Thursday, 26 September 2013

Current Fall Wishlist

I thought seeing as though we are officially in fall, i would make a wishlist show casing all the items i've been wanting to get to stock up on the season.
I'll start with items from Michael Kors, i've been wanting some studded sneakers for a little while now, i currently have some black studded hi-tops but wanted some that were Khaki colour, i spotted these ones which i love, i really like the stud detailing and i think they would go well with almost any outfit.
The next item is this Michael Kors Purple Stud Leather Clutch, as you may be able to tell a pattern here, i'm currently loving studs. I've been eyeing up this Michael Kors clutch for some time now and i love the colour of it, i think purple also translates really well into fall to..
The next bag is from Armani Jeans and it's this PV Satchel, i actually used to have a bag like this year ago, i actually showed it in one of my first ever posts.. Mine was from Pauls Boutique and it was a very similar style to this one, i was literally in love with mine and carried it everywhere i went. 
The next item is by EA7(Emporio Armani) and it's these Track Pants, despite the fact they are mens i actually prefer wearing mens joggers than woman's, they are somehow more comfy to wear.
The last 2 items are from Ralph Lauren, it's only a given to add a Scarf and Beanie Hat, i adore the one's from Ralph Lauren, i find the quality of them amazing and again despite the fact these are listed as 'mens' they can easily be worn by women.

So that's my current fall wishlist, what's on your wishlist?..
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What Boots To Wear This Autumn

Autumn is the season when boots come into their own,but winter is another matter. Come January and February,things start getting serious. Boots stop being fashion statements and become instead stark necessities. When you have to plough through the snow, slide over the ice or wade through the dirty slush as you cross the road, just how nice your boots look becomes a matter of secondary importance. Winter boots have to be practical and serviceable. Autumn boots, by contrast, can and should be fun.

I love shopping in the autumnSummer shopping can, after all, be a trying experience. All those flip-flops,bikinis and flimsy, strappy dresses that we only get the chance to wear once in a blue moon. Even when this summer was at its hottest and the country was getting its first sun tan for what felt like a millennium, I couldn’t help but look forward to autumn.

That sounds perverse of me, but it is true. I am anautumn person. I love dressing up for warmth and walking through piles of russet leaves on streets and in parks. I love being able to actually taste the change of seasons in the air, and I love the idea of buying some stylish and comfortable boots.

There’s loads of gorgeous women’s boots out there this year. Top of the list are Chelsea boots, which I think are the ultimate go-to in the boot line-up. You can wear them any time and they always look good. Mixing and matching and creating a look round them is always fun - their clean, simple lines and discreet heel are just what I need. Of course they come in all styles and colours, but I think I’ll stick to black leather this year. I’ll wear them with skinny jeans, print blouses and chunky cardigans or my aviator jacket, knowing that they make me look good.
What else? I’m tempted by the thought of some suede ankle boots as well. Maybe with an ankle strap or an animal print in the back panel to add a funky edge, though I don’t think I could pull off the full faux leopard skin style, even if I wanted to! I’ll leave that to more confident people (I didn’t say exhibitionist, you notice!)

What other boots take my fancy? I have a hankering for brogue ankle boots. They certainly look spectacular witha high polish and I can imagine wearing them with a gorgeous tea dress, as I can imagine wearing suede bikers’ boots with a bomber jacket. Shoe boots always make a great work option and I have seen some adorable lace up versions that would be perfect teamed with skinny jeans. For nights out, I think I will be vamping things up with a pair of thigh high suede boots – why not!

So, let the rain fall and the skies change. I’ll be merrily sauntering through the park, wearing my brand new autumn boots.
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Todays Nails:

On a recent trip to Sally's for some bleach for my hair, i spotted the OPI stand i could not resist picking up a polish or two.. or three.
I spotted this one, as soon as i walked in the doors and i literally could not take my eyes off it, i instantly knew what i was going to pair the polish with without even making the purchase yet.
I painted my nails with 2 coats of OPI Alphine Snow which is just a pure white shade and then added 2 coats of
I am literally in love with it and can't help but stare at my nails, it's probably one of my new favourite nail combos.

What do you think of this nail look?...

Elemis Super Boost Moisturising Serum

Going back to my love for Elemis lately and new to the collection is the Elemis Super Boost Moisturising Serum*.
Working in the same way as the Hydraluron which helps boost your skins moisture levels and prevent further dehydration, whilst energising your skin and boosting radiance to reveal natural, healthy glowing skin.
I've been using my Hydraluron for the past 3-4months now and am completely sold on it, my skin lacks in moisture and i don't drink as much water as i would like to and lately my skin has been more dehydrated than ever so i really did need a pick me up. I had recently ran out of my Hydraluron and started using this over the past month and despite the fact i don't really have a favourite and i can't really pick between the two as i love them both equally however i do love this Elemis Super Boost Moisturising Serum a little more than the Hydraluron for the pure fact that this has a nice scent to it and it's cheaper in price to.
It's quite light and the texture is like an average serum, it sinks into the skin within seconds and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and glowing afterwards.
I also much prefer the packaging of this Elemis Serum, it comes with a pump and is really easy to dispense where as the Hydraluron doesn't and instead comes in a tube which i find annoying as i end up squeezing out way more than i actually need which wastes the product.

This Elemis Super Boost Moisturising Serum retails for £17.99 and can be found in-stores at Superdrugs or online.

What do you think? Would this be something you'd be interested in trying out?..

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sponsored Video: Just Cavalli

Alongside the new launch of the new masculine fragrance Just Cavalli for Him, Coty has just released a new game called 'Just a Bite' which they claim is highly addictive.
It's available to download on Facebook and App Store, promoting it are the models Marlon Teixeira and Georgia May Jagger, the faces of Just Cavalli for him and her. 
Marlon Teixeira known for being one of the faces for Armani Jeans and Georgia May Jagger, daughter of the famous Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger both show them playing Just a Bite, clearly showing how addicted they are to the game.
Instead of checking emails, answering fan mail, managing busy calendars it appears they have another addiction to video games.. or more specifically to the new and terribly addictive Just Cavalli game.

The Male fragrance is described as fresh, leathery wood - with scents of pimento, smokey wood and smooth leather, smells very manly.  Where as the female fragrance is described as creamy, sexy and floral.  Having notes of orangey neroli, a floral mix with a creamy wood scent, this perfume is described as fresh, intense and alluring and is aimed at a young market.
Check out the Just Cavalli website for more information on the perfumes..

Will you be downloading this highly addictive game?..
*sponsored by Just Cavalli

REN Gentle Exfoliating Polish

I've never truly loved an exfoliator, i mean sure there has been a few face scrubs that has met it's time and i may have loved at the time but i obviously didn't know what love was back then or i may have loved them but not truly deeply loved them.
I'm saying all this now because i know how i talk about face scrubs saying i love it and it's great but having trying this out over the past few weeks i now know what love really is.
I was previously using the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Face Scrub and it was great it did it's job the only downside to that is that i started to realise that it was leaving my skin really dry afterwards and it took so long to wash off and i felt as if it wasn't exfoliating as well as it could be.
So i've been trying out this REN Gentle Exfoliating Polish* and i am literally in love, just after the first use i knew this is 'the one'.  It is amazing and when i mean amazing.. I really do mean amazing. 
It exfoliates my skin really gently, removing any dry patches and dead skin i may have without leaving my skin dry and sensitive afterwards. It smells lovely it has a nice floral scent to it which isn't to overpowering and i love the simple packaging.. very plain but classy.
I find this exfoliator perfect for my skin, i normally have quite dry skin and a little sensitive but i found this exfoliator really worked wonders on my dry areas such as my cheeks and forehead, it just works so much better than any other facial scrub/exfoliator i've ever used in the past and i can see myself repurchasing this over and over again in the future.
The REN Gentle Exfoliating Polish retails for £15 and can be found here.

What's your favourite product from REN?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Latest Beauty Haul #1

I thought instead of doing constant beauty hauls on my Youtube channel i'd start doing some beauty haul post's weather i've picked up a few things or a couple.. I think i'll make this a new thing on here, i'll still however add them somewhere in my Youtube channel weather that's one big collective haul or just a single haul..
Anyway, i don't know about you but i'm a complete sucker for 'free delivery' and 3 for 2 etc offers, something draws me into them and i just feel like i have to make a purchase, regardless of if i actually need/want the items, i just need to take them up on this offer!
I recently made a purchase for these from Superdrugs when they were having free delivery and i thought i would pick up some items i had been eyeing up for quite some time..
The first are the Maybelline Baby Lips which were at the time 'buy one, get second half price' so i took them up on that offer and picked these two shades, Pink Punch and Cherry Me... I've only used them a few times each so far and really like them.
The next item is this Bourjois Rouge Edition Shine in the shade Soleil - £7.99, this is lovely and reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters, it's very moisturising and i love the colour pay off to.
The next 2 items i had been eyeing up for quite some time i think because a lot of other bloggers were raving about them and i finally caved in and bought them, these are the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in Rich Russet and Golden Bronze, these are amazing! I literally fell in love with these straight away, the texture the formulation and pigmentation is beyond amazing and i can see myself using these in future tutorials.  These again were 'buy one get second half price' however they are currently having 3 for 2 deal across all cosmetic brands so get in there quick!..
Last item is the Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon in the shade Peach on the Beach(£7.99), i have had my eye on this ever since it first came out, they have been sold out everywhere and it's been so hard to get my hands on this particular shade. However i spotted Superdrugs online had finally stocked up and quickly placed my order for it. 

Have you picked up any beauty essentials lately?..

Autumn/Winter Picks.

Preparing for a new season is one of my most favourite things to do, nothing beats putting away the past seasons clothes and bringing forward the new seasons.
I personally love preparing for Autumn/Winter most out of all seasons, i love the warm snuggly clothes and i much prefer keeping warm than staying hot all the time.
I picked out a few of my current favourite Autumn/Winter picks to show you all today and i must say, right now my wish list for Autumn/Winter clothing is getting way to long to even list.
My first favourite and one i probably would never be able to pull-off is this Toggi Deerstalker Hat, i've always loved the idea and look of these, keeping your head and ears nice and warm, i've tried one of these on in the past and i definitely did not suit it at all however i still love the look of them..
I've been loving purchasing boots lately, ankle and knee high boots. I like how stylish they look with almost anything you wear plus keeping your feet warm to, i picked these Toggi Brampton Jodhpur Boots which i have a pair that looks very similar expect mine has kind of died on me over the past few years. I would love to grab myself another pair as these lasted me for years and are one of the best booties i own/did own.. Toggi Boots are one of my favourite pairs of shoes to get, the quality of them are amazing and they will last you years to come.
The other pair of boots i really like the look of are these Dublin Waterproof River Boots, i'm currently obsessed with knee-high boots at the moment as i'm kind of preparing for the snow to fall, yes even in September i like to prepare early as we all know it's not long now. I failed last year and wore my Ugg Boots whilst trekking out in the snow and i completely ruined them so this year i am making sure i get myself so nice knee-high boots.
Next is an essential, you have to have a scarf or snood for the Autumn/Winter months.. I own a ton of them but can never have to many. I'm currently eyeing this one up which is the Wool Wear Snood, i love snoods as they keep my neck warm and i don't have the risk of them falling off like i do with scarves.. I love the design of this one, very plain and basic and also very versatile.
The last and final favourite Autumn/Winter pick is these Mountain House Courtney Sox, i get a it crazy when it comes to stocking up for the colder weather especially when it comes to socks, these are just one's i've been eyeing up but i have a ton of other socks i love the look of to. These socks have a Mountatin House and Snowflake design on them, perfect for Autumn/Winter to keep your feet warm..

Are you currently preparing for Autumn/Wnter?..
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Friday, 20 September 2013

Sponsored Video: Very Present Definitions

Now that Autumn/Winter is upon us, it's time to put away all our bright Summer clothes and refresh our wardrobes, luckily for us digital department store is launching a new womanswear brand, Definitions., part of Shop Direct is the UK's leading multi-brand digital retailer with more than 800 big brand names, it's the perfect place to shop all your needs..
The Definitions brand is exactly what we are after, with the aim to take stylish, professional women from day into the evening by offering a versatile range absolutely perfect for those in need of a wardrobe update.
This collection will ensure you are always stylish, whatever the situation may be.. Weather that's drinks with the girls after a long day at work, the early morning school runs where you feel the pressure of all the other yummy mummies or the late night grocery run whatever the situation the Definitions range has you covered.

From the fine floral printed bodycon dresses to the Jacquard two tone shorts, this new range is set to make head turns and jaws drop, all at very amazing reasonable and affordable prices.

Check out the Definitions video from the TV ad, it's possibly one of my new favourite adverts, capturing still and moving images to show the Definitions range in any situation of daily life.  
For more information or updates follow Very on Twitter and Facebook.
I received this beautiful Definitions Jacquard Jacket from the collection and it's simply gorgeous, it's definitely not something i'd normally go for personally but i still love it nonetheless, i was actually looking for a smart jacket for work and this goes perfectly with what i was looking for. It has a structured cut which gives the piece a tailored and gorgeous fit. You can find this jacket online at for £45.

*this post has been sponsored by

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Filofax The A5 Original Organiser

I think it is necessary for any blogger to have an organiser, i must admit i think i may have a slight obsession with organisers.. i like to have one for my daily life and one for blogging and my Youtube channel to note down any ideas for videos or blog posts.
Going back to my obsession i currently own 6 organisers, one of which i use for my daily life and 5 of them for blogging.. i told you i may have a slight obsession.. However i think out of all my organisers this is my new favourite and of course it had to be a Filofax one.  Filofax do thee best organisers out there, they have a huge range to choose from, maybe if you don't want something as blinding as this maybe settle for a plain leather design instead.. I already own a Filofax, a mini one which i like to carry in my handbag but i think it was due for an upgrade.
What i love about Filofax is the quality of them, they are made from thick leather and come complete with the paper organiser which you can purchase on it's own so you won't need to re-purchase a whole new Filofax, It's also very sturdy and lasts you a good few years.
I opted for The A5 Original Organiser* in Fluorescent Pink, it's literally so bright but i love it, it has 2 credit card pockets which i have slipped a few business cards in, 1-6 coloured separators which i have organised into categories i.e, bills and payments, blogging, youtube, calendar, events/meetings and contacts.  It also comes with a note pad at the back which can be used for shopping lists..
It's the perfect organiser and i am literally so in love with it, i don't think i'll ever go back to just an ordinary plain organiser.. Once you go to Filofax, you never go back that's what i say!

It's definitely not cheap, coming in at £80, however if well looked after and kept in good condition this organiser could last you for years to come, all you need to do is restock the dairy refills..

What do you think of this Filofax Organiser?..

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Simply E-Liquid | Electronic Cigarettes

Something which i haven't ever shared on here (i don't think) is the fact i used to smoke, technically i still do.. Just not cigarettes but an electronic one instead.  Looking back, i'll never regret that day where i bought myself an electronic cigarette to try out, it really wasn't intentional to give up smoking however after years of trying the last thought that went in my head was that i wasn't going to give up with an electronic cigarette... Going onto nearly a year and a half later it's still going strong and i would highly recommend electronic cigarettes to those thinking about quitting or cutting down, or if you want to replace your cigarettes with some flavour and cut out the horrible chemicals then that's also an option.
In the past year or so i've tried plenty of electronic cigarettes, with my boyfriend actually owning his own company and selling the liquids i've had my fair share or flavours and kits.
The latest kit i've got my hands on is this Maxi Electronic Cigarette* plus 3 flavours to try out from Simply E-Liquid.  
The electronic cigarette kit comes with the following
2 x Electronic Cigarettes (2 x 650mah batteries and 2 x heating elements)
1 x USB Lead to charge the batteries
1 x Wall Charger to charge the batteries
1 x Carry Case

The kit retails for £39.99 which is pretty reasonable for a highly built electronic cigarette, i've been using mine for just over a week now and it seems to do the job well enough.  It comes with a pretty nifty design of some cogs on the cigarette and also on the outer packaging..
I was also sent 3 flavours, RY4, Coconut and Cotton Candy - two of which i did choose.  I normally have RY4 so that was the one i was most looking forward to try, if i'm honest it tasted and vaped the same as my bottle of RY4 but instead made my throat and chest hurt afterwards, same with the other flavours to.. After talking to my boyfriend about it he explained that it's to do with the PG or VG mix, which made sense.. I normally only have 100% VG, which doesn't tend to hurt your chest/make you cough..
Anyway, i tried out all three flavours despite the fact that i really dislike Coconut but gave it a go regardless, i love the taste of the RY4 and the Cotton Candy however the Coconut flavour tasted dreadful to me(please take it into account i really dislike Coconut flavour of anything)..
I asked for 11mg in strength as that's what i normally have and the strength was perfect. The Maxi Electronic Cigarette works great also but i much prefer my E-VOD kit as it vapes better and gives off a better and cleaner taste.
The batteries last pretty well, i charge one up whilst using the other and they tend to last a good few hours maybe about 5-6 before needing a re-charge. They take approximately 3-4hours to fully charge but i tend to have a back-up battery for this and purchase a couple spare if i'm ever leaving the house for a certain amount of time.. You can also get a more powerful battery that will last longer which Simply E-Liquid also stock..
All in all the kit is pretty good especially for beginners and those who are just starting up, as well as being able to pick your on flavour/s and strength you can also choose to have no-nicotine liquids which most companies do do.. So i would highly recommend them to anyone, i think electronic cigarettes are definitely the new way to go..

Have you ever considered an electronic cigarette?.. Also which flavour would you choose?..

Glossybox The London Edition | September 2013

With every month comes a new Glossybox, this is something i thoroughly looking forward to.. With only a few online leaks of what this month's Glossybox, i've taken to their Instagram and Facebook to stalk to see what the September box would hold.. 
This month's box has a quirky design to it with the British flag design and the fancy red tissue paper with all things London on it, it was pretty obvious what the theme for this month's box was.. The London Edition..
Again like most months, i have mixed reactions with this.. The first thing i spotted and the largest item of them all is the Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes, i'm excited to use these as i have a wedding coming up in the next few weeks so these will come in handy on the day..They are the full size and retail for £5.06 for one set. WWW.EYLURE.COM
The next item i spotted was the Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume sample, i don't mind receiving the odd perfume sample here and there and did specifically say i didn't want any in my application however seeing as though it's Elizabeth Arden i didn't care to much.. I'm unsure of this scent to be honest it smells like a lot of other perfumes and it didn't quite stand out to me. It's a nice scent, very strong and floral however, not the scent for me. WWW.DEBENHAMS.COM
Onto the item i did actually like and have tried is the Rimmel Stay Blushed Blusher, it's Rimmels first liquid cheek tint that claims to last up to 24hrs, i'm not to sure on that however i did really like the formulation of it, it applies nice and smoothly, the scent is a nice light floral scent and the shade is gorgeous as well. I received the shade Sunkissed Cherry which is a peachy coral shade, this is a mini sample size the full size retails for £4.49. UK.RIMMELLONDON.COM
The next make up item i received was the Be A Bombshell Onyx Eye Liner, if i'm honest i was thinking to myself 'oh great, another pencil liner' as with most of the boxes i've received i feel as though i've received a ton of pencil liners and they don't get used.. However, having removed the outer plastic packaging i realised it was actually a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, amazing! - Not only did i need a new liquid eyeliner but a felt tip one which creates the perfect line.. I have only swatched this on my hand so far but i'm excited to give this a whirl. This is a full size and retails for $14. WWW.BEABOMBSHELL.COM
The last item is a sample sized hair product by Tony & Guy and it's the Tony & Guy Shine Gloss Serum, i haven't used this yet either but it does sound pretty intriguing, it's a shine serum which claims to control frizz with a lightweight shine.. It's limited edition so won't be around for long, this is a sample size the full size retails for £7.19. WWW.BOOTS.COM

This month's box certainly has surprised me, mixed views but mainly good and i'm excited to try these all out. 

What did your think of your September Glossybox?..

something new..

If you don't follow me on twitter and haven't quite caught onto the news then basically i'm going to be making a small big change...
You may have noticed the lack of posts lately on this blog and there is a reason to it all.. I've been feeling a bit lost lately with my blog, unsure of what to do i took to twitter and asked if it was best to let go of Miss Holly and start a fresh or do both..?
Basically i took some 'time out' to think of what to do and i came to a conclusion, i have been blogging for over 2 years now and it's been amazing to see this little blog grow, starting off from something i  used to call a diary, i have decided to keep and continue to blog on Miss Holly and i have also decided to start up a fresh new website which is going to be full of fresh new content as well as interacting with other bloggers more.
So, i'm happy to say in the next month or so i will be introducing my new website to you all.. 
I am really happy with my decision and excited for you to see the launch of my website as well as getting in touch with other bloggers to par take in the website..

I shall keep you all updated but for now, blogging will continue as normal and i apologise in advance if posts are not as usual as normal.. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

LOTD Back to Basics #4

I haven't done a look of the day in a while so thought i would start doing them again, i thought i would start off by showing you my back to basics look.  I recently went back to a lot of products i used to use and love which had been pushing to the back of the drawer.  I opted for a subtle smokey eye using my Naked 2 Palette and went back to using my beloved MAC Pink Pearl Pop lipstick which i used to use all the time.

What do you think of my back to basics look?..

Monday, 9 September 2013

HealGel Eye

I must admit, when it comes to taking care of my under eye circles or anything to do with my eyes i get a bit lazy, removing make up can turn into such a chore sometimes.. Luckily i actually enjoy removing my make up, i find it the best part of my day when coming home.
However anything else i get a little lazy, lately i've noticed my eyes looking very dull, tired looking and i've started to get really bad under-eye circles due to lack of sleep and any slight change of weather also makes my eyes very delicate and sensitive.
I recently discovered HealGel Eye*, if you missed my previous review of my HealGel Intensive then check it out here.
HealGel Eye is a anti-ageing product that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.. It also provides the perfect base for make up or a little pick-me-up for tired eyes, this is exactly what i needed.
I like to apply this in the morning so before i apply my moisturiser and the same at night.. After the first few used i didn't see much of a difference but carried on using it regardless..
It's now been over 3 weeks and i've noticed such a huge difference, for a start my dark under eye circles look a lot less reduced, same with the puffiness..  I can't really say much on the fine lines as i don't really have fine lines but i can say that it is the perfect pick-me-up for tired eyes.. I love applying this in the morning as it makes my eyes look more awake and brightened.
Although this isn't exactly a cheap product coming in at £32 for 15ml, however i can say it's one of the few i have tried that actually works wonders.

Have you tried the HealGel Eye?..

Sunday, 8 September 2013

TUTORIAL: Back To School Hairstyles

You may or may not know already but recently i worked with the lovely people over at Fragrance Direct to put together a video of 3 simple back to school hairstyles which i personally used to wear myself back in the school days..
Each hairstyle only requires a few minutes to do and are so so easy..
I hope you like this video, if you did then please do give it a thumbs up and subscribe to Fragrance Direct on Youtube if you haven't already.
Thank you so much for watching and let me know which of the 3 hairstyles you liked best.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Panama Jack Sunscreen Spray & Lip Balms

I know i'm a little late with this with our summer basically over, however i wanted to share with you all a new found love.  I am terrible when it comes to SPF and sunscreens, let's just say i am a little lazy and i think because i never burn i don't need sunscreen. wrong! - Everyone needs a good sunscreen in their life and this Panama Jack Sunscreen Spray* is my new favourite.. even for lazy people like me.
Okay so the main reason i am lazy is because i cannot be fussed with all the cream lotions which take ages to dry and makes me feel sticky, i hate that feeling.. However this Panama Jack Sunscreen Spray is neither of those, it's a spray which when sprayed and rubbed into the skin dries almost instantly, it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky and it has a high SPF which keeps my skin more protected from the sun.
I took this away with me over the weekend and used it non-stop, it has a nice tropical scent to it which smells absolutely amazing and it's also water resistant to which meant i didn't have to constantly apply when i was swimming(i still did anyway)..
The other products i have been loving lately are the Panama Jack Lipbalms*, i have the flavours Tropical and Vanilla, two of my favourite flavours/scents.. They smell incredible and they keep my lips moisturised through-out the day.. I even took this to work with me and re-applied almost every hour as i loved it them that much.. They keep my lips really soft and hydrated during the day and i also like to apply this at night before i go to bed and i wake up with nice smooth lips.. 

Have you tried any products by Panama Jack?

Friday, 6 September 2013

AKA Cosmetics

A.K.A is a new and exciting cosmetic brand formed in 2011. The company behind the brand are based in the UK with the majority of the goods produced in the UK.  The range is designed for covering your basic requirements yet with a smothering of some fun colours to set you out from the crowd.  
The Duo Eyeshadows come in 6 different shades, i picked the shade Café Latte which has a deep black shimmer eyeshadow and a dark matte brown. The formulation of these are okay i wouldn't say they are amazing, they do get a bit of fall out with these and the pigmentation of them isn't exactly great either.. however when applied on the eyes they do look really nice.. 
I've been really liking this liquid eyeliner lately, it has a really small brush which creates a good winged look, the brush also has a tiny tip which helps with the precision of the application to create a perfect line and flick, what i also love about this eyeliner is that it dries almost instantly i found - what bugs me the most when applying anything liquid is if it takes ages to dry especially when it comes to eyeliner as i normally apply my liquid eyeliner and then curl my lashes for mascara so if it's not dried by the time i grab my eyelash curlers then that's not a good sign. However this eyeliner dries so quickly which i'm pretty impressed with.
I'm always on the hunt for a good lipstick, this one has been my go-to lipstick the past few weeks as it's so moisturising and i love the colour pay-off to, it gives you that nice glossy finish and it stays put for a good few hours. The shade, Young Love is a barbie pink shade and it has really good pigmentation, literally one swipe of this lipstick and your good to go.
Lipgloss in Red Lotus - £7*
The last pick is this gorgeous lipgloss in the shade Red Lotus and yes you've guessed it, it's a lovely sheer red lipgloss which isn't sticky and gives your lips a nice plump look.
I don't own very many sheer lip-glosses as i tend to find most lip-glosses that i have tried are sticky and don't last very long, however i am in love with this one, it sits nicely on your lips and it gives off quite a good colour even though it's nice and sheer.

I am seriously impressed with AKA cosmetics, seeing as though i have barely heard anything about the brand and coming in as a first-timer i couldn't be more happier with the products, they are very affordable and the products are pretty amazing too.

What are your favourite items from AKA?..

Summer Cocktail Recipes

Despite the fact that Summer is almost over for us in the UK there is still time for some Cocktails plus, cocktails can be made all year round which is what i love about them.
Now i don't normally drink alcoholic cocktails i prefer fruity non-alcoholic one's however i've put together a few of my favourites.. Non alcoholic and alcoholic.
Non-alcoholic Fruit Cocktail
This is by far my favourite cocktail, it was made for me whilst i was staying in Newcastle and i actually asked the waitress what it had inside and have been making it ever since.  It's nice and sweet, delicious and fruity!
- small handful of blueberries
- 3 strawberries
- small handful of raspberries
- 2tsp of white sugar
- ice
For the slushy effect like shown, mix all the ingredients in a blender for around 30-40 seconds with 5 ice cubes. This will do a small glass serving(double the ingredients for a bigger serving).
Decorate the glass with a strawberry, 2 blueberries and 2 raspberries.
image from marthastewart
Watermelon Margaritas
Watermelons are great for cocktails, they are refreshing and sweet and they taste delicious. This is my favourite alcoholic cocktail of all time.
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
3 orange zest
12 ozs watermelon
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
3/4 cup tequila
1 wedge lime
Start by adding your watermelon into the blender and lightly blend until smooth, then add the rest of the ingredients one by one and blend softly, doesn't matter which way round you add the ingredients..
For decoration, add either salt for a sour taste or sugar for a sweet taste around your glass and pop a few ice cubes to keep your cocktail cool.
image from food network
Frozen Mango Cocktail
Mango is my favourite fruit so i love incorporating it into a cocktail, it's refreshing and really quenches your first.
1 cup fresh mint
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup tequila
1 Lime (cut in halves)
1lb mango
11/2 cups ice
Start by blending the ice and mango into a blender, then add some fresh mint, sugar and squeeze the lime juice from the whole lime and blend lightly. Optional:  add some tequila and using a spoon lightly mix it together or continue without alcohol.
Place your cocktail into the freezer for about 30minutes, in that time it won't completely be frozen but will be frozen enough to be able to drink.
There are so many different ways of making this cocktail but this is my favourite way, it's really refreshing and sweet but also very cooling as well.
image source tumblr
WKD Slushy Cocktail
This is what i used to make in my college days, i used to be a massive fan of WKD however i never liked to drink it straight, instead mixing it into a simple and easy pretty blue cocktail which not only looks good but tastes nice and sweet..
- Blue WKD
- Ice
- 2tsp of white sugar
- Cherries and strawberries
With your glass, measure out 3/4 of WKD and pour into the blender.  Then add 5-6 cubes of ice and sugar for extra sweetness and blend together.. Pour into a glass and it's ready to serve.. For garnish, use a cocktail stick and add some of your favourite fruits, for me this would be cherries and strawberries.

What's your favourite Summer cocktail?

*please note: the images used in this post are not my own (expect the image used for the non-alcoholic cocktail).. They do not belong to me and i do not take credit for them, they are purely for reference purposes only.
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Meet the Next Generation of Handbags

If you are tired of looking for a handbag that has all the right compartment to fit your essentials,  like your Ipad, pens, wallet, keys, phone, documents  etc you'll love owning a Florian London Bag. Each bag has been designed with clever pockets and hidden compartments that would make your life easier.
Each bag has been designed using naturally tanned luxurious calfskin and lined with their exclusive Alice in wonderland print to celebrate their British heritage, the clasp design was inspired by the iconic English castle gates, keeping your belongings safe and secure. This collection is truly remarkable and highly unique.
Florian London bags has already been well received at international trade shows and they have stockists in the UK, Netherlands and America -  but they are currently raising funds on the crowd sourcing website Kickstater, in order to increase production and launch a Retail store.
Crowd sourcing is a great way for small companies and individuals to raise funds and for people to invest in potential new projects and products, by pledging money. For every pledge you make, you receive a reward: for £15 you receive a limited edition Florian London coin purse or card holder, or for £80 you'll get a Limited edition 'Lilly' Tote for £80 (RRP £120)

And by supporting the project on Kickstarter, not only are you helping a small independent designer, you could also get a beautiful bag at a discount price – what’s not to love?
But don’t delay, Florian London only has until October the 4th to raise the funds.
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Amie Bright Eyes Make Up Remover

Now i don't really use liquid make up removers, neither on my face or my eyes.  I like to use oil and i swear by my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, however it's not the cheapest option so i do like to occasional look for cheaper alternatives especially for removing eye make up as i find that i spend the most time removing my mascara and eyeshadows that i do my actual foundation.
I've tried a fair few eye make up removers in the past, none of which have really impressed me to go back to however having tried and tested the Amie Bright Eyes Make Up Remover* multiple times over a space of two weeks i can say now that i have found a eye make up remover that really does work well.
So for my night-time routine i like to first start by removing my foundation with a deep cleansing oil and once that is done i move on to my eyes, i like to lightly soak 2-3 pads depending on how much eye make up i have on. (please note: don't heavily soak the whole pad as you don't want the product to soak into your eye area) Hold the lightly soaked pad up to my eyes and leave for around 30seconds and then rub for about 10 and remove and repeat the steps if needed.
With this make up remover i only had to soak 4 pads, 2 per eye which seriously impressed me seeing as though it normally takes anything from 4-8 pads.. It doesn't sting the eyes in any way however if you do get some in your eye i highly suggest you rinse it out..
The Amie Bright Eyes Make Up Remover retails for £4.75 and can be found online and on the highstreet -

What do you think of this eye make up remover?
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