Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a fabulous day, getting spoilt, eating and drinking far to much and spending plenty of time with loved ones! 
See'ing as though i won't be blogging until all the festivites are over i just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for sticking with me and i wish you all a very Merry Christmas.. 
Normal blogging will resume after Christmas, so if you have any video or blog post requests feel free to leave them for me.

I love you all! XO

Monday, 23 December 2013

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

As i'm already addicted and a huge fan of the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment i literally squealed when these landed on my doorstep.  I don't actually think i've been this excited about a shampoo and conditioner in a very long time. The Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner* is said to treat and repair your hair while infusing your hair with argan oil, keratin, fatty acids, proteins and other nutrients, plus it's also colour safe as well. 
Like the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment it has the same scents and performs in the same ways, it's so so moisturising on the scalp and it leaves my hair so smooth! The smoothest it's been in months, plus it smells pretty amazing to!
I have a sensitive scalp so i'm a little wary of what i put on my hair/scalp so when purchasing shampoo and conditioners i do like to ask in store which one's are best suited for dry and sensitive scalps and i always get recommended one's which irritate it. So now i stick to one shampoo and conditioner i get recommended from my doctors and stick with that, however when using this i don't seem to get any problems, it doesn't dry out my scalp and it leaves it feeling and looking more nourished.
With the oils in the shampoo and conditioner i tend to only use this shampoo all over my hair and then use the conditioner only on my ends.

These Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner comes in bottles of 250ml and the shampoo retails for £16.55 and the conditioner retails for £17.25 - both can be found online at HairTrade.

What's your favourite shampoo and conditioner?..

Sunday, 22 December 2013

SteamCream - All In One Natural Moisturiser

With the ridiculously cold and miserable weather lately it's safe to say that my skin has been playing up... a lot.
I've actually found myself reaching for the thickest face creams and even started using body butters and creams to keep my skin moisturised when normally i don't need to. - Lazy i know but my skin has never really been to' drying.
The product i've been reaching for non-stop lately is this little tin of goodness from StreamCream*, this fell into my hands at the perfect time.. not only was this a coincidence that i actually received another one of these from my YouBeauty advent calendar but i also got one sent to me in the post on the same day!
Now the thing i dislike about this time of the year is that i cannot tell how much hot water i am putting in my bath, or how hot my showers really are because to me it feels normal but when i look at the temperature of the water instead of it being set to 5 normally, it's now up to 8.
So, with that being said.. my skin has become so dry as it's went from freezing cold to hotter water being poured onto it and when i come out of the shower, dried myself off and within an hour my skin is ridiculously dry so this has been my little life saviour these past couple of weeks and i'm literally addicted to applying this.
The scent reminds me a little of Sudocream when you first apply it and eventually when it's settled into the skin it smells like soft lavender.. It's amazing for face, body and hands.. i don't apply this onto my face as i fear it'll probably irritate it as my skin is extremely sensitive right now, however it's been amazing for my body and hands.
The consistency is thick but not to thick and it applies really well, dries extremely quick to and keeps my skin moisturised all day. These tins come in all different designs, this design is due to launch in January.. All designs have the same scent, it's one cream in different tin designs.

The SteamCream all in one natural moisturisers are available to purchase online for £12.95 -

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Skinbreeze Hydro Mask For Intensive Skin Hydration

The Skinbreeze Hydro Mask*, a soothing and calming mask that claims to immediately reduce appearance of skin redness and irritation - The mask contains intensive moisturising properties that replenish sun damaged and dehydrated.  The mask also contains powerful antioxidant ingredients and helps to smooth and soften appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Now this is the first time i've used any mask like this and i was a little skeptical at first, i'm so used to clay or liquid masks that this just seemed a little out of the ordinary for me.
The mask splits into two sections, one for the bottom half of the face and one for the top part.. It's easy enough to apply, whilst you just peel back from the notched sides and take the mask out the packaging.. You then unfold each section of the mask and apply directly onto your cleansed face and leave the mask on your face for 10-20minutes.
The jelly textured mask has an intensive cooling effect and rosey scent which once applied feels so soothing on the skin, however i did counter a few problems with trying to keep the mask on my face for the duration so i managed to keep it on my face for 15minutes exactly. 
The removal was just as simple as the application, however it doesn't state on the instructions to rinse your face afterwards which i did end up doing.
I didn't notice any immediate change to my skin, in the morning though i did see a brighter and smoother complexion and my skin felt and looked more hydrated.
The down side to this is that it's only a one-time use mask which is also great for tackling all the annoying effects of the winter weather on your skin, another thing i noticed is that it's a little drying after use, i have dry skin and found that this mask made my skin a little more dry afterwards so applying a rich moisturiser is definitely a must.

I haven't managed to find where they sell these online or if they even do, i know you'll be able to find them in selected salons and you'll be able to find more info online at Skinbreeze where they do other amazing treatments to, well worth checking out -

Update: You can buy the masks individually from any of the treatment clinics.  Go to to find the clinic nearest to you.

Have you tried the Skinbreeze Hydro Mask before or any other mask similar to this?..

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Orofluido Hairspray

Over the past 2 or so years of blogging i've never really spoke about hairsprays, purely because i never used to use a hairspray in my hair routine and instead of spritzing hair spray over my freshly curled hair i would simply leave it and let the curls slowly drop out.
However, this past year i've been really getting back into using hairsprays again, weather that's to tame away my fly-ways or to make my curls last longer, i honestly don't know how i lived without hairspray before!
My current favourite and new to the hairspray collection is the Orofluido Hairspray*, i've heard plenty of great reviews of the brand Orofluido in general so had high hopes for the hairspray.
This hairspray unlike the cheaper one's i've bought and tried from supermarkets performs way better than any other hairsprays i've tried in the past, it's fast drying and holds my curls in all day without making my hair feel crisp, instead the fine spray leaves my hair smooth, smelling fresh and most importantly gets rid of any pesky little fly-aways.
The hairspray has a gorgeous scent of Vanilla and Amber which smells divine and gives you that amazing feeling that you've just come out of a hairdressers each time.
I definitely wouldn't say this is a cheap hairspray coming in at £9.56, nor would i say it's expensive i'd say it's about average and around the same price i would look for if i was looking for a decent strong hold hairspray.

The Orofluido Hairspray is available to purchase at

Have you tried any products from Orofluido? If so, which is your favourite?..

Sponsored Video: Simply Be

Simply Be, a go to store for the must have catwalk trends and to give women what they want when it comes to fashion and to make them feel fabulous in clothes in sizes 12-32.
With 9 stores across the UK and an online store as well, i find myself even at a size 8/10 shopping at Simply Be purely because they do the best knitwear and their dresses are to die for. I even get a little jealous as i wish they did all sizes just so i could buy the cute dresses.
Simply Be have just launched a new video about the story of life.. In the video theres an interview with a mother speaking back to her younger self now that she is older and wiser with a few little tips for us younger lot.  I can definitely relate to a lot of things that she says in the video, such as 'Remember the 10 compliment you got instead of the one insult, in the end you won't even remember the person who said it'. I absolutely love that, i used to stress a lot about what people thought of me, now i really don't care and instead every tiny compliment i get i treasure. (i don't get them very often)
The video is truly inspiring because it's about making the decisions, choices, memories and achievements in life, to make you who you are today..
Simply Be want to make women from all around the world to feel fabulous about themselves, everyone is unique in their own ways.

Do you have that one moment in life where you were down and now you just look back on and laugh?.. Or maybe it was an achievement your really proud of?.. Share your story!

Keep up to date by following Simply Be on Youtube and Facebook.
Simply Be Youtube
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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sponsored Post: #tonightis the ASOS All Night Online House Party

For tonight only, ASOS will be hosting the world's first global online house parties featuring some of the world's leading music artists, DJs and producers! This is one party you DO NOT want to miss.
The exciting line up comprises Jessie Ware, Eliphino, Mount Kimbie and IS TROPICAL all of which will be playing a combination of exclusive live performances and DJ sets.
ASOS are throwing 3 house parties which will take place in Australia, North America and UK and its being hosted on the ASOS website - - The action for us in the UK will be live from 6PM.
Headlining the ASOS All Nighter will be festival favourite, singer and songwriter, Jessie Ware.  Jessie is a London-born singer and songwriter who released her debut album 'Devotion' in August 2012 which reached number 5 in the UK charts.
"It's great to be headlining the ASOS All Nighter - it's the first time we've had a string section and I've got a surprise addition to my set," says Jessie.  

So in a nutshell, the number of people visiting the site will then dictate how and when the content is being released.  The more party people who visit the site, the more friends they bring along with them and the more content they will then share on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.. the more artists sets will be unlocked.. You don't even have to leave your sofa to get involved.
The house party will be split up into 3 rooms, all the artist' performances will take place in the living room, interviews with the artists takes place in the kitchen and lastly the live party-selfies Instagram competition will happen in the bathroom.
The ASOS All Nighter is part of the wider ASOS #TodayIs and #TonightIs campaign. #TodayIs was launched in September and is a series of daily happenings hosted on the ASOS website designed to inspire people to make the most of every day - and night - and excite them about the twenty-fours hours ahead.  

ASOS are showcasing music their customers feel passionate about, featuring Ellie Goulding one of my favourite singers, Azealia Banks, Leena Dunham and Lady Gaga front covers of the ASOS magazine before they made it big.
This party is currently happening at from 6PM for those in the UK and for those people who visit the party can get a special discount code... Got your New Years party outfit sorted yet?..
So what you waiting for?.. Let's go get this party started!

*post sponsored by ASOS

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Gift Guide For: HIM

I don't know about you but what i find hardest to do every single year is picking out presents for the men in my life, by men i mean my dad, father in law, brother and boyfriend. - I don't mean i have multiple boyfriends before anybody thought that.
Anyway, every year is a struggle when it comes to buying presents.. I tend to just go with the flow.. either that or i pick up on hints that they've made through-out the year.. like my mother in law (she likes to hint about what brands she likes etc..)
The first thing i've picked out is from a company called Home Wet Bar, they do the most incredible thoughtful and also funny gifts that i wouldn't normally think of such as this cook Hit the Books Hidden Flask, how amazing is that? Not only would i gift this to my father in law as he likes little things like this but it also comes with a flask, now he doesn't really drink as much but maybe a sneaky one here and there hidden inside a book or maybe use a book as a little safe and hide valuables inside?..
The next item is the Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirt, my boyfriend loves A&F so i've bought him this t-shirt this year to add to his ever growing collection.. It's a simple design and would make a perfect gift to anyone.. My dad would love this t-shirt to, it's not exactly cheap but not to expensive either, at £30 your definitely get what you pay for as the quality of these t-shirts are amazing to!
Next up is a little gadget that has literally changed my life, i could not live without it.. I use it to watch movies on Netflix, Youtube and even rent or download my own movies.. The Apple TV has become my new best friend and i guarantee it'll come whoever you gift this to. Again, not exactly cheap but well worth every penny!
Okay, moving onto fragrance now, i've picked 2.. one's a Eau De Toilette Spray and the other is an Aftershave Splash.. My boyfriends favourite and a classic is the JOOP Homme Aftershave, this smell incredible and it's fairly cheap to.. The next is the Chanel Bleu De Chanel Eau De Toilette again smells incredible and if you feel like splashing out a little this Christmas to treat your loved one's then this the fragrance to go for!
Moving onto something for those who like to be organised.. Maybe someone whose always in meetings, away for business or even just someone who likes to organise.. I could not live without my Filofax Organiser, we all have Filofax's in our house to keep on top of our hectic lives. This would make the ultimate gift and you can even get them personalised to!
Or maybe this little Shaving Set for those who like a clean cut, the set has everything they need to maintain the crisp looking beard or moustache.
Lastly, of course you've got to have a Novelty Christmas Jumper, it's not Christmas unless your all sitting round the table with your Christmas jumpers, paper hats and Christmas socks to top it off!

That's it for my Christmas Gift Guide For Him, what will you be getting your loved ones this year?..
*post collaboration.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sponsored Video: J2O Glitterberry

This Christmas, the makers of the ever so popular drink J2O have an agenda: To ensure partygoers everywhere to keep on sparkling.. without an awkward moment in sight and trust me i think all of us here have had one of those moments.
So with the help of their little and adorable Cockney Party Pug, Harry, this year Christmas partygoers can't put a foot wrong.. With the loveable Harry narrating the must-watch Christmas video and a highly addictive Facebook App with an hilarious personalisation feature at his heart, J2O are certainly spreading a little a lot of Christmas cheer this year.
So let's meet Harry shall we?.. In 1993, Harry was living the dream.. A star and a man's best friend, he was the right hand pug of a East End baddie.. So not only a villain but a loveable pup to.
Soon, Harry was living his pug life on and off screen, nights out in town, pimping it up with a string of bitches.. The pug sure knew how to party.
But years down the line and having blown one to many party poppers, eventually the producers just couldn't take the bad dog behaviour any longer and let poor Harry go..  Out in the cold, career down the drainpipes and his reputation in tatters...
Flash forward 20 years and now poor Harry is begging for roles, it's a sad sight for sore eyes but like most dogs.. he's got to make ends meet.
So he bites the bullet and takes on a role with a supermarket opening and makes the odd night club appearance...
Then came along the role of J2O's Christmas Narrator, where a Party Pug was just what the doctor ordered.. He already knows the party rules and he's ready to share them with you this Christmas so here are a few rules to get you started.
Of course, i've got to mention the drink! With one in hand as i type this, sadly my last bottle. Note to self, i must stock up!
Make J2O your drink of your festive toasts, with a deep berry gleam and a faint sparkle of glitter.. Not just pretty on the outside but taste delicious on the inside and yes, it is safe to drink glitter.. Don't worry i asked the boyfriend.

Go check out the video and for more info check out the J2O's website and J2O's Facebook Page.
*This post has been sponsored by J2O

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas with LUSH

Whilst browsing my local LUSH store the other day, i say local when it's actually 45-50 miles away from me.. However i am extremely happy that they are opening a store near me.. Finally! You don't understand how long i've been waiting for this.
As much as we hate to avoid it, Christmas is everywhere right now and unfortunately for me i have to start my present shopping extremely early considering i have 16 people to buy for! 
Anyway i popped into LUSH to pick up a few favourites and saw they had started to bring out the Christmas specials. 
For soaps, i spotted Snow Globe out the corner of my eye and at first i didn't see much to it, however i had to pick it up just to see if there was actually white chocolate buttons inside(there isn't) it's actually a blue soap with white balls of soap inside and it smells really lovely.. This has a sweet citrus/lemon scent to it.
Next is the Angel's Delight soap, this possibly the most prettiest and most eye catching soap i have ever come across, can we just take a moment to admire how bloody amazing that soap looks..
This is said to be one of LUSH's Christmas bestsellers and i can see why it has a gorgeous sweet fruity smell, anyway who cares if the soap smells good or not it'll look good on my dressing table!
Now here's no surprise.. The number 1 best selling LUSH product for Christmas.. of course the Snow Fairy Shower Gel is back!  I need to stock up on this asap. This is by far my favourite all time shower gel, i wish they kept this as part of their main collection. Not only is it pink, but it's also sparkly and smells deliciously fruity. 
Moving on from the shower gel to the Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar, when i first saw this in stores i fell in love with how bright and vibrant the massage bar was.. Not only was it a cute little angel but it also has sparkles in it too! This smells exactly the same as the shower gel, very fruity.
Onto something which i just used, like 20minutes ago.. The Luxury Lush Pud, this has probably become my new favourite bath bomb of the year. If you remember the old Lil' Lush Pud - (my review here) well this year LUSH decided to give the bath bomb a luxurious make over. The new lush pud is now purple with pink, green, blue and yellow circles. It still keeps the Holly leaf on top.. This no turns your bath water from the old horrible brown to a lovely dark purple with hints of the other colours floating around on top.  It has a gorgeous lavender scent to it which is really calming and smells so amazing! - one downside, it stains your skin and bath tub if you sit in it to long without moving.
Another one of LUSH's best sellers for Xmas is the Magic Wand, i was tempted to pick one of these up however i had already spent enough money in LUSH.. No doubt i'll pick one of them up before they go again.. This has the exact same scent as the Snow Fairy shower gel only in a form of a bubble bar for those who like to bathe.
The last, and also one i picked up and have used already is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, this again drew me in because of the vibrant pink with the pink mist.. the scent reminds me of the Snow Fairy shower gel and magic wand. Very sweet and fruity!

There are other amazing Christmas products this year with LUSH, the above are a select few which i've had my eye on.. They have bought back a few gooden's and a few new ones to!

Have you checked out the LUSH Christmas products?..

Glossybox | November

Now that we are almost into December i thought maybe now was the best time to put my November Glossybox up, you know, i'm only mildly late.
I can't believe this year has gone by so quickly that there is only one Glossybox left to round off the year. I'm a little excited to see what they will come up with for the Christmas box.
So inside this month's Glossybox, i think with this box it's probably one of the only boxes from Glossybox which i have actually enjoyed or didn't mind receiving.. The rest have been a bit 'meh'.
The first thing i spotted was a full sized lipstick, this is the Gosh Cosmetics Velvet Touch Lipstick in Sundown, it's a gorgeous bright orange lipstick wouldn't quite recommended for the Winter months but still a gorgeous lipstick nonetheless and extremely pigmented to.
Moving onto other make up products, i also received the Emite Eyeshadow in Dams, this again is such a gorgeous, extremely pigmented eyeshadow. It's a shimmer eyeshadow which makes a perfect base or worn alone which makes you look more awake, making your eyes pop.
For skincare i received 3 samples of the Vichy Idealia Life Serum, i'm yet to try these but they do look and sound pretty appealing so will keep you updated on those.
Another product i've been loving and found so convenient are these Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads.. When i'm sat at my desk and i can't be bothered to move/go into the other room to remove my nail polish i simple whack these out from my drawer and use these. They remove nail polish really well (not glitter).. One thing i don't really like is that it leaves your hands extremely oily after.
Lastly, is the Yves Rocher Hand Cream which is the Cocoa & Pistache scent, this generally smells like marzipan.. Not sure if i like the scent however it is a fab hand cream.

What did you receive in your November Glossybox?..
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