Tuesday, 25 March 2014

SteamCream - Thalia

Ever since i first discovered SteamCreams way back in December time i've used them consistently, it may possibly be one of my all time favourite moisturisers and since December i've used up 2 tins, this being my third.
If your new to SteamCream then they are an all in one natural moisturiser, though i prefer these more for the body than the face as my face is extra sensitive, however i have used this on my face before and it's been amazing - SteamCream comes in all sorts of designs whichever one that catches your eye, personally i love all of the tins and am building up a little collection of them in my bedroom - once the creams all used up they make great tins for keeping bobby pins, jewellery and even to keep perfume samples in.
This SteamCream is the Thalia SteamCream*, it has a gorgeous floral design on it. - The bottom part of the tin is red whilst the lid is a beigey white with red floral print all over.
Thalia is the goddess of fertility and nature in Greek mythology. Her blessing brought lush blooming flowers to barren fields. Thalia's floral design is a tribute to Mother Nature in her Ancient Greek guise.

Though i've mentioned before in my last SteamCream Post that these are a tad expensive however i do consider these as a luxury product, they come in at £12.95 per tin - each tin has a beautiful design on them and i'd pay that just for the tin itself to keep for storage. 
The Steamcreams are so moisturising on the skin, lightweight and non-sticky. It absorbs into the skin within a couple of minutes and it keeps my skin moisturised all day long. It is perfect handbag size to, i carry mine in my bag so that when i'm at work and wash my hands i can apply this straight after to keep them from getting dry and bumpy.. I'll almost certainly take one of these on holiday with me as it's a great travel friendly product to.

Have you tried any of the SteamCreams yet?.. 


  1. The tin is so pretty! I agree, they're amazing but kinda pricey. >< It's a good buy for a splurge though, heh~

    1. I agree, i use mine so sparingly, well worth the price though. x

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  3. I love the SteamCream pots, they are so decretive and pretty. I use the cream a lot for my hands and it always leaves them feeling os soft! You have made me want to purchase another pot!


    1. Haha, sorry. They are so so good though :) x


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