Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentines Glossybox - 2014

Having unsubscribed from Glossybox back in December after a few to many disappointing boxes i decided to sign back up for the Valentines Glossybox after see'ing that there would be a full size Ciate nail polish.. Plus they did recently go through a much needed revamp.
When receiving the box i noticed that the box was more shinier than the last boxes, an upgraded silk branded ribbon and the lid size was a lot thicker (Hooray as i love using these boxes for storage)!
The theme this month was obviously for Valentines Day, as you can probably tell with all the lips/kisses on the box.. 
My thoughts on this months box are a little mismatched, i'm not sure if i like the contents more than i do the actual shiny box, anybody else feel that way?
There were a few things inside the box that i thought may interest me such as the Ciaté London Nail Polish which is the reason why i subscribed again, the shade i received is called Play Date.. A bright red shade - great for Valentines.. This normally retails for £9!
For other full size products, i received a Sleep in Rollers Backcombing Brush which i'm not to keen on if i'm honest.. I hardly ever backcomb my hair anyway, plus i have a backcombing brush which i bought from Primark for £1 which works perfectly! - This brush retails for £4!
The next full sized item i spotted was a Maybelline ColorSensational Stripped Nudes Lipstick - the shade i received is called Tantalizing Taupe which is a really nice basic browny nude - not really what i'd normally go for but i may give it a go as i do love the Maybelline lipsticks.. This lipstick retails for £6.99.
The next product is a sample size and it's not something which i was entirely happy about receiving.. It's a Sparkling Body Shimmer by Nougat London. Personally for me i have never worn body shimmer except when i was a kid, i do feel as though it's a kids/teenagers thing however that's strictly my opinion. This body shimmer is scented Cherry Blossom which does sound pretty nice and judging from the bottle it does look like a nice body shimmer, however really not for me!
Lastly for beauty products i received a sample size of the H2K Je t'adore Aromatics Shampoo & Conditioner, which again i'm really not fond of but may still try out anyway, this has a boyish like scent and reminds me a little of what my boyfriend uses, and what you may find in your hotel room. After looking at the slip that comes with the Glossybox i noticed it says £2.48 for a 30ml and 40ml conditioner, which is what i received.. However surely they don't come like this full size?..

Last but not least i received a Lindor Treat Bar as an extra treat in the box, now i do love me some Lindor chocolate and i must admit that this was gone as soon as i took the photo's for this post!

So that was my thoughts on this months Glossybox, i'm not sure weather i am going to stay subscribed for now and see what next month's Glossybox is like before i decide weather to unsubscribe or not?.. What do you think i should do?..

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines with F&F

Valentines Day is probably one of the most hyped up day for some, for the others it's either a day of pampering or a day of sobbing in front of the TV watching Bridget Jones.. For me, it's an ordinary day at work.
However, despite that, me and my boyfriend do celebrate it either with a small dinner or a date night indoors watching movies.  F&F were so kind enough to send me a little beauty hamper full of the perfect things for Valentines Day.
Inside the package i received a lingerie set that i personally picked, i'm not one for 'sexy' undies but i found these to be rather cute. The set i chose were the F&F Cuba Lace Plunge Bra - £8 and F&F Cuba Lace Brazilian Briefs - £4, the set comes in a bright hot pink.. I accidentally received the wrong bra size but none the less they are pretty cute and not something i would normally go for. 
Also inside the package, i received some lovely Soap & Glory goodies with Glow Lotion which i haven't tried before and excited too and the A Great Kisser lip balm which smells absolutely amazing and so moisturising.
Also with beauty goodies, i received a mini Essie polish set with 3 gorgeous shades insides, Naughty Nautical, Sunday Funday and Full Stream Ahead.. Lastly i received some yummy goodies from Hotel Chocolat which i have already demolished!
I would like to say a massive thank you to F&F for all these gorgeous and yummy goodies which i shall have fun with and maybe use in a mini pamper day.

What are your plans for Valentines Day?
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Sunday, 2 February 2014


If you follow me on any social networking sites, you may already know and i'm really sorry to keep pestering on but if you didn't know well.. I launched my first online store selling Fresh Handmade Cosmetics!
The store is called Bombs Away Cosmetics and we are currently selling bath bombs and soaps but we are slowly branching out to candles, shower gels etc.. one thing at a time..
I have been working on this daily since November and have put a lot of effort, time and love into the website and the products.. 
I would love if you could go support my shop just by checking it out, spreading the word and if your feeling extra generous even put in an order if you like the look of the products!
We are currently doing a welcome bonus with 20% off all orders over £10! - use code: HELLO20
All products have been hand made and tested by me personally, i have fairly sensitive skin so i've catered the products to suit all skin types! We are also really strong on animal cruelty and do not buy ingredients which we believe have been tested on animals!

We will also be doing giveaways on our twitter page and facebook over the next week so please do go give us a follow and keep up to date with us: @bombsawaycos  -  Bombsawaycosmetics

Lastly, i just want to say a massive thank you to those who have shown their support so far it means the world to me and i am so overwhelmed by the amount of support you've shown Bombs Away Cosmetics already. Thank you all so much!

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