Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentines Glossybox - 2014

Having unsubscribed from Glossybox back in December after a few to many disappointing boxes i decided to sign back up for the Valentines Glossybox after see'ing that there would be a full size Ciate nail polish.. Plus they did recently go through a much needed revamp.
When receiving the box i noticed that the box was more shinier than the last boxes, an upgraded silk branded ribbon and the lid size was a lot thicker (Hooray as i love using these boxes for storage)!
The theme this month was obviously for Valentines Day, as you can probably tell with all the lips/kisses on the box.. 
My thoughts on this months box are a little mismatched, i'm not sure if i like the contents more than i do the actual shiny box, anybody else feel that way?
There were a few things inside the box that i thought may interest me such as the Ciaté London Nail Polish which is the reason why i subscribed again, the shade i received is called Play Date.. A bright red shade - great for Valentines.. This normally retails for £9!
For other full size products, i received a Sleep in Rollers Backcombing Brush which i'm not to keen on if i'm honest.. I hardly ever backcomb my hair anyway, plus i have a backcombing brush which i bought from Primark for £1 which works perfectly! - This brush retails for £4!
The next full sized item i spotted was a Maybelline ColorSensational Stripped Nudes Lipstick - the shade i received is called Tantalizing Taupe which is a really nice basic browny nude - not really what i'd normally go for but i may give it a go as i do love the Maybelline lipsticks.. This lipstick retails for £6.99.
The next product is a sample size and it's not something which i was entirely happy about receiving.. It's a Sparkling Body Shimmer by Nougat London. Personally for me i have never worn body shimmer except when i was a kid, i do feel as though it's a kids/teenagers thing however that's strictly my opinion. This body shimmer is scented Cherry Blossom which does sound pretty nice and judging from the bottle it does look like a nice body shimmer, however really not for me!
Lastly for beauty products i received a sample size of the H2K Je t'adore Aromatics Shampoo & Conditioner, which again i'm really not fond of but may still try out anyway, this has a boyish like scent and reminds me a little of what my boyfriend uses, and what you may find in your hotel room. After looking at the slip that comes with the Glossybox i noticed it says £2.48 for a 30ml and 40ml conditioner, which is what i received.. However surely they don't come like this full size?..

Last but not least i received a Lindor Treat Bar as an extra treat in the box, now i do love me some Lindor chocolate and i must admit that this was gone as soon as i took the photo's for this post!

So that was my thoughts on this months Glossybox, i'm not sure weather i am going to stay subscribed for now and see what next month's Glossybox is like before i decide weather to unsubscribe or not?.. What do you think i should do?..


  1. stat subcribed baby . coz i love to read about it very much , ;) xoxo

  2. I unsubscribed to Glossy Box months ago and i haven't missed it to be honest, I prefer the Love Me Beauty boxes :) I didn't like the element of surprise with Glossy Box! xx


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