Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to dress like Lauren Conrad

It's no surprise how much i adore Lauren Conrad or LC as we also like to call her, not only is she my inspiration and role model she also has the most amazing California Chic style which i've loved ever since she first appeared in Laguna Beach and then The Hills. 
She has the most unique and easy to pull off looks going but also extremely stylish and very down to earth. She has so many outfits which i love and this one is one of my favourites, it's very laid back and casual which i love and it's great for just lounging around the house, running errands and even to go shopping.
The outfit is put together with only a few pieces, the wet look Studded Disco Pants which i definitely couldn't pull off but Lauren Conrad certainly does and very well too and it really adds to the look and puts it together! I then added a plain white Chiffon Tee paired off with a Black Knit Oversized Jumper,  this jumper isn't the same as the one LC is wearing as it doesn't have the cut out at the back but i picked something that i would personally wear myself and i'm not always keen/brave enough to show off my back so this would be perfect for me, plus i do love myself a good oversized jumper.
Though i can't see what she's wearing on her feet, i picked out a pair of cute Strappy Sandals with a snakeskin print and gorgeous metal detailing.
I love dainty or layered bracelets so i picked out 2 which i'd layer together, one is a Gold Tone Chain Stone Bracelet which has a single stone detail and clasp fastening. I'd pair that bracelet with this Gold Tone Eclectic Gateway Bracelet, i think these 2 bracelets together would go amazingly maybe even paired with a rose gold watch too.

Lauren Conrad has so many styles i love and admire, her day time outfits where she wears simple bodycon dresses and cute sandals, her evening red carpet looks where she wears the' most beautiful gowns.. She even looks good in lounge and work out gear too.

So that was my quick and easily put together look on how to dress like Lauren Conrad, the look isn't exactly the same as she wears in the photo but the pieces are more things you would already find in your wardrobe or things you could easily find and pick up in store or online.

What do you think of this look?..


  1. So nice to find someone who loves LC as much as I do! I used to get told I looked like her in high school!

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