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How Many Different Ways Can You Use Apples, Vanilla & Cranberries?

Being as though it's nearly Christmas - exactly 2 days away! It's no surprise that almost everywhere you look there are Apples, Vanilla & Cranberries, obviously when you think of Christmas, well when i do anyway, these are the 3 main ingredients in almost anything including our beauty products and baked treats.
This year The Body Shop have put together a great selection of Christmasy treats, The Seasonal Sensations include products scented with Glazed Apple, Vanilla Brûlée and Frosted Cranberry which are perfect for this time of the year!
Each collection includes 4 delicious smelling treats from a range of Shower Gels to Body Butters to Bath Jelly, Soaps to even Hand Creams the whole collection looks pretty amazing and they all sound good enough to eat! I'll definitely be checking them out with my next visit into town!

Though Apples, Vanilla and Cranberries are extremely popular when it comes to Christmas beauty products they are also extremely popular when it comes to cooking to, there are so many different ways, hundreds or even thousands of ways to use them but here are a few of my different ways i like to use them when it comes to cooking.

Apple & Cranberry Pie
One of my favourite pies ever, is an apple pie - however at Christmas it's always nice to add a festive touch to your cooking so i like to add a handful of cranberries in. I like to bake a standard Apple Crumble pie and then add a handful of cranberries in the centre so each slice will have a few cranberries then add a splash of Vanilla flavouring or add a vanilla pod.

Cranberry Apple Morning Smoothie
Since having my smoothie maker i love making new smoothies every single day/morning - what i really love at the moment is adding chunks of Apple and a large handful of Cranberries into my smoothie mixed with a whole Banana a few slices of Mango and a few spoons of Vanilla ice cream. 

Cranberry Apple Oatmeal Breakfast
I don't fancy myself as an Oatmeal type person for breakfast, i do like to have it now and then but i much prefer my cereals. However when i do like to have oatmeal i like to add a few fruits in there to make it sweeter and taste nicer, i don't personally like the bland taste of oatmeal so i add as many fruits as i can in there to make it sweeter and much more bearable to eat - one of my favourites is Apples, Banana's, Cranberries and a sprinkle of grated dark chocolate on top.

There are also many other different ways i like using these ingredients, not only could you make yourself some delicious treats to munch on, you could also make a nice Cranberry Apple Face Mask as believe it or not, Cranberries and Apples are great for dry Wintery skin.

Cranberry Apple DIY Face Mask
All you'll need for this is around 5-6 cranberries, 1 apple and 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil. Boil the cranberries for around 10minutes until they are soft, then mash them up and let them cool.
Grate the apple and add in the cranberries and then add in the Flaxseed Oil if you don't have Flaxseed Oil then honey or natural yogurt will also do the trick - Stir well and when ready apply all over you face and leave for 20minutes and rinse off. 

Again there are so many different ways you can use these 3 ingredients however i feel it would take me years to write this post if i listed them all.. These are just a few of my personal favourite ways to use them.
The Body Shop have a great selection of Christmas gifts to choose from so if your a fan of these scents, defiantly go check out their Christmas Collections with their Gift Finder which allows you to find the perfect gift in an interactive way or shop their Beauty Gems (most recommended and favourites with their customers). I for one always love shopping at The Body Shop whether that's for Christmas or if i'm looking for a birthday gift, they do the most amazing gifts at very affordable prices!
How many different ways can you think of when it comes to using Apples, Vanilla and Cranberries?..
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