Friday, 20 June 2014

Newcastle | 2014

Wowwie it's been a while since i blogged, i'm SO sorry for that.. Honestly i planned my whole holiday out which i scheduled blogging in but when i got to the hotel and tried to set up the internet there it all failed and i ended up not being able to blog nor being able to really use the internet and relied on my phone 3G signal to do emails and update facebook and instagram.
Anyway, if you've been reading my blog for a while now you may know that i go to Newcastle practically every year to visit family and escape life down here. It's my go-to place to get away and relax plus see all my loved ones and leaving there is always hard.
I took a couple of snaps from my holiday to share with you all, a look through my eyes at what i got up to.. 
Our drive up compared to last year was easy, last year we decided to go up at the hottest time of the year and literally sweated it all out in the car, this year was easy and i managed to sleep at least 100miles of the journey.
When we arrived we ended up going to dinner in North Shields where my cousin lives and went to a really cheap but amazing Italians, they were so loud and lively in there - honestly if you love italian food you'll love this place! 
We spent i think about 99% of the time eating food, which including a whole bunch on Chinese food - the picture above is from the Chinese Restaurant we went to in China Town - So proud of being Chinese we do some amazing food! Look at all those delicious cakes they do to!! 
Of course we had to see the Angel of North before we left to go home and me being the blogger i am had to get a few good photography snaps of the beauty.

- The place where i call home..

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