Monday, 19 May 2014

Sponsored Video: Nivea Presents Power Touch

When people think of deodorant, i'm sure 95% of you just pick up the closest one to you on the shelves in stores, however i cannot stress enough at how important it is for you and others to find the right deodorant for you, depending on what you do day by day i think it's important to use a long lasting deodorant on a daily basis.
Nivea, who i have loved and used for years have just introduced their new Power Touch gentle antiperspirant which lasts for up to 48 hours, dermatologically tested to suit for all skin types and dries instantly.
Nivea produced a beautiful film of a ballerina who started dancing when she was just 5 at a small local dance school in Montford Dance and Stage Academy, and now has been dancing 11 years with the English National Ballet.
The film shows 2 side features, to show the benefits of the new Power Touch deodorant. The short film shows the ballerina being graceful, feminine and delicate on one side and on the other fierce, strong and intense. Having been a ballerina myself in the past i can totally relate to that feeling.. That feeling to feel powerful and confident, to take control and to feel unstoppable.
The new Nivea Power Touch not only offers maximum protection, softness of the skin, being a great treat for your underarms with fresh citrus notes of Bergamot and Orange and with extracts of Rose and Lily of the Valley. It also has a anti-residue formula to prevent those annoying and unwelcome underarm stains and a quick dry, which means you won't have to stand around waiting for your deodorant to dry.
Over 8,000 women say that the perfect deodorant should offer long lasting protection, should dry quickly without leaving your underarm sticky and should have a long lasting scent.

To meet every women's needs the Nivea Power Touch range is available in 3 different variants: a spray, roll-on and a stick.

- NIVEA Powder Touch spray, 250ml - £3.29

- NIVEA Powder Touch spray, 150ml - £2.29

- NIVEA Powder Touch roll-on - £2.29

- NIVEA Powder Touch stick - £2.29

For more information on the new Nivea Power Touch.
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You can also follow this beautiful ballerinas story by following and keeping up to date on the Nivea Twitter and Facebook page linked above.

* post sponsored by Nivea.

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