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Yes To.. Facial Wipes | Thumbs Down

I never really write negative reviews of products on here, i mean if i clearly don't like a product i've picked up then it would normally get thrown to the back of the drawers or given away to my sister unless i was really disappointed in the product.
I couple of weeks back when i was shopping in Boots i saw that they started stocking the Yes To.. range, i've only really heard of this brand through bloggers which have said nothing but kind words about the products. I believe Yes To started off as a US brand which has just made it over to the UK.
As there has only been rave reviews of the face wipes in general that i've seen i decided to pick a couple packs at £3.99 each.
I knew i wanted to try out the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes as this was the product that i had seen so many rave reviews on and it's been formulated to suit those with sensitive skin, like me. It comes in a green packet which holds 30 wipes and retails for £3.99 a pack.
I'm not sure what it is but as soon as i read the words 'Hypoallergenic' i almost instantly knew these weren't going to agree with me. These facial wipes say they are soothing with cucumber and aloe vera to cleanse, remove make up and nourish skin.. all in one swipe.
Firstly, they are cooling which i do like, i love the cucumber and aloe vera scent and the wipes are pretty soft and gentle to. It didn't remove my make up off in 'one swipe' i used 2-3 wipes to completely remove all my make up, it doesn't go well with waterproof mascara either but isn't surprising as i haven't really found many facial wipes that are good enough to remove waterproof mascara anyway.
As soon as i had removed all the make up off on my skin and eyes instantly started to feel tingling which turned into a stinging feeling which felt really irritating and itchy. After about 20 minutes my face had sore red patches everywhere, and it felt really dry and dehydrated.
Moving onto the Yes To Blueberries Facial Wipes, these come in a dark blue, slightly slimmer pack. With 25wipes instead of the 30 and again retails for £3.99 per pack, these one's are formulated to age refresh leaving your skin feeling clean, youthful and glowy. It has Lemon Peel and Apple to help brighten the appearance of your skin and has a blueberry and a tinge of coconut scent to it.
Again these are really nice to use, feels really soft on the skin and has a gorgeous scent to it.. However again within 20-30minutes of using the face wipes my skin was extremely sore and irritated from using the wipes and the red patches and blotchiness starting coming back like a rash to. I know my skin is sensitive but honestly it's never been this way or reacted this way towards facial wipes before. 
I did think that maybe it was the cucumber one's which i had problems with but it seems as though both the packets i bought to try out have the same effect despite the fact if i have good or bad skin. Lately my skin has been pretty good until i used these which have now left my skin feeling really dry in places and still sore in some areas such as cheeks and forehead. 

I am really disappointed in these as i was hoping that they would be as good as people say they were, however not in this case.  I was honestly hoping to really love these and constantly come back to them but now i think i'm gonna wave a sad goodbye to them as they head off into the hands of my sister to try out.
Normally i stay well away from face wipes as my skin is quite troublesome and use a cleansing oil instead, for now.. i'll stick to my cleansing oil.

LITTLE UPDATE: My sister is having the same issues with these face wipes and she has normal/combination skin. Again, irritation on the skin and blotches. 

I would love to know if you've had a similar experience using these facial wipes or any other?..

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  1. Try the Alba Botanica Hawaiian collection facial wipes. the entire line is basically amazing. I use the face scrub and I just bought the oil free moisturizer today


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