Saturday, 12 July 2014

June/July Empties #4

I haven't done one of these empties posts since May, not because i've been lazy and didn't want to put a post up but because i haven't actually used up any products since then! Besides from the odd shampoo and conditioner here and there i've been trying to use up the same lot of items for months now.
The first is the MAC Brush Cleanser, i've been using this brush cleaner for around 6-7 months now and just used the last lot of it - i like to switch between the Johnson's Baby Shampoo and this and this is much more expensive, though it does work amazingly well i do find that baby shampoo is much cheaper and works just as well.
Next is a shower gel which i reviewed not to long ago - The Aromatherpy Revive Body Wash* is gorgeous, it smells absolutely divine and cleans so well i am in love with this stuff and so sad i've run out - definitely going to be picking up another one of these.
For hair care i am still trying to get through the same products from about 6 months ago, however i have finally used up this teeny bottle of Moroccanoil Treatment Oil* and i'm quite proud of myself to finally use this up! I've been using this tiny bottle since last November and a tiny pea sized amount does go a long way! This treatment oil is a god send for my hair, tames my frizz, keeps my hair at bay and leaves it feeling so smooth!
Lastly is the Elemis Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser*, i've spoke about this moisturiser a billion of times now on my blog and Youtube channel, i LOVE this moisturiser, it's fantastic for dry sensitive skin, it's really moisturising and fairly priced and it also smells amazing!! 

What products have you used up lately?...


  1. I love hair oils but I've never tried the Moroccan Oil one. The size looks as though it'd be perfect for taking on holiday, I will have to investigate!

    Nikki x

    1. Me too, i cannot live without hair oils! - The Moroccan Oil is my favourite, it's so lightweight and smells amazing to! You should def get yourself this tiny bottle, it's lasted me so long! x

  2. I love Moroccanoil, I had a big bottle that suddenly disappeared after my sister took a liking to it and I haven't felt like splurging since but if the small bottle lasts that long then I may treat myself!

    Jade Rebecca x

    1. Haha, don't worry i had the same problem.. mine randomly disappeared to! This tiny bottle has lasted me so long that i would definitely just get another one of these, plus they are easier to hide ;) x


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