Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer Essentials With NIVEA

Seeing as though it's the hottest day of the year for us so far in the UK i thought i would share some favourite Summer Essentials, now i'm not talking about bikinis, beach towels or flip flops i'm talking more about the beauty essentials for Summer time which are a must have in your beach bag's!
Let's start off with the more important products, being as though it's SO hot today and we've all been advised to stay in at peak times when it's going to be the hottest.. Not all of us have the luxury of staying in all day when you have to step out the house for work. That's why it's so so important to wear sun protection not just for your body but for your face to!
The NIVEA Protect & Refresh is an invisible cooling mist for your body and it's been a total life saver lately.. i just ran out of my previous sun protection spraying mist and needed a new one - this one is 30 high and is water-resistant. If your anything like me and cannot stand waiting for things to dry you will love this! It is so easy to apply simply just spray your whole body from your neck downwards, the great thing about spraying mists is that it's got great coverage making sure you don't miss any areas.
It's always important to wear a sun tan lotion on your face to, many people miss this step and think foundations with SPF normally cover that part but it's always best to play it safe. I've been using the NIVEA Protect & Bronze Face Cream, again this is 30 high and is also water-resistant so great if you want to go swimming or hang out at the beach.. This contains no self-tan and it's really light and non greasy.. Apply this generously before sun exposure and let to dry before applying another layer to ensure adequate coverage and no missed areas. Again, apply frequently through out the day.
Another thing we normally forget is to protect our lips, it's all well and good that we protect our face and body but a lot of people normally forget to protect their lips. The NIVEA Raspberry Rose Lip Butter is great for that, though it doesn't contain SPF it's really moisturising and smells amazing.. I would suggest an SPF lip balm if your out in the sun but this one is great if your already have dry chapped lips, apply this through out the day and before bed - this will help keep your lips smooth and moisturised.

Now when it's hot we tend to sweat a lot, i hardly sweat even when working out but lately i've been sweating out like crazy and deodorant has been my new best friend.. The NIVEA Powder Touch is amazing as it's 48 hour protection, quick drying and smells great to!
Lastly, as much as we tend to avoid make up when it's hot we aren't all as confident in leaving the house without make up.. even if it is just going to the beach! Once at the beach however remove your make up with the NIVEA Sensitive Cleansing Wipes.. these are a god send, i don't normally use face wipes especially because my skin is really sensitive and dry. However these face wipes are great for sensitive skin, leave it feeling really moisturised, it's free of perfume, colours and alcohol and contains vitamin E and Provitamin B5! Plus it's also amazing at removing waterproof mascara to! Bonus!

So have a great day today in or out of the sun and remember to pack your Summer Essentials. 


  1. I used to use those face wipes before I banned them completely - they smell amazing though! The Nivea lip balm sounds lovely too, but I definitely prefer sticks for hotter weather especially!

    1. I agree, i used to love these back in the day.. before i discovered other ways of removing my make up. I much prefer sticks for hotter weather to, could not agree with you more :) x


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