Monday, 31 March 2014

Blueberry Pop Tangle Teezer

Ever since Tangle Teezer's were first released to the public i've been a massive fan, i've already gone through 3 of these brushes since then, this being my fourth now.
I've owned the hot pink, black and dark blue one's and now i own this gorgeous Blueberry Pop Tangle Teezer*.
When i first received this brush i was reluctant to use it as it is to gorgeous to use, it has 2 of my favourite colours, Baby Blue and Hot Pink.  I was waiting for my old Tangle Teezer to completely die on me before i could use this and i'm glad i waited and as always i'm extremely impressed.
The Tangle Teezer's normally last around 4-6 months for me, i guess it does vary but cause my hair is thick and gets extremely knotty i find myself using these brushes more often than i should.
Though brushes don't completely die they get to the stage where the bristles on the brush aren't strong enough to actually brush through the hair anymore. 
I did a comparison post on which i compared the Original Tangle Teezer's with the Denman Hair Brush, both of which are great - read post here.
As stated in that post, i love both hair brushes however i do think that Tangle Teezer's pull out more hair when brushing through than a Denman Hairbrush does, but in saying that the Tangle Teezer's are definitely more gentle and won't tug at your hair as much.

The Blueberry Pop Tangle Teezer normally retails for £10.20, however you can get it from Hairtrade for £8.55 - link.

Do you own a Tangle Teezer?.. Which colour do you have?..


  1. i do not like the teezer :) i preffer natural hair product :)

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  2. I would buy this purely for the colours x

  3. I love my pink tangle teezer but love the colour of this one!

    1. Same here, my pink one practically died and had to throw it out, glad i have this one as a replacement :) x


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