Friday, 7 March 2014

February Empties #2

February seemed to have flown by without a trace and it's already March which seems a little surreal. Last month i seemed to have used up quite a lot of bath products, skincare and haircare and surprisingly no make up.
Starting with the bath products, i used up and already repurchased the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser which is bloody amazing if i do say so myself, my skin is extremely dry, in the Winter it's worse so this has been a complete life saviour keeping my skin moisturised throughout. My next product is also one i've loved and loved for the past few years however also something i can't repurchase until Christmas time now and that's the LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel, this smells incredible if you've tried this or smelt this before then you will know what i'm talking about.. It has a sweet candy like scent and it's a shimmery shower gel.. I wish i had stocked up on this!
Another favourite of which i used up is the Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life, another one of my all time favourite body scrubs and one that i'll keep repurchasing. I love this as it's gentle but also a little harsh and great for removing dead skin and rough patches.
Another shower related product i used up was the Balance.Me Super Toning Body Wash, this i received in my You Beauty Advent Calendar and only just got round to using. I liked it but wouldn't say it was great enough for me to repurchase, the formula was a little thick and hard to work with in the shower not really convenient when your in a rush in the morning.
One for the bath, the Oilatum Bath Formula was a purchase i made when in Newcastle last year, it says it's great for itchy and irritating dry skin conditions and i do agree however i tipped almost the whole thing in one bath and only really got 3 uses out of this small bottle, it is however extremely moisturising and one that i may repurchase in the future.
Lastly, for shower and bath related products i used up the mini size of the I Love Coconut & Cream shower gel, i already love and purchase these I Love.. products anyway and this one is probably my favourite scent!
The only skincare product i used up this month was the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub* which i took away to Newcastle with me last year and loved it, i only had a tiny bit of this left to use and used it when my skin felt a little oily and it does the job at balancing the oils. I'll probably repurchase this at some stage but it's not top of my list at the moment.
For haircare i used up a sample size of the Weleda Shampoo* which is for dry and damaged hair, this was okay, not a massive fan and not something i'd purchase it smells nice but left my hair a little gritty feeling.
And lastly i used up one of my favourite shampoos, the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo - I love the smell of all the Aussie shampoo's bur this is my favourite. This really gives my hair that extra added boost that it's so lacking and leaves my hair incredibly smooth afterwards.

What products did you use up last month...?


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