Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sponsored Video: Canon Presents Legria Mini Challenge

Founded in 1937 in Tokyo, Japan.  Canon is the world's leader in imaging products and solutions for digital home and office, i'd say approximately 80-85% of us bloggers and youtubers own a Canon of some sort for capturing the perfect images and recording HD videos.. I'd be lost without my Canon SLR camera.
This year, Canon has challenged four creators (Twist and Pulse, SORTED Food, Morgenstern & PV Nova) to use the Canon Legria Mini to create a video that captured their passions and to show us what it can achieve. 
The Canon Legria Mini let's you express your interests in a whole new perspective with an ultra wide angle lens which ensures you capture the entire moment every time, it also has an built in stand and Wifi, let's you switch between ultra-wide and close up and let's you capture amazing full HD movies.
The new video featuring the four winners showcases the making of the Canon Legria Mini challenge and how their ideas and passions turned into a reality. 
However, do you think you can do better?.. You can enter yourself into the Canon challenge by submitting your idea on Canons Youtube Channel for your chance of winning a brand new Canon Legria Mini and a trip to the Youtube London HQ where you will bring your idea to life and the best 4 videos will be published on the Canon Youtube Channel.
You can also tweet your Youtube videos to #LegriaMini and your video could be shown on the Legria Mini showcase.
Enter the challenge between 11th November - 2nd December for a chance to win.

What would you do with a Legria Mini?..
*post sponsored by Canon

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Miss Dior Eau Fraiche | Eau De Toilette

Looking back at these past 2 years of blogging, i remember only owning a couple of perfumes.. Now, i seem to have accumulated an extra 10 odd perfumes on top of that.. My new favourite being the Miss Dior Eau Fraiche*.
This being the first Dior perfume i have ever owned i literally had my eyes on this scent since i turned 18, i remember going out to buy my first ever perfume, after about half an hour of sniffing every single perfume in the Boots aisle and even though i didn't end up walking away with this but instead i opted for something more on the teenage side of things and went for Britney Spear's Curious perfume this Dior scent has always been in my heart.
The Miss Dior Eau Fraiche* perfume is described as a bold and elegant scent with notes of Sicilian Mandarin, Blood Orange and Bergamot. 
It's a really nice elegant, sweet floral scent which is perfect for everyday.. I've been using this perfume non-stop since i got it and it's quickly become my new favourite, overtaking the Taylor Swift perfumes which i adored for months on end.. The scent when applied makes you feel like a billion dollars, it has such a unique, gorgeous scent which lingers on your skin throughout the day.

It's definitely not cheap being a designer perfume, however i'd say it's well worth every penny and i'd happy pay for another bottle when this runs out. 

The Miss Dior Eau Fraiche retails for £56.10 and can be found at Escentual online.

What's your favourite perfume?..
*pr sample.

Sponsored Video: Nestlé Fitness Presents Tweeting Bra

I know what your all thinking right now! Same as i was.. A tweeting bra? Really?!.. Yes really. It's the time of the month again, (not that time i assure you) but the time of the month for the breast self-examine day.  Believe it or not many of us women don't check or forget all about it when there are a billion of other things to do, however one of the most important and definitely life-changing.. I mean we all have the time to check our social media platforms and sit down by the computer to write blog post's..
Did you know Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK? With around 55,000 people diagnosed with cancer each year.. of these, 400 are men.
That's why Nestlé Fitness has come up with an amazing multi-tasking undergarment to raise awareness for breast cancer.  It's the first ever bra that actually tweets.. Each time Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou unhooks the bra, a signal is sent to the phone which then tweets out to the @TweetingBra account to remind their followers about the monthly self-exam.
The Greek actress will be wearing the Tweeting Bra for 2 weeks starting from the 19th November and every time she unhooks it we will know all about it via Twitter.
The aim is to spread the life-saving message around the world, one tweet at a time so be sure to follow the Tweeting Bra Twitter account and start doing your monthly self-exams, always stay in the know by following the action with the hashtag #tweetingbra and for more info check out the Tweeting Bra Website.
A bit lost on what to look for in a self-exam?.. Check out the image below to learn more about the breast self-exam.  It's 3 minutes that could save your life.
*post sponsored by Nestlé Fitness

Thursday, 21 November 2013

eBay Wishlist #1

Seeing as though i am starting a fresh on here i thought i would bring you all a brand new edition to my eBay wishlist posts. I currently had a few of these on my blog over the past year but none of those items are on my wishlist anymore so here is a refresh on my eBay wishlist.
I'm not sure why but lately i've been buying pencil cases, i'm not even in school anymore.. infact long goes the days where i was in school or college. However i've been seeing loads of pencil cases in my local Tesco store and online, the latest one i've been eyeing up is this adorable Panda Pencil Case. Not only are pencil cases great for school use but also great for putting your everyday essentials in, i normally throw my lipstick, face powder and concealer for touch ups through out the day.
Also on the theme of cases, i've been really liking ribbon and bows lately.. on everything! I spotted this Ribbon Card Holder whilst browsing for leather card holders for a christmas gift, i love how simple looking it is. There are also a ton of other colours to chose from but i think i'd go for the plain colour so it goes with everything.
Also with current obsessions, i've been loving candles! I think everyone seems to love candles more when it hits the Autumn/Winter months, nothing is more confronting than sitting by your computer with a lovely smelling candle lit.. Funnily enough having a candle lit makes me work harder and keeps me calm. The one i've been eyeing up lately is the Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee Candle.
Since having my iPad mini i've always had the same boring pink case on it, it's nothing special and i only got it because i needed something to protect it as soon as i got it. I've been looking at other iPad cases lately and came across this gorgeous Cath Kidston type Blue Floral iPad Mini Case.
Onto the more fashion side of things, i spotted this Beaded Chiffon Top and instantly fell in love.. Emma Watson has been seen wearing a similar if not the same top and i love Emma Watson's style! 
I'm still contemplating on weather to get this or not, it looks stunning in pictures but i've ordered from China before and some of the clothing items haven't been the best in quality. 
The last item is one that's been getting a lot of hype in the beauty world lately, i've seen quite a fair few bloggers talk about these and it's the Victoria Secret Body Fragrance Mist, i haven't actually bought anything from Victoria Fragrance before but i've heard there body mists are pretty good so i may need to pick one of these up. I'm unsure on which fragrance to pick up though?... Any suggestions?..

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Tartan Trend

My current obsession lately is Tartan, i just can't seem to get enough of it! Last week i went out shopping and went a little crazy with the Tartan shopping, can you believe that i actually saw a set of Tartan underwear...(i was tempted)
Now everywhere i look there is Tartan, not that i'm complaining.. i actually quite like it. I've enjoyed seeing the Tartan trend coming back so much so that i've even ordered a Tartan duvet set. Oh yes!
In saying that, i'm currently sat at my desk with Tartan PJ bottoms and slippers - both of which were from Primark which is also another great place to find Tartan.. I popped into the Lakeside Primark last week and my god there were so many Tartan print items, all of which i wanted. They had an amazing dress like above which i've set my eye on for the next time i pay a visit.. Let's just hope it's still there as i'm thinking that may be my festive dress this year.

Have you had your eye on or picked anything up Tartan lately?..

Shirt ScarfHair BowPlaysuitDressTreggingsGloves

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

A bit late on the bandwagon as the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil has been over and done with.. or has it?..
I think i may of spoken about this treatment oil in a post maybe sometime last year when there was so much hype around it. I had a miniature sample of this and used it up within a few days (it was literally like a few drops worth). 
I finally got my hands on a bigger bottle, well this is the smallest size of the oil you can get but it's better than the sample size..
I'm sure everyone knows some sort of description on the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil by now if not then it's a treatment oil for all hair types to restore shine and softness to dull lifeless hair, provides nourishment to dry damaged hair caused by colouring and styling.
It also nourishes itchy or dry scalps and creates an optimal balance for the hair and scalp.  The oil also protects against UV damage and other environmental factors and also reduces the drying time and also speeds up styling time.

I like applying hair oils to the tips of my hair where it gets really dry to keep my hair nourished and to help with the damaged ends. I've found applying this to my hair every time it's been washed has made my hair feel and look stronger whilst adding a shine and protecting it at the same time. It makes my hair feel incredibly soft and smooth after i've applied whilst smelling amazing to!

The Moroccanoil Treatment Oil can be purchased at Hairtrade and is available in 25ml and 125ml - the 25ml Treatment Oil retails for £13.45 whilst the 125ml Treatment Oil retails for £31.85. 

Do you use any treatment oils on your hair?.. If so, which one is your favourite?..

Friday, 15 November 2013

Birchbox | October

As you may know, i've not been happy with Glossybox lately.. in fact i've considered cancelling my subscription as i feel as though they don't really pay attention to their subscribers nor do they with the customer service. Even though i am still with them for now, i've been looking into other beauty boxes and i ended up signing up to Birchbox last month.. (this is Octobers Box - i have just received my Novembers box, post to come shortly)
Like Glossybox, they are a monthly subscription.. priced the same at £12.95 and they come with a box of 4-5 samples or 1 or 2 full size products.
For my first Birchbox i've been extremely happy with all the contents, each of which i have already used and loved them all.
Instead of a pink Glossybox, Birchbox comes in a brown box and has cute chevron print inside. It also comes with a bag, instead of black shredded paper - which may i add, i absolutely hate! It makes the products all dusty.
Inside the bag it contained 6 sample sized products and a full size being the eyelash curlers.. I was really happy to see products in there i actually wanted to try and would actually use.
I think it justifies the price really well, seeing as though Glossybox only really had 4 sample size products and 1 full size. 
I can actually see myself sticking to this subscription, as long as Birchbox don't change i'd happy pay for it month after month.

Inside the box:
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - sample
Akane Mask Cocoon Nocturne - sample
KMS California Hair Play Make Over Spray - sample
theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac - sample
Dr. Lipp Nippe Balm for Lips - sample
Egyptian Magic - samples
Birchbox Eyelash Curlers

Are you subscribed to Birchbox?.. What did you receive in your October box?..

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Gold Hollow Pattern Phone Case

If i'm not collecting make up or handbags and purses i'm collection phone cases. I actually have a stash of phone cases hidden somewhere, to embarrassed to tell you how many i actually own.
Anyway newest to the collection and something that i couldn't resist posting is this Gold Hollow Pattern Phone Case - isn't she a beauty!
I've seen so many bloggers and youtubers with this phone cases and i didn't intentionally set out to buy it but i saw it on eBay and for £2.89 i couldn't really say no.
It's a plastic made phone case but feels more than it's worth, the design of it is so eye catching and delicate and looks quite classy to.. I've had so many compliments on this phone case that i've actually bought another 2 of them for Christmas gifts. I'm definitely featuring it on my Christmas Stocking Fillers gift guide this year.

What do you think of this phone case?.. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Yes it is true! If you haven't heard all the hype yet then my god where have you been?.. I was keeping a close eye on this since it was first leaked and i can happily say that yes Urban Decay are bringing out another Naked palette.. Naked 3.
Am i excited for this!! Heck yes! I was beginning to think when Urban Decay were bringing out another palette.. I didn't quite think it would be another Naked palette but am i happy to see it is!
The Naked 3 palette is full of beautiful neutral shades, unlike the 1st and 2nd palette this one seems to have a rosey tinge to it. Beautiful nonetheless and i can see this palette being sold out within seconds!
I shall be counting down the days til it hits the UK which correct me if i'm wrong should be available from December in Debenhams..

All images are credit to Temptalia who has reviewed, swatched and has beautiful photo's of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette on their website.

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! I'm back!!
I know i haven't actually been gone that long in fact maybe just a little over a week however after what seemed like forever to me i finally decided enough was enough.
If you read my previous post on why i actually took a break well i got a lot of questions as to why i did take a break, what happened etc.. I don't think i'm quite ready to talk about it, actually i'm far from ready and i just want to forget what happened.. It was a very tough and stressful time for me.. actually this whole year has been but when i feel ready to talk i will.
Anyway, as i said before i left i decided it was time for a change for my blog, i wasn't happy with any of it so i spent a lot of my time-off planning out my blog, the content and the whole appearance of it.
Even though i took the time off to re-think everything and to just chill out i ended up drafting loads of blog posts and planning loads of new content for my website to! It's funny how as soon as i said i was taking a break i wanted to then blog.
Anyway, so i'm back and expect to see a whole new look and content to Miss Holly. I've been working really hard on this for the past week or so..

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Taking a break...

This week so far has been an absolute whirlwind.. even though it's only Tuesday!  I've been under a lot of stress lately with my new website which will be launching soon, it's all come along nicely and i can finally set a definite date.
However there have been other things on my mind as well... Over the past week this been going on, but last night at work i had a really terrifying experience which resulted in the police being called and a man arrested.. and i suffered my very first panic attack..  I've barely spoken much today and i've cried and stayed in bed for the most part of the day.. 
Even though i'm not 100% ready to talk about what happened just yet i feel as though i need to have a little break away from things.. weather that's for a week or longer just to pick myself back up again..
However i will still be launching my website and i shall let you all know via Twitter when the launch date will be and i also have big plans for Miss Holly to for when i return.. but for now i am putting MH on hold...

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Most Fashionable Phone Covers

Your phone cover says a lot about you and in age where the type of phone you possess is a serious status symbol, you need to get the case right.  Flip cases, hard cases, phone socks or even just front and back stick on screens all vie for our attention with each having different characteristics.

Designer brands like Zagliani and D&G adorn some of the most elegant phones with expensive leathers and finely crafted couture finishes.  These designs mainly come in the form of flip cases which are both stylish and practical due to the fact that they encompass the phone and perform a dual role: phone sock and case combined.

The Sony Xperia Z has a beautiful and reasonable example of a Flip Case on the Phones4U website.  It opens sideways and has a magnetic closure making for a very smart or very elegant case - whichever interpretation you take.  For those who are keen to exude professionalism the flip case is a great asset.  Front and back transparent scratch shields could also be a good option for the business type user.

The simple hardback iPhone case is often the most widely interpreted due to its availability.  You can buy these cases from all sorts of designer stores but they are also sold online by most mobile phone retailers.  They are reasonably priced and creatively designed with the Tread GT case a fine example; it incorporates a striking tyre grip design, and also the IceBox which is ultra-sleek and really sets off the iPhones organic yet space age aesthetic.  Both these covers come in at a reasonable £19.99 and feature as 1 & 2 in the most popular chart.

The Union Jack iPhone case is a case that may have taken your eye on the street with its rustic looking weathered type colours giving it a traditional yet quirky feel.  The Blue Roses case is also a big seller at Phones4U, featuring the contrasting aqua blue and boldly outlined flowers which lend it a kitsch slightly oriental inspired feel.

The likes of Marc Jacobs and Dannijo also provide an array of hard case type covers with fascinating design inspiration including bohemian, psychedelic and futuristic.
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