Thursday, 17 July 2014

BeeGood Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm

For the past couple of months now my lips have been so extremely dry and chapped, obviously i blame the whether for this.. My lips can never make up it's mind weather it want's to be moisturised or just stay dry all the time, most days it just wants to be a pain and despite what i do it's still dry and chapped!
I've been using the BeeGood Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm* for a few weeks now, every night before bed and in the morning at least 2-3 hours before make up application and it's been working wonders!
Normally at night time before i go to bed i like to slap a load of this lip balm on my lips so that it keeps hydrated through out the night, plus lately because it's been so hot i've had to have the fan on which obviously we all know that it's bad as it not only dries your skin out it also dries your lips out to - but honestly the heat has been insane lately!
In the morning my lips are normally really smooth after using this lip balm but as soon as i brush my teeth and do my morning routine it's normally back to it's normal self - dry.  So, i apply a thin layer of this in the morning and go about my routine, i also like to apply this during the day to.. weather i'm at work or staying in for the day!
I find this lip balm to be extremely moisturising, non-sticky and really smooth - it says it's 'Vanilla & Honey' but i can barely pick up a scent on it though and when i do it's only really a hint of the vanilla. It also doesn't have a taste to it, not that i like to eat lip balms but normally when i apply them i can slightly taste the balm when i lick my lips - this on the other hand doesn't really have a scent or taste to it, it's just pretty basic.. However in saying that, basic or not, it's still a pretty decent lip balm and one that i will carry on using until i squeeze the last little lot out of it's tube.

The BeeGood Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm retails for £4.75 and can be purchased 'here'.

What's your favourite lip balm?..


  1. This sounds great x

  2. Seen a lot of posts about Bee Good lately! I need to look into their products :) x

    1. You do! Honestly, ever since i discovered their range i have loved them since! Great new brand! x

  3. I like Bee Good products, but haven't seen this one yet. I'll be in the UK in a couple of months, so maybe I'll pick one of these babies up.

    1. Yes do! They have some lovely stuff, the lip balm is one of my faves :) x


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