exactly the same as she wears in the photo but the pieces are more things you would already find in your wardrobe or things you could easily find and pick up in store or online.

What do you think of this look?..

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nuxe Reve de Miel Face Cleansing & Make-Up Removal Gel

I've only tried out a couple of Nuxe products in the past so i was reluctant to try out more and when this landed on my doorstep i was eager to give this a whirl and having had a full face of make up on that day it was the perfect time to give this a go.
The Nuxe Reve de Miel Face Cleansing & Make-Up Removal Gel* claims to remove all traces of make up in the gentlest way possible, it's a lightly coloured amber gel which lathers up well into a light foam and it's made for dry and sensitive skin which is perfect for me!
So at night time i splashed my face with a little water just to dampen my skin, pumped a bit of this product into the palm of my hands and worked it well into my skin. The pump on mine is slightly broken and when pumped comes out the sides which isn't to much of a deal but can be a little bit of a pain.
Anyway, the product lathered up well into a light foam which i then massaged all over my face and then rinsed off. I noticed first that not all the make up was removed as it claims to, the waterproof mascara i had on was all down my face and i still had some on my eyelashes but having a second go at it removed all traces of make up. I then used this product on a day where i wore non-waterproof mascara and it worked a treat, using the same steps as before it removed all traces of make up including the mascara.. I always seem to have problems removing waterproof mascara even with wipes, cleansing water, cleansing oil so i'm not to fussed that it didn't remove it in one go.
I'm not overly keen on the scent, it's honey scented but almost a little to sickly for me, a very brown sugar type scent.
Overall a very nice product which i'll keep using and hopefully may grown on me more.

This product is currently only £9 and is available to purchase from Escentual who are also having a 1/3 off French pharmacy favourites - see full list below.

- Vichy, La Roche-Posay and Nuxe at 33% off RRP
- Avene, Klorane, Rene Furterer and Pierre Fabre at 25% off RRP
- Caudalie at 20% off RRP
- A-Derma at 10% off RRP

To find out more about Nuxe check out their website - 'click here'

Have you tried any products from Nuxe?.. What's your favourite?..

Monday, 17 March 2014

Home & Office Inspiration

We are forever re-doing our bedroom and office in the house, since we've been here we've probably re-done both rooms in the house about 4-5times and we've never quite got it perfect but i guess nothing is ever perfect and it's something we constantly work on in order for us to make it feel homely.
I've always shopped at H&M for home and decor items, it's always my first stop and i put together all the items i've recently purchased for our home & office.
I'll start with the curtains as we've been looking into some new curtains for a while now and it seems as though everywhere we looked were charging ridiculous amounts just for a piece of fabric which i could buy and sew together myself.
I quite like plain designs with a little pattern so i picked out these 2 pack long length curtains with a leaf design which i hope will brighten up the room a bit but still block out the sun whilst sleeping. 
For the office i wanted to pick up some new cushion covers as the one's we have are getting a little old and mis-dated now so when i saw these i thought they would go perfectly with the whole black, grey and white theme we have in the office. I'm not a huge fan of zebra print but i do think these will give a great feel to the room. - Twill cushion cover.
I've been a little bit of a collector or a hoarder whichever one you want to call it but i love to buy little pots for pens, make up brushes etc so i picked up 2 of these round glass vases so that i could put my make up brushes in and to store a few lipsticks in. I already own one of these already which i put any spare tubes of mascaras and creams in and the quality of these are so good seeing as though they are only £7.99.
Another item i picked up for the bedroom is this Jacquard-weave blanket, i picked this up for the Spring/Summer time as it's starting to get hotter and we'll probably just use this to sleep under. We had one before like this but the dog kind of got to it and chewed it up.
The last thing i picked up for the bedroom is a few of these white heart hooks, i bought these to hang my necklaces on rather that use them as coat hooks, these would also look great with my Ikea Alex Drawers.
The last and final thing i picked up was the black fig scented candle, even though i have a shop selling candles and burn them all the time it's nice to switch things up a bit which is why i picked up the scent black fig, i've bought a few candles from H&M before and love the smell of them, they also burn very well and are pretty cheap to.

Have you recently picked up any home decor items?...

Sunday, 16 March 2014

DIY Inspiration Board

I love having days where i feel inspired, which is where this DIY inspiration board came from. I wanted something new for either the office or bedroom just a collection of things i love so i raided some magazines, found some wrapping paper and an old Glossybox lid.
Although this is pretty self explanatory on how i made this and it's not a tutorial but i thought i'd explain step by step how i made my inspiration board.

Step 1:
Measure out and cut the wrapping paper according to size of the box, i measured it out slightly bigger than the actual size so it would fit better.

Step 2:
Using either glue or cellotape, wrap the wrapping paper around the box and glue it all down, wait to dry for about 5-10minutes.

Step 3:
Raid all your old magazines and cut out the pieces that you like that will inspire you.

Step 4:
Position all the cut outs and glue it all down.

What do you think? Will you be giving this a go?..

Take Control

I'm not sure how to even start this post or what i'm even going to say but i just felt the need to sit down and write a post up for you.
It's been a while since i've felt like that, in a good way.. I seemed to have forgotten how to write a post lately and the inspiration just wasn't there as much as i was trying.
However, having really thought about it i kind of realised discovered one thing.. which is what i wanted to talk to you all about today.
I started my blog back in April (14th) 2011 with what started as just something i would call my own personal space to let loose and talk to other people who liked the same things as me. With that being said i then turnt my blog into a beauty blog, then a lifestyle and beauty blog.. and lastly a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I was a little confused to say the least as to what i liked blogging about the most which is what brought me to write this post.
Now i'm not saying i don't enjoy writing about make up and all things beauty but overtime it somehow turned into an all about beauty blog to me and that's not something i had wanted, as much as i adore make up i also love other things.. fashion, photography, food, DIY etc.. which i never really share on here as i had in fact solely made my blog a strictly beauty blog. 
This is why i have decided to make huge changes to Miss Holly, i want to be able to blog about more things and not just beauty, there will still be beauty post's of course but i will also share more of my life which i haven't before, even though that may bore you to death it's something i would want to hopefully write about and share with you.. So for now, let's just call my blog an 'everything blog'.

I hope you will all continue this journey with me and still enjoy my blog as i make this huge change. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

February Favourites 2014

No monthly favourites wouldn't be complete without a late post! I never seem to be on time with these things, however it's better late than never right?..
So let's kick things off and start with my first favourite of the month! My first favourite and my new current obsession is the Naked 3 Palette, my my my this palette is by far the most am-az-ing thing i have set my eyes on. The shades in this palette are so beautiful i cannot take my eyes off it! Considering selling all my other palettes as i feel no need for them now that i have this! I waited for what seemed like forever as i pre-ordered this palette before the launch but with a mix up with my order and them processing the payment more than twice i just cancelled the order, waited weeks for the refund and thought i'd just pick it up when i was next out shopping, however my lovely boyfriend surprised me with this for Valentines Day and i am obsessed! Best present ever.
Another one of my favourites this month and sticking with the high-end theme is the NARS Orgasm Blush, i got this as a gift at Xmas time and this hasn't left my side since. This blusher is a gorgeous rose gold shade and looks so dewy and natural on the skin i can see myself obsessing over this blush for months to come. 
Next is a fairly recent purchase which i picked up in January but only just got round to using it which is the Soap & Glory Peach Party Blush & Bronzer, i only use this really as a bronzer for the moment but it does make a beautiful blush shade. This blush and bronzer duo gives you the most perfect natural bronze goddess look, it's shimmery but not overly just gorgeous!
Lastly for face products i've recently gone back to using the Bourjois Jave Rice Loose Powder, I like to apply this over the top of my translucent face powder to add radiance to my look, it's also great at setting the make up to - perfect all in one product.
Also on the face front, i've been loving and using the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20. I've been having so many break-outs lately purely due to stress and it's made my skin so bad! Luckily the MAC concealer fixes it temporarily and conceals my blemishes pretty well.
With the cold weather comes extremely dried chapped lips, not a very attractive look so what's keeping my lips moisturised is the Lanolips 101 Ointment*, this lipbalm is purely amazing! The texture of this lip balm is so thick and so moisturising, i like to use this at night so that in the morning my lips and all smooth and perfect for when i do my lipstick.
Also for lips i've been really loving the Tanya Burr Lipglosses, i own 3 of them (Vampire Kiss, Champagne Toast and Just Peachy) this one is by far my favourite. This lipgloss shade is Just Peachy which i think is one of the most popular shades among the collection, it's the perfect gloss for everyday.
Lastly is a fragrance which i recently picked up and it's the Marc Jacobs Lola Eau De Parfum, not only is the bottle absolutely stunning but the scent is to, i would describe it as a sweet floral scent, really girly and sexy.
I thought i'd tell you a few other random things which i have been loving throughout February, first thing is 90210.. I was never really into it before, however after watching just one episode i am now addicted and cannot wait to see who ends up with who! It reminds me of Gossip Girl.. The drama, the lies the cute boys! However, Gossip Girl definitely wins on the good looking guys and girls part i mean c'mon all the cast are just perfect!
For food, randomly i have been loving chopped up bananas with sugar sprinkled on top with whipped cream, so so good! Trust me, you should try it!

What have you been loving in February?..


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Friday, 7 March 2014

February Empties #2

February seemed to have flown by without a trace and it's already March which seems a little surreal. Last month i seemed to have used up quite a lot of bath products, skincare and haircare and surprisingly no make up.
Starting with the bath products, i used up and already repurchased the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser which is bloody amazing if i do say so myself, my skin is extremely dry, in the Winter it's worse so this has been a complete life saviour keeping my skin moisturised throughout. My next product is also one i've loved and loved for the past few years however also something i can't repurchase until Christmas time now and that's the LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel, this smells incredible if you've tried this or smelt this before then you will know what i'm talking about.. It has a sweet candy like scent and it's a shimmery shower gel.. I wish i had stocked up on this!
Another favourite of which i used up is the Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life, another one of my all time favourite body scrubs and one that i'll keep repurchasing. I love this as it's gentle but also a little harsh and great for removing dead skin and rough patches.
Another shower related product i used up was the Balance.Me Super Toning Body Wash, this i received in my You Beauty Advent Calendar and only just got round to using. I liked it but wouldn't say it was great enough for me to repurchase, the formula was a little thick and hard to work with in the shower not really convenient when your in a rush in the morning.
One for the bath, the Oilatum Bath Formula was a purchase i made when in Newcastle last year, it says it's great for itchy and irritating dry skin conditions and i do agree however i tipped almost the whole thing in one bath and only really got 3 uses out of this small bottle, it is however extremely moisturising and one that i may repurchase in the future.
Lastly, for shower and bath related products i used up the mini size of the I Love Coconut & Cream shower gel, i already love and purchase these I Love.. products anyway and this one is probably my favourite scent!
The only skincare product i used up this month was the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub* which i took away to Newcastle with me last year and loved it, i only had a tiny bit of this left to use and used it when my skin felt a little oily and it does the job at balancing the oils. I'll probably repurchase this at some stage but it's not top of my list at the moment.
For haircare i used up a sample size of the Weleda Shampoo* which is for dry and damaged hair, this was okay, not a massive fan and not something i'd purchase it smells nice but left my hair a little gritty feeling.
And lastly i used up one of my favourite shampoos, the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo - I love the smell of all the Aussie shampoo's bur this is my favourite. This really gives my hair that extra added boost that it's so lacking and leaves my hair incredibly smooth afterwards.

What products did you use up last month...?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sponsored Video: Bring the Colour with

Introducing the brand new advert for Very, Bring the Colour. I'm sure we're all excited to add a pop of colour into our outfits after the miserable Winter we've had here in the UK. Storms, flooding, constant down pour of rain.. yeah depressing right?..
I've already started updating my wardrobe with bright, fresh colours for Spring, bring on the pastels and neons i say and i cannot wait to start wearing bright colours again.  I swear i'm going mad with all the dark shades i'm wearing lately that whilst out shopping the other day i had to grab 3 pairs of brightly coloured jeans for Spring/Summer just to cheer me up!
Very's advert is possibly one of my new favourites, it shows the scenes in black and white with the outfits in pops of colour which really brings out the true colours of each outfits. My favourite has to be the bright pink outfit as she steps out of the taxi in the first scene and of course the beautiful Fearne Cotton's outfit. All the outfits are absolutely stunning with such gorgeous rainbow coloured pieces, i love the mismatching of shoes with outfits to, something which i'd not normally go for but works so well. The green dress and the blue shoes look amazing together and the collection has something for everyone and i'm dying to get my hands on one or two of the dresses for the Spring and Summer time..

To shop the collection - click here.
For more information and to stay up to date follow Very on Facebook.

Did anything catch your eye from this seasons Very collection?..
*post sponsored by - all opinions are my own.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Orofluido Shampoo + Conditioner

Having recently gone back to ombré hair a couple of weeks ago i've been keen to keep my hair in as healthy condition as possible, which included a whole new hair care routine. 
I have already tried the Orofluido hair oil and the hair spray which i reviewed here and loved both products so had high hopes for the Orofluido Shampoo & Conditioner*, though the shampoo and conditioner doesn't state it's good for colour treated hair it does however state it's good for all hair types.
Both shampoo and conditioner feel really lightweight on the hair and has an incredible scent exactly like the hair oil and hair spray.  On a day to day basis i normally only use the shampoo and every other day i'll use the conditioner. The shampoo alone is so light and gentle on the hair and leaves my hair feeling so incredibly smooth and shiny afterwards. 
The conditioner has a balm type texture which i really work well into the ends of my hair, the conditioner states that it helps with detangling but because my hair is always so knotty and tangled after i wash my hair i really could not tell a difference however again it does leave my hair feeling so silky smooth after use.
It has however helped with the dryness of my hair after i ombréd it as the bleach left my hair a little brittle at the ends and extremely dry, this shampoo and conditioner plus the oil really helped with that and definitely a new must have for my hair care routine. 

Have you tried any products from Orofluido? Which products which you recommend?..

Saturday, 1 March 2014

My everyday make up bag

It's almost been 4 years in April since i started my blog and i think i have only ever done 1 everyday make up bag post in that time.. A serious updated post was way overdue so i thought i'd share with you all today my current everyday make up bag and what's inside.. 
My make up bag is the Ted Baker Dorin Allover Medium Wash Bag which i wrote a post on here. I have actually still kept the tags on this make up bag, purely because even the tag was to pretty to take off.  The make up bag is mint green and has a doggy print all over, it's absolutely stunning and holds all my everyday essentials.
First things first, i cannot live without my Urban Decay Basics Palette, i use this palette every single day, it's definitely my go-to eyeshadow palette, it's easy to carry around and has all the basic shades. I also could not live without my L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara, unfortunately this mascara is so hard to find nowadays as they discontinued it and i think they just rebranded it, however i've tried all the other L'Oreal waterproof mascaras and they don't even come close to this! This one is amazing at holding curls throughout the day, doesn't smudge and has a tiny brush to get all those small pesky lashes.
Sticking with eyes, i have to have a decent eyeliner in my make up bag and one i've been loving and constantly repurchasing is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Black Eyeliner, i've used plenty of eyeliners in the past but none of them live up to this one! This eyeliner simply doesn't budge, it does smudge a little however when first applied but nothing a cotton bud couldn't fix.
Onto something i don't use everyday like i used to but still absolutely love, the Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner. I used to use this every single day until i decided to switch up my look, however i like to keep this in my make up bag just incase i want to switch my look from a day time look to an evening look.
For brows, i've always used the Benefit's Browzing and i find that it works best and stays put all day, topped off with the Maybelline Brow Drama which means my brows ain't going anywhere!
Moving on to my everyday face products, i'll start with the primer first.. I've never been a massive fan of primer however that's until i went to go get my foundation shade matched at MAC and they used this MAC Prep + Prime on me. It makes my skin look flawless, now i wonder why i've never used primer before!
Talking about matching foundations, i ended up picking up the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 and the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in one shade below. I love how full coverage the foundation and concealer are, it literally covers anything! Any imperfections, dark circles.. you name it, this covers it!
I always have to have a back up concealer which is where my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer comes in handy, no need to ramble about this as everyone know's the concealer. Amazing is all i'm going to say!
For powder, i've only ever really stuck and gone back to one face powder, the Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder is literally the' bomb!
As for contouring i like the Benefit Hoola, i only have a sample size of this as mine completely ran out months ago and hadn't had the time or money to get the full size again, however this mini size has lasted for months, still my favourite bronzer/contour powder.
Lastly is by far my favourite product of all, the NARS Orgasm Blush, this blusher is absolutely stunning and my favourite blush of all time! Stunning rose gold blush with slight shimmer!
Okay, for the best part.. Lipsticks! I carry 2 lipsticks round with me.. Both from MAC! The first is my go-to everyday shade which is MAC Creme Cup a gorgeous pinky nude shade and then MAC Impassioned for evening make up which is a bright Reddy Pink shade. You can see swatches of these in my Top 5 MAC Lipsticks video.
Next is a lipgloss/gloss stick which i raved so much about last year and still to this day keep on raving about, it's the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Nudist. I am still so much in love with this as i was when i first bought it, it's such a gorgeous glossy everyday shade which is perfect for any skin types. Just absolutely gorgeous!
Lastly for lips has to be a lip balm, i am currently loving the Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint Fresh, not to much to say about this just that it does the job, has a really nice tingly feel to it when applied.
Finally in my make up bag has to be a hand cream as my hands get so ridiculously rough and dry this time of year! I've been really liking the Neom Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream, I received this in my You Beauty Advent Calendar and i've been using it everyday since, it's got such a gorgeous floral scent to it and it's extremely moisturising to!

What's in your everyday make up bag?
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