Monday, 17 March 2014

Home & Office Inspiration

We are forever re-doing our bedroom and office in the house, since we've been here we've probably re-done both rooms in the house about 4-5times and we've never quite got it perfect but i guess nothing is ever perfect and it's something we constantly work on in order for us to make it feel homely.
I've always shopped at H&M for home and decor items, it's always my first stop and i put together all the items i've recently purchased for our home & office.
I'll start with the curtains as we've been looking into some new curtains for a while now and it seems as though everywhere we looked were charging ridiculous amounts just for a piece of fabric which i could buy and sew together myself.
I quite like plain designs with a little pattern so i picked out these 2 pack long length curtains with a leaf design which i hope will brighten up the room a bit but still block out the sun whilst sleeping. 
For the office i wanted to pick up some new cushion covers as the one's we have are getting a little old and mis-dated now so when i saw these i thought they would go perfectly with the whole black, grey and white theme we have in the office. I'm not a huge fan of zebra print but i do think these will give a great feel to the room. - Twill cushion cover.
I've been a little bit of a collector or a hoarder whichever one you want to call it but i love to buy little pots for pens, make up brushes etc so i picked up 2 of these round glass vases so that i could put my make up brushes in and to store a few lipsticks in. I already own one of these already which i put any spare tubes of mascaras and creams in and the quality of these are so good seeing as though they are only £7.99.
Another item i picked up for the bedroom is this Jacquard-weave blanket, i picked this up for the Spring/Summer time as it's starting to get hotter and we'll probably just use this to sleep under. We had one before like this but the dog kind of got to it and chewed it up.
The last thing i picked up for the bedroom is a few of these white heart hooks, i bought these to hang my necklaces on rather that use them as coat hooks, these would also look great with my Ikea Alex Drawers.
The last and final thing i picked up was the black fig scented candle, even though i have a shop selling candles and burn them all the time it's nice to switch things up a bit which is why i picked up the scent black fig, i've bought a few candles from H&M before and love the smell of them, they also burn very well and are pretty cheap to.

Have you recently picked up any home decor items?...


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