Friday, 9 May 2014

HealGel Body

I must admit, i'm never normally a fan of body products especially as i am super lazy when it comes to moisturising my body, bad i know.. but that's until i discovered HealGel Body*.
I've tried a few HealGel products and have loved them all as far as i can remember so when i received this to try out i kind of knew i would instantly fall in love with it. I'll start with the gorgeous bright packaging which i love on all the HealGel products.  The bright yellow packaging puts me in such a cheerful mood when applying, so weird i know but honestly it really does put a smile on my face or maybe that's because i love the colour Yellow in general.
The formula of this product as it clearly states in the name is a gel consistency, i've never tried a gel type body product only ever creams, butters or lotions but the gel consistency made me intrigued to see if it would work any better than the others i have tried in the past.. And it really does!
I just love how quickly the gel dried on the skin, i find myself using about a pea sized amount for my body and a pea sized amount per section of the body. The gel dries almost instantly, as soon as you apply it on your arms per say and move onto the next area, your arms will be dry by the next section, it's amazing and also feels really light on the skin.
I also love the scent of this, not to heavy and not to light the perfect amount of scent for a body gel and it leaves a nice light scent through-out the day, it says to apply 2-3times a day, i normally only really apply when i have a bath or shower at night time as i don't tend to get time to do it in the mornings, however i think once is enough however you can apply more than once a day if your skin is super dry to keep it more moisturised through out the day.
I find it moisturising enough only using it once a day and i also have quite dry skin so depending on your preferences.. 
Overall i love the HealGel Body and would highly recommend it, they are slightly expensive but it's well worth the money i say!
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The HealGel Body retails for £39.50 and can be purchased on the HealGel Website - link

Have you tried any of the HealGel products? Which are your favourites?..

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