Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Zara Bag Lust List

If anyone knows me well then they will know i have a very unhealthy obsession with handbags, it honestly doesn't matter if it's designer or high street, though i would prefer a nice designer handbag.. I am just always on the look out for a nice handbag and when i find one i love i normally just purchase it straight away without really thinking about it and then within a couple of weeks i'll have another new handbag.
Lately i have been drooling over the Zara handbags, they always amaze me with all their new designs and the ones above are all the one's i am currently lusting after though i doubt i'd get all four, maybe one... or two though.
The first bag and the lightest of them all is the Office City Bag With Zips, i picked the colour in sand as i much prefer the lighter shades for bigger bags though i don't mind a classic black bag - this bag just seems like the overall perfect bag for those city girls, which i am not by the way, i'm more of a town girl.
The next is one similar and it's the Office City Bag With Pocket in Grey, i do love me a good grey handbag i think they just go with any outfit and just gives you that classic clean look. Again, a perfect city bag and the colours a very 'work wear'.
The next bag is the biggest of them all and it's the Reversible Contract Shopper, this bag instantly caught my eye because of the colour, but then it's also reversible which means you can have 1 colour one day and another the next day, this bag on the outside is a beautiful Taupe colour and on the inside a bright orange.
Lastly is more of a sweet girly bag in a beautiful light baby pink colour, this bag is the Bowling Bag With Knots. The bag is absolutely stunning and so eye catching when it comes to bags the colour is just beautiful, i love how it's not so 'in your face' and i'm loving the accent knots in the bag. 

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  1. Ohhhhh Zara....I love the grey Office City Bag with Zips!


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