Monday, 3 March 2014

Orofluido Shampoo + Conditioner

Having recently gone back to ombré hair a couple of weeks ago i've been keen to keep my hair in as healthy condition as possible, which included a whole new hair care routine. 
I have already tried the Orofluido hair oil and the hair spray which i reviewed here and loved both products so had high hopes for the Orofluido Shampoo & Conditioner*, though the shampoo and conditioner doesn't state it's good for colour treated hair it does however state it's good for all hair types.
Both shampoo and conditioner feel really lightweight on the hair and has an incredible scent exactly like the hair oil and hair spray.  On a day to day basis i normally only use the shampoo and every other day i'll use the conditioner. The shampoo alone is so light and gentle on the hair and leaves my hair feeling so incredibly smooth and shiny afterwards. 
The conditioner has a balm type texture which i really work well into the ends of my hair, the conditioner states that it helps with detangling but because my hair is always so knotty and tangled after i wash my hair i really could not tell a difference however again it does leave my hair feeling so silky smooth after use.
It has however helped with the dryness of my hair after i ombréd it as the bleach left my hair a little brittle at the ends and extremely dry, this shampoo and conditioner plus the oil really helped with that and definitely a new must have for my hair care routine. 

Have you tried any products from Orofluido? Which products which you recommend?..

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