Thursday, 29 August 2013

NEW PURCHASES: Real Technique Make Up Brushes

Not so long ago i placed an order with iHerb for some Real Techniques make up brushes and i wanted to share them with you!
I get so so excited about getting new make up brushes, anybody else get that?..
I hadn't heard of iHerb before and weren't sure what it would be like ordering from them see'ing as though they are an international store however the shipping was pretty good, they arrived within 2weeks and were in near perfect condition.. The boxes were a little damaged but the brushes themselves weren't.. I also didn't have to pay any custom charges either, YAY! nobody likes custom charges..
I ordered the Starter Set for eyes, the Shading Brush and the Duo Fibre Limited Edition Set..
My order in total came up to $41.97 which works out at roughly £27 for 9brushes! 
I also got $10 off as it was my first order with iHerb and i had spent over $40, or if your total was less than $40 then you'd get $5 off!
These brushes are authentic and they are amazing and i would highly highly recommend them! - In total if i had bought them from the UK i would have had to pay £53.97 so that's saved me roughly about £26-£27 off!

Have you ever shopped with iHerb?..

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August Favourites 2013 | Miss Holly ♡

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post today to let you know that i have just published my August Favourites 2013 video, so grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the video!
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Thanks so much for watching! ♡

Drink to your health with Little Miracles!‏

The only time i have ever tried a health type drink was a weight loss one safe to say it didn't work and it tasted disgusting, ever since then i have always thought these types of things were puns and something that i put to the back of my mind..
However, i am always looking for extra pick me ups for health such as vitamin tablets.. I was offered a chance to try out these Little Miracles drinks which i have heard and seen other people talk about to..
Being honest i thought it was going to be more on the lines of the weight loss one which i tried and if it was then i would hate it straight off.. However i posted a picture on Instagram of these and so many of you had said that you loved them so i felt at ease.
The first one i tried was the Black Tea Ginseng Peach, this was probably my favourite out of the bunch it tasted the best anyway it had lots of flavour to it and you could barely taste the Black Tea over the peach.. I then tried the White Tea Ginseng Cherry which again tasted delicious again you could barely taste the White Tea but the Cherry was lovely!
Lastly i tried the Green Tea Ginseng Pomegranate, i had a mixed reaction to this as i love Green Tea but i hate Pomegranate.. This one is slightly different to other's though you can taste more of the Green Tea over the Pomegranate taste but again it tasted lovely and really refreshing.
These are now one of my favourite go-to drinks and i've even noticed my skin improving a lot more now that i have started drinking them, they are a great pick-me-up through out the day and are very refreshing.. They definitely quench the thirst and give you that extra boost in the mornings!
I will definitely be picking up some more of these when i next pop into town..

These drinks are only 100 calories a bottle and are completely free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.. The best drink to literally drink your way to health..

To find out more on Little Miracles check out their website and if you want to grab yourself a bottle or two they can be found at Asdas, Waitrose, Morrisons and selected Holland and Barrett stores for £1.49 each (300ml).

Have you tried these Little Miracles Drinks?.. 
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Elemis Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser

Daily pick-me up! Breathe life into your skin with this Everyday Moisturiser.
'Softly, softly' protect your skin with this light and non-oily day cream, enriched with seaweed extract, rosehip seed oil and sweet almond oil to soften and smooth your skin whilst helping with the fight against free radicals and premature ageing. The skin will be revitalised, healthy and more radiant.

If you have noticed lately my skin has had such an improvement, it's less dry more moisturised and even looks more glowing!
My current obsession right now is Elemis, every time i pop into town i go and check to see if Elemis have bought out any new products and the one product i have been loving lately, even though it is not new but besides the point i adore it!
I must admit, i don't think i have ever properly found a daily moisturiser which i have truly loved up until now.. I do think that in the past i used so many wrong moisturisers which is probably one of the main reasons as to why my skin kept breaking out, over and over again..
However lately my skin has been the best it's been in like 3 years and i do think it's down the the new The Elemis Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser has been my absolute favourite beauty product this month it's a complete life saver when it comes to my dry skin and i do think that this is the perfect moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin.
The texture of the cream is so thick and rich, it's non-oily and feels really light on the skin whilst keeping it moisturised through-out the day with the nice light floral scent.
I've been using this moisturiser for about 3 weeks now and i have had so many compliments on my skin and how flawless it looks, i have only changed my daily moisturiser and haven't changed anything else in my skincare routine for about 3months..
The Elemis Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser is a winner in my books and i adore this moisturiser! - i definitely think i am going to repurchasing this when i run out..

Have you tried this Elemis Moisturiser?.. If not, what's your favourite Elemis product?..
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Beetlejuice Inspired Outfit

Black and White Striped Dress | Black Cardigan | V Pendant Necklace | Black Panel Cross Body Bag | Lace up Platform Ankle Boots

With Halloween almost coming up, something of which i am excited about.. not because i am getting dressed or going trick or treating just for the pure fact that i will be doing inspired make up looks and outfits again..
I don't know if any of you have seen Beetlejuice, it was directed by Tim Burton back in 1988 - a very true classic movie indeed! I hadn't seen it up until last year but it's definitely one to be watched.. if you like American comedy horror fantasy films anyway..
So with the striped costume from Beetlejuice, i decided to put together the outfit above, but more in the sense of "from the movie to high street" kind of feel that one could work into a casual look without the extravaganza of a fancy dress costume.
So if you've seen the movie you'll know the classic black and white striped outfit worn by Beetlejuice aka Michael Keaton.  Now i'm not going to be wearing a black and white striped suit out (like Robin Thicke on VMA) but instead i've switched it into a outfit fit for ladies..
The dress i've used is from SimplyBe and it's a black and white striped cut out dress, i think the stripes match it quite well, i also paired it with a plain black cardigan from H&M for when it gets a little chilly outside..
For the shoes, now most Beetlejuice costumes normally have black lace knee high boots but instead i've added some black lace up ankle boots from eBay, i don't think i would personally go out with PVC knee high boots in the daytime.. normally when i think of those i think of fancy dress but that's just me.
Instead i've added ankle boots which are still lace up's however they are not PVC which i prefer and they have some height to it as well making your legs look longer and it flatters your body and dress more..
For the bag, now for an everyday basic i normally only carry a cross body bag with me for my essentials so i have included this black cut out panel cross body bag from River Island which matches the outfit perfectly..
Lastly to finish the outfit i added a simple but detailed necklace from Topshop.  It's plain but it adds that extra something to the outfit, although most of this outfit is black i think that black really flatters the body and makes you look slimmer, the black and white on the dress cinches in at the waist to give your body more dimension..
You can also add a belt to help cinch in your waist or leave as is. 

What do you think of this Beetlejuice inspired outfit?..
*post collaboration.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Firmoo Unisex Acetate Full Frame Glasses

Now despite the fact that i don't need to wear glasses, i actually envy those who do.. don't get me wrong i love the fact that i can see clearly but i do like to add some glasses to my outfit just to spruce it up..
I got offered to review these glasses from Firmoo.. Firmoo is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store, they offer prescription eyewear and even fashion eyewear all at extremely affordable prices..
Again because i don't need to wear glasses on a day to day basis i opted for some cool fashion eyewear.. these glasses have a black frame and has a standard 1.5 lens so they don't damage my eyes when i wear them nor do they actually do anything i.e i can still see perfectly out of them how i would without them just the fact i look pretty cool with them on..  Okay, no i don't.. i look ridiculous with glasses on but besides the point i think they still look pretty cool.
Firmoo also offer a 'first pair free' programme where you get a pair of 1.50 single vision lens glasses absolutely free, all you have to do is pay for shipping.. This offer is open to those in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, etc.. other countries included here..

What do you think of fashion eyewear?.. Do you add glasses to spruce up your outfit?..
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Personalised Blogger Mugs | GIVEAWAY

Now it's one thing to have blogging business cards but for a blogging mug?.. Yup, i think so.. there's nothing more motivational than having a blogging mug sat with your favourite hot or cold beverage inside.. For me, that's a nice hot cuppa tea.
My morning normally consists of a nice hot cup of tea to start the day, i'm then sat with my earphones in listening to music to wake me up and then i'm ready to get my blogging head on..
This personalised mug has got me more motivated to blog more, and it's only a mug! It's weird how the smallest things get you motivated.
I received 3 of these mugs complete with my design on them, i decided to go for a plain designed with my blog header printed on.. I now keep one at home with my parents, one at my house and the other i keep spare just in case i end up smashing one, which i do have a habit of doing..
They are white ceramic mugs which are a great way to show off your business or blog..
Now onto the more exciting part i will be giving 3 lucky winners a chance to win either 50business cards complete with your design OR a mug with a design of your choice from
Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to those in the UK..
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck everyone!
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Glossybox Highflyers | August 2013

I know i'm a little late with this months Glossybox post, it's been a long month and i've only just got round to opening my box despite the fact i actually received it weeks ago!
So the theme for this months Glossybox is 'Highflyers', beauty products which are perfect for on the go.
For me, this is a perfect box for me.. i'm always rushing around in the mornings and throwing things for on the go in my handbag.
When i first open the box the first thing i spotted and probably got most excited about were the Emite Make Up Eyelash Curlers, i'm in need of a new pair and this just saves me having to go out and buy a new pair. I have already tried these and they seem to work perfectly so am happy with those. -APPROX £20 @ WWW.EMITEMAKEUP.COM
The next item which i have tried as well is the Óceane MakeUp Remover Pen, this product is currently unavailable in the UK so i don't see any point in why it's in the box if you can't even order it in the UK.
Anyway, besides that point i have tried this out and it works okay i wouldn't say it's amazing but it does save a little time when getting the excess of eyeliner or mascara off, however the tips are a little rough so it does feel rough when your using it.. i wouldn't purchase this even if it was available in the UK, i think for one the tips are rough which actually hurts when using it and secondly i don't think it does a good job at all.  The price of this is unknown but for more info - WWW.OCEANE.COM.BR
And for the last few items which i haven't actually tried yet, the first one is the Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow which for the full size retails for £10.50.. I have no idea as to why Jelly Pong Pong are so expensive, they are charging almost high end prices for an eyeliner and if they are anything like the other items i've tried then they are definitely over charging and are one of the main reasons i don't shop with them.. I doubt i'll be using this anytime soon, i feel as though i have way to many eyeliners and this would just get pushed to the back of my draw - WWW.JELLYPONGPONG.COM
For skincare i received this Urban Veda Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish, full size from £7.99, this product sounds interesting and i am excited to try this, i will probably do a review of this when i do. WWW.URBANVEDA.CO.UK
Lastly is something for haircare, i received this TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Concentrated Treatment Shot, which again i am excited to try.. My hair right now needs a little 'pick-me-up' so i will definitely be using this soon.. This is actually a full size and retails for £1.49 and is available at Superdrugs, Boots, Tescos and Waitrose.

Glossybox currently have a Summer Sale where you can get the Summer Splash Box and the April Box designed by Pearl Lowe for only £12 + £2.95 delivery! - See here.

What did you think of this month's Glossybox?..

Friday, 23 August 2013

EcoMarket Fizzy Bath Melts Collection

A short while ago i was contacted by EcoMarket asking if i would like to review anything from their website, i've heard of EcoMarket only briefly via blogging but never actually purchased anything from their website..
Anyway after browsing through the website i discovered so many items on there which i didn't even know they sold, for example bath melts..
I came across this one seller in particular who sells handmade bath and beauty products, they have a stall called lovelygreens and i picked out this Fizzy Bath Melts Collection to try out..
The items arrived pretty quickly see'ing as though it was coming all the way from Isle Of Man, i received it within 2-3 days.
The items was nicely packaged up and i also received a Strawberry Lip Balm free as well! Each bath melt are different to each other in terms of scent but all give the same results.
I don't have a particular favourite with these as i liked them all in their own ways, each of them have a nice calming and relaxing scent to them and leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised after..
They contain oil inside them which keeps your skin feeling moisturised so no need to moisturise after, which is a bonus to me as i am ridiculously lazy and hardly ever moisturise my body.
Unlike bath bombs which basically dissolve in your bath within minutes, these bath melts slowly disperse the rich butters and essential oils.
The package comes with five scents, two of the Spicy Provence, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemony May Chang and Ylang Ylang.
I personally really love these and somewhat prefer these over the LUSH products, i like the way it keeps my skin moisturised even after getting out of the bath and they all smell amazing to. I would say these are close to being luxury bath melts as they really are that good.
They retail for £12.95 and can be found on the lovelygreens stall.

What do you think?.. Would this be something you'd want to try?..
*pr review, all opinions are my own.

Primark, New Look + Fragrance Direct Haul | Miss Holly♡

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry i have been missing off my blog and Youtube the past couple of weeks, it's not been anything serious apart from the fact that i have been working a lot and becoming seriously addicted to a TV series..
However i have been working on bringing you some fresh new content and also some very exciting videos which will be the Halloween looks and also some more tutorials..
So any requests feel free to leave them below and i hope you enjoy another haul video.. Please do like and subscribe if you did and want to see more hauls from me..

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NYX Liquid Illuminator + Matte Brown Liner

If you read my previous NYX post i mentioned that i had won NYX's Blogger Of The Month for the month of August 2013.. Which meant that they kindly sent me products to review and i'm also featured on their blog to.. If you missed my last review click here to have a read..
So the other 2 items i was sent was a Matte Brown Liner and the NYX Liquid Illuminator in the shade Sunbeam.
I'll start by talking about the Liquid Illuminator first, i don't normally wear any highlighters or illuminators but having being sent this i was eager to try it out.. I have been wearing this almost every day on my cheek bones and didn't think i saw much of a difference, however by adding a touch of it onto my cheek bones i've had so many compliments on how glowing and fresh i look and i do kind of see it now.
I love how it gives my cheeks that refreshing luminosity and really highlights the top of my cheek bones, a tiny amount really does go a long way so any left overs i may have i applied onto my cupids bow or decolletage..
The Liquid Illuminator comes in two shades, this one is Sunbeam but you can also get it in the shade Gleam and they retail for £7 - link
Onto the Brown Matte Eyeliner, again something which i don't normally wear, i tend to stick with black eyeliner.. However, i've been really liking the more natural looks lately..
I've been wearing this eyeliner on my waterline then adding some black eyeliner just below that and smudging it out to give it more of a smokey look.
This eyeliner glides on like nothing else and it's so pigmented, it also doesn't smudge through-out the day either... I have also been applying this on my top lash line and using a blending brush just to make it look softer and more defined.
The Brown Matte Liner retails for £6.50 and is part of the Chocolate Collection but if this isn't the eyeliner for you then there are 5 other eyeliners to choose from to suit your needs. - link
- both of these products can be found at NYX Cosmetics UK Website

Have you tried the NYX Liquid Illuminator or Matte Brown Liner?..
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Back To School Outfits + Beauty Essentials

I know a lot of my readers are almost going back to school/college or university next month and i know the last thing on your mind is probably thinking about what to wear on your first day back.. Personally for me i didn't have this worry as i had to wear school uniform, yep.. white shirt, black trousers, burgundy school jumper and stripy tie..  I wished we could of worn our own clothes to school, i was lucky enough to get out of the school uniform when i went to college which meant i could wear my own clothes.. so i put together a post of my 'back to school' outfits hoping this can help those along the way for when they are preparing to go back to school.. I put together 2 outfits which i would personally wear if i were to go back to school.. One simple but chic and the other a comfy and casual look..
Comfy + Casual
The first look i put together is a comfy and casual look, if you were anything like me this would be your go-to outfit, a nice comfy hoody paired with some comfy pair of jeans and flats along with a black studded duffle bag.. This for me would be my ideal outfit as it's comfy, i had to walk around a lot in college so wearing flat shoes were essential to me - i also had to change out of my clothes a lot so needed something that was easy to get on and off. Underneath all that i would just wear a plain t-shirt and to carry all my books and change of clothes i needed a big enough bag so this duffle bag is perfect and easy to carry on your shoulder.

- Boyfriend Jeans - £40
- Navy Blue Flats - £16
- Black Duffle Bag - £17.99
Simple Chic..
The next one i put together is the 'simple chic..' i love this look as it's still comfy but yet very stylish at the same time.
Again i paired it with a simple t-shirt and grey jeans but added a V chain necklace to give the outfit more detail.. I paired this look with a fluffy cardigan which i love to bits i just think it makes the outfit complete.. of course if it ever gets to hot you can remove it and along with that i have added the cute pair of western boots, a statement stone ring and as well as that, a large grey bowler bag.  This would be my outfit for the days where i would be sitting in the classroom doing my work, rather than having to walk from one end of the college to the other, it's simple but still chic at the same time.

- Fluffy Cardigan - £24.99
- Grey Zip Bowler Bag - £19.99
- Coral T-shirt - £4
- V Chain Necklace - £6.50
- Stone Ring - £8.50
- Western Boots - £68
Moving on to what i would take in my beauty bag with me..  i think all girls secretly wore make up when they were in school, i did! - My first essential was to have a good lip balm, i haven't yet tried these but they have been spoken about a lot lately, these are the Baby Lips.. I have picked one without colour and one with, i have always worn tinted lip balm but this is entirely on whatever you feel.
The next item or items, are foundations and BB creams, i have personally tried both and love them, again this is all depending on what coverage you prefer..
To stay matte all day i used to always carry a face powder with me, especially after dance and P.E lessons to take away any shininess.
For eyes, again i have tried all of these products and these are my favourite go-to items which i wear on a everyday basis, for a touch of colour on the lids this little eyeshadow palette is perfect - and for mascara this one is my all time favourite, you may of heard me mention it a few times on my blog.. it does not smudge and it holds a pretty good curl all day..
Lastly is eyeliner, you don't want one that will smudge through-out the day, i have used this eyeliner for over a year now and it's always been my favourite, i seem to always go back to this one.

- Make Up Bag - £13

So there we have it, 2 simple back to school outfits and also a look at what i would personally carry in my make up bag for school, not forgetting deodorant of course which i almost forgot..
*post collaboration - all thoughts + opinions are my own.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

OPI I Have A Herring Problem

A recent love of mine is this OPI nail polish in the shade I Have A Herring Problem - funky name right?.. I always love cool nail polish names..
It's from the OPI 2012 Spring Collection which i saw last year but never got round to getting..
Despite the fact it's Summer i have been loving this shade, i think i am preparing myself for the Winter if i'm honest, i'm actually sick of how hot it's getting and crazy enough i actually cannot wait for Winter..
OPI's I Have A Herring Problem is a gorgeous dark grey shade with golden shimmer inside and when applied just looks absolutely stunning on the nails..
The above images were swatches from one coat to three coats, i would say this polish needs about 2-3 coats to get a nice colour out of it and dries pretty quickly too.

Normally OPI retail for around £10.99 or so but you can get it cheaper at £5.99 with

What do you think of this shade?..
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Friday, 9 August 2013

Tutorial: Everyday Make Up Routine

I was recently asked if i would do my everyday make up routine, so here it is..
A little disclaimer.. I am no make up artist in any way, this is how i do my make up.. i understand a lot of people may do there make up differently to me..

Thanks for watching! 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

August Beauty Wishlist

I have a bunch of beauty products i wanted to share with you all, which has also made it on my wishlist this month..
The first, is a little obvious as the Maybelline Baby Lips hit the UK last month and i've been dying to get my hands on them, they are out in Boots and Superdrugs however i don't want to pay for online postage so i'm waiting til i next go into town to pick a few of these up, i also want to see them in person so i can decide which shades to get..
The next is the Vichy Idealia BB Cream, lately i've been looking after my skin more and i feel as though on some days i could do with less foundation and use something lighter, i did some research and came across this, it seems nice enough so may have to give this a go..
Also to do with skincare is the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer, this has been on my wishlist for months but never quite made it into a post, however this month i've been really wanting to try this product out and as soon as payday hits i'll be straight out the door to get this.
The next 2 are the Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner.. again i've had my eye on these for a while.. it's not cheap, the shampoo being £18.50 and the conditioner coming in at £20.. I'd say that's one expensive hair wash.. However the sound of these makes me want them more and more..
The next is another thing that has been raved about a lot, it's the Bourjois Colour Boast Lip Crayon.. Again, i want to wait to go into town to look at them before i make a purchase.. I did have a look in Lakeside Superdrugs when i last went but they were all sold out and had the one shade above but the product was open and looked all gross.
The last item, to add to my Taylor Swift perfume collection is her new scent - This one is called Taylor by Taylor Swift.. I've been watching her on Youtube and see'ing all the teasers for this.. Also a couple of people i follow on Instagram have managed to get their hands on it early! What?! - i need this in my life and again as soon as payday hits, it shall be mine!

What's on your wishlist this month?..

OMG Nail Strips - Crow design

I have never really been interested in these sorts of nail products, the strips the foils etc.. i never really got into them, thinking back to the last time i tried them however didn't go so well, so i decided to give them another shot.
I picked out these cool looking crow design nail stickers, it didn't come with the instructions however which was a little annoying but completely understandable as they are currently rebranding and printing out new instructions.  They did however send me a link online with the application instructions.. They look a lot easier than done but once you do one or two on your nails the rest is a breeze..
So starting with clean nails, gently push back your cuticles and remove any excess skin, then clean your nails with polish remover - select the appropiate size nail strip for each nail, you'll need to make sure it'll cover from side wall to side wall..
Peel off the top film and peel off the sticker.. centre the nail strip at your cuticle area.. smooth down the sticker and gently press into your side walls, then file off the excess.. using a q-tip, dap into some nail polish remove and gently graze over the nail this will help melt down the nail polish strip securing it to your nail.. wait 1 minute and apply a top coat..
It was a little tricky to start off with but i got the hang of it after the first 2 nails and i like the overall look and finish to it.. i think i did okay?.. 
The nail strips didn't last long, they came off within the next day and started peeling off but i have my work to blame for that, i do a lot of things with my hands and lifting at work so that was to blame, however i do feel as though it would of lasted longer, not sure about the 10days it states though?..

OMG Nail Strips are currently offering a 4 for $20 promotion, use coupon code: 4pack at checkout,
And they are also have a giveaway every month on their facebook page - link

What do you think of these nail stickers?..
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks ♡ | Miss Holly

I was recently asked to do my Top 5 favourite MAC Lipsticks so i put together this little video, which includes swatches and me wearing the lipsticks..
I hope you like this video and if you would like to see more video's like this then please do give it a little thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already.


Monday, 5 August 2013

NYX La Amoureux Mascara + Love in Rio - Cabana Boy

I want to first share some very exciting news.. I was picked, well my blog 'Miss Holly' was picked to be NYX Blogger of the month for August 2013.. I am thrilled about this and when i received the email letting me know i was literally jumping up and down! I have only tried out a couple of there lip products and loved them all so was dying to get my hands on more from their collection.
So one the perks of being picked was that i could try more of their products, the first 2 items i wanted to share with you are the NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow trio and this is in the shade Cabana Boy.
This little compact comes in a fair few shades and comes complete with 3 eyeshadows.. Cabana Boy has a gold shimmer eyeshadow, a deep gold with a hint of shimmer and then a matte brown.
They eyeshadows are fairly pigmented, i wouldn't quite say they are 'in your face pigmented' but they do give off quite a good colour when applied.
I like that it comes with a matte shade to, this shade is not only perfect for my brows but also good for contouring and i like to use this just under my eyeliner..
In this look i applied the gold shimmer eyeshadow all over the lids, then took the deep gold shade and applied that on the outer half and blending into the crease a little, after that i took the matte brown shade into the crease to give more definition to my eyes, i also took the matte brown shade under my eyes to line my lash line.. 
I normally don't do many looks like this because i have lined my lash line with a brown eye pencil  (shown in next NYX post) instead of a black but i really like the overall look and like how the colours of the eyeshadows blended out nicely together.  The Love in Rio Cabana Boy eyeshadow trio retails for £6 and comes in over 20 different shades, i think another online purchase is necessary..
Onto the La Amoureux Mascara which i also used in this look comes from the Boudoir Mascara Collection.. 
I tend to only stick to one mascara so it was nice to try a new and different one.. The La Amoureux Mascara has a curved spiral want which is meant to curl and lengthen lashes.  The brush is a lot thicker than the one i normally use on a day to day basis but i found myself to love it. 
It really gives length to your eyelashes while separating them and giving them more volume at the same time.. I applied 2 coats and managed to achieve this look with it.. However during the day i did find that my lashes had slightly dropped, however still holding a decent enough curl in them, i hope they bring these out in a waterproof version..
I personally love this look as it's natural and feels very light weight, i like the brown on my eyes and under my eyes to instead of wearing black i may start to wear brown more often..
I love both the eyeshadow trio and mascara especially together, like how i've done with this look it gives me more of a everyday natural look.
The La Amoureux Mascara retails for £6.50 and if this mascara isn't for you there are 6 other choices to choose from the Boudoir Mascara Collection.

-Both of these products can be found online on the NYX Cosmetics UK website.

Have you tried the NYX La Amoureux Mascara or Love in Rio eyeshadow in Cabana Boy?
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Sunday, 4 August 2013

W7 Blushers - Dahlia, Zara and Elvie

I've only ever tried the nail polishes from W7, review here.. I had no idea they did make up as well, i literally thought they were just a nail polish brand but in all honesty i haven't heard much from the brand at all..
These blushers, like the nail polishes are only extremely cheap and very affordable, the blushers each are £2.99 and come in a few shades, here are Dahlia, Zara and Elvie all of which are very pretty everyday wearable shades..
Judging by the looks of the blushes and also the price you wouldn't think they are as pigmented, plus with a lot of shimmer inside which personally i don't really like in blushes.. however after swatching them i was pretty impressed by how pigmented they were, the swatches below are from one light swatch.. the shimmer doesn't really stay and most of it dusts off when you apply it..
These are easily dupes for the Sleek blushes that i own, except almost half the price.. I personally love all three shades but i have found myself reaching for Dahlia which is the first shade swatched the most.. It's a gorgeous pinky coral shade which when applied looks so so pretty.
I am literally shocked by these, i honestly didn't think they would be good blushers, for the price and the pigmentation as well i'm pretty damn amazed.

These W7 blushers can be found at Xtras and retail at £2.99 each..

What do you think of these blushers?..
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3 Minute Make Up Challenge | Miss Holly

So a few of you requested for this video and i decided to challenge myself and see if i could do my make up in 3minutes or under. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as i did filming it, please do give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe to see more videos of me..
Also thumbs up if you want to see me doing the 'No Mirror Make Up Challenge' next.. that would be interesting to watch haha..
Let me know how i did on this challenge too!

Thanks for watching

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Denman Hair Brush VS Tangle Teezer

I recently got myself a new hairbrush (Denman) as my old one was looking a little battered and beat up, when i had got home and ripped open the packaging, oh theres nothing more joyful than opening new things.. i tried it out on my hair, then found myself reaching back to my Tangle Teezer, then back to Mr Denman..
I decided to put together a VS post and make the 2 go head to head to fight for my affection, HA! 
So starting off with the newbie, i bought the Denman Classic Medium hair brush from Superdrugs for £6.99 - for a good hair brush i find the pricing very reasonable - I went for the Classic Style over the other options, i think they also do the Mini, Classic Large and they also do other one's.. I choose this style as i found the mini a little to small, so would take me forever to brush my hair and the large was a little to large, i wanted one which i could carry in my hand bag if need be and i have had the Classic Medium style Denman before so i went with that one.. As with all brushes you have to really break the bristles in as with the first few uses it's going to be a little hard on your head, after using the Tangle Teezer for months which the bristles i had well and truly broke into, it was as if i was bashing my head with the hairbrush, After i few more uses you it's not so hard on your head and it doesn't tug on your hair as much, it gets rid of tangles quickly however i find that brushing your hair after a shower or hair wash it does take a little longer to brush through and tugs a little more too and having timed how long i took to brush through my hair, it took me roughly 2minutes and 36 seconds to brush my whole head of hair when wet and 26seconds when dry..  My hair is also a lot more manageable when brushing my hair with this and it has less tangles than it does throughout the day when using this hair brush, and on the plus side, this one has a handle..
Onto the Tangle Teezer next, i think this is the Original Tangle Teezer which i paid £10.20 for online with Feel Unique so this is the most expensive option.. with no handle, you grab it in the palm of your hands and brush through your hair.. Again this one is great for getting rid of tangles, especially when you have just come out the shower it just glides through my hair like nothing.. Through-out the day after using this brush i did find my hair getting knotted quite easily and having to do an odd brush through generally mid day.. Again having timed myself brushing my hair through when wet it took me 1minutes 32seconds and when dry it takes me 21 seconds.. so 1 minutes less to brush my hair when wet using this brush and knocking off 5 seconds from when my hair is dry..
I do find this brush easier to brush through, however it leaves my hair knotted through out the day which is a down fall.

Overall both brushes are great and it's a little hard to decide which brush i much prefer but i do have a winner and it has to go to the Tangle Teezer - I love my Denman Hairbrush still and will continue to use it but i think as the saying goes 'once you get a Tangle Teezer, you will never go back' - that is completely true and i cannot see myself living without mine.. For easy brushing and less time it takes to brush through my hair the Tangle Teezer definitely wins, hands down.. But with less tangles and knots through-out the day when using this brush i would also say the Denman is also a winner!

So what do you think?.. Which brush are you currently using?..

Also, i am hoping to make this 'The Battle Is On..' a new addition to my blog so if you liked this post, leave suggestions to what you would like to see next - i'll also mention you in the suggested post if it's picked.. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Update: Life, Youtube and Blogging

I uploaded an update video on my life, youtube and blogging..  It was a little rambley and also a little personal as well, I also addressed a few of your questions you have been asking me- i will also be doing a Q+A video and some stage to so if you have any questions to ask me then feel free to.

Thank you so much for watching 


Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel

Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel is a high performance 3-in-1 mask. It is applied as a mask, purifies as a peel and effortlessly rinses off like a cleanser. Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel gently exfoliates the epidermal layer, freeing the skin of deeply rooted pollutants and toxins. 

Unlike the other products from Sampar this product is one i'll be keeping in my skincare, this is the Equalizing Foam Peel which also claims to have a lot of benefits, the main ones being it helps eliminate dead surface skin cells and stimulates cellular regeneration and renews complexion for long lasting results..
I've been using this twice a week as it states on the packaging for the past 4 weeks and i can seriously see a huge improvement in my skin, i have noticed my skin is more lifted and looks more glowing and smoother.. You apply this on your face and leave for 2 minutes, and in those 2 minutes you can feel as if it's working its way into your skin, the texture is a little weird, it's like a oil but also like a gel at the same time, when you pump it into your palm it feels as looks as if it's an oil but when you work it into your skin it starts to feel more like a gel consistency.. 
The scent isn't great but it's manageable, unlike the other Sampar products i tried and didn't like the scent of, this one actually seems to be okay and not to over powering, i can't seem to put my finger on the scent but it smells a little like a medicine i used to use.. hmm.. i'll get back to you on that one..

So overall a very nice product from Sampar, one of which i will be using over and over again.. I doubt i'll be repurchasing another as it's quite expensive at £48 but maybe in the future i'll consider purchasing it again..

What do you think?.. Would this be something you'd be interested in?..
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HAUL: Forever 21

I adore Forever 21, despite the fact i don't shop in there often and when i do i only really pick up a couple of items, i went to the Forever 21 in Lakeside the other day and spotted 2 things that caught my eye - i only really go into Forever 21 nowadays to check out the jewellery as i find the clothes in there a bit to out of my price range.. 
The first item i picked up was the Spike Statement Necklace which has coral/pinky like pearls, oh whatever they are called i can't think of the name for them.. I wore it in my July Favourites Video and i just like the way it sits on my neckline, i paid £7.40 for that necklace.
The other necklace which is a simple but edgy one is the side cross necklace which i paid £3.60 for.. i think that's how much it was, something along those lines - i need to stop myself from binning my receipts!
Anyway, i love plain and simple necklaces and thought this one was perfect.. i've been on the hunt for some cute and dainty necklaces as i only really wear one until i get bored.. I also wanted a cross necklace as well and for £3.60, you can't really say no to that!

What do you think of my mini Forever 21 haul?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Essie Nail Polish Collection | Miss Holly

I really want to and still may do a video on this, however i just think it may be to long and as much as i love to talk, oh i really do.. i am rubbish at describing things on camera.. if your subscribed to me or have watched any of my videos, you will already know this.
I am also going to do a full nail polish collection as soon as i can, i'm just waiting for some of my storage which i have ordered online to arrive and rearrange them, once that comes i will be all ready to film it.
Anyway, to start my nail polish collection i wanted to first show you my Essie collection - I go through phases of loving different nail polish brands during the year.. some times i'll love Barry M and only buy their nail polishes, same with Models Own and Essie etc.. And if they are bringing out new polishes then of course i feel the need to have them, same with any other beauty blogger.. Anyway, enough with the rambles.. i told you i talk a lot! - Let's get into my Essie nail polish collection.
So here are all my Essie polishes in all it's glory - I adore the packaging of the Essie polishes over any other brands, it's a simple clear bottle with white tops with either the name written on top of the polish or around the side of the brush handle.. very simple and plain but also very classic..
I have some of the newer (not newest) shades and some of the older one's too..  I've also tried to colour co-ordinate them to make things easier.. So let's take a closer look at them.. (i apologise that some of the swatches are a little blurry, i didn't notice this until i uploaded the images on my camera.. but i'm hoping you can still make them out..)
Delicacy • Maximillian Strasse Her  Go Ginza • Bond with whomever  Cascade cool  Madison Ave-hue  Lights  Tour de finance  Watermelon • 
These are the first set of polishes, these are my nudes/greys purples and pinks - minus the 2 in the swatches at the end which are part of the next lot.. All these shades above have a nice shine to them when applied, the only shade which has shimmer inside is Madison Ave-hue.. Delicacy which is the first shade shown which i'd describe as a pearl shade has a multicoloured sheen to it.. And Tour de finance has a purple undertone to it - my favourite or favourites of the bunch are Maximillian Strasse Her which i like to wear on the Winter/Autumn months, and Lights which is the hot pink shade which i like to wear in the Summer time and which is what i'm wearing on my toes right now..
Rosebowl  Ole Caliente  Fear + Desire  Orange, it's obvious  All Tied Up  Bikini So Teeny  Avenue Maintain  Butler Please
Onto the more darker shades, all of which again apply with a nice shine to them, Besides from Butler Please which is the last shade shown, one of my all time favourites, it's a deep blue and a matte polish, i love the matte finish however i do find myself reaching for a top coat when i apply this.  Another one of my all time favourites is Orange, it's obvious - it's a true orange shade which is also perfect for the Summer time, i have been sporting this shade on my finger nails most of the Summer as well as Bikini So Teeny which is a gorgeous baby blue..

Which shade is your favourite?.. 
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