Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Daniel Sandler WaterColour Fluid Blusher - Flush

I have to start by saying, i have never tried a watercolour blush before! I mean the whole look of it and the application makes it look so easy but oh no, it's more complicated than it looks.
I've been trying out the Daniel Sandler WaterColour Fluid Blusher in Flush* for nearly a month now, and only now have i just got the hang of how to use it! Shocking i know, no judging..
The watercolour blush is exactly as it says on the bottle, a water-colour blush.. I have to say i've always been a powder blush type girl, never cream or watercolour!
My first, second, third etc... attempts went so horribly wrong that i had to take all my make up off and start all over again, then finally one day after watching a video online on how to apply the blush i finally got the hang of it!
Basically if your like me, extremely slow and like to take your time applying your make up or more specifically your blush then you may have some trouble with this to! You have to have quite a quick hand when applying this blush, though i wouldn't say it's as bad as the cheek stains i've tried in the past which literally as soon as you dot it on your cheeks they are forever there! (Okay, over-exaggeration)..
Honestly though you do need a quick hand when applying this, for the first few takes i applied directly onto the back of my hand and then dotted on my cheeks with my fingers, however i found that applying it that way makes it a whole lot harder to blend.. Instead, i apply a dot directly on the Daniel Sandler WaterBrush*, then lightly dab on the back of my hand so it doesn't come off heavy when applied.. Then blend, blend, blend... and then more blending... Blending loads is the key!
Now that i have finally got the jist of watercolour blushes i will definitely be purchasing more! The Daniel Sandler WaterColour Fluid Blushers are amazing, this blush is called Flush which is a deep pink and it's gorgeous - a very 'me' shade.

The Daniel Sandler WaterColour Fluid Blushers currently retail for £15.49 and can be purchased at HairTrade.com

Have you ever tried watercolour blushes??..


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    1. Hello! Oh thanks, how lovely of you!
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