Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Day 4 - Monday 15th July                                                                                                               See Part 1 of Newcastle here
On the Monday, me and Billy had quite a relaxing day.. it was our last day at the hotel so we spent the evening at the Hilton restaurant where i had another one of their delicious non-alcoholic cocktails again, after dinner we sat on the balcony and planned our lives living here - not going to happen yet but will definitely make it happen for the future.. p.s - i look terrible in that picture, no make up and i felt rubbish to!
Day 5 - Tuesday 16th July
We checked out around 12ish and headed off to my Uncle Billy's which is where we were staying the night, we decided to stay an extra day as we felt we hadn't seen much of Newcastle, it was just my excuse to stay longer.. Once we were there we dropped off all our luggage and headed out to a Chinese Restaurant with the family - right there, i realised how weird Chinese people really are.. they eat the most strangest things.. After we had eaten me and Billy popped into Eldon Square, my silly mother kept saying it was Elton Square, like Elton as in Elton John.. used to confuse the hell out of me..
I did a little bit of shopping there - see my Primark Haul and Beauty Haul.. 
We then went back to my Auntie Anna's for some dinner and i caught up with my cousins which i haven't seen for 2 years! - i also realised that my mother actually loves my boyfriend more than she loves me - check her out posing as his girlfriend..
Day 6 - Wednesday 17th July
On the last day of Newcastle, we packed up all our stuff, check out all my make up i took with me, totally unnecessary.. we said goodbye to everyone around midday and headed off home - this has to be one of my most memorable days as we went to go see The Angel Of North - i've wanted to see this since i was a little baby but never gotten the chance to.. My mum managed to snap a photo of me with it in the background check her out!  I loved reading all about the sculpture as i've always been fascinated by it and i managed to get a few good shots in my self.. We arrived home at 8 ish and it was back to reality :(..

I hope you've all enjoyed reading about my holiday, it was one amazing trip and i wish i was back there already, i miss it so so much!..

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick - Nudist

I bet your all thinking 'oh just shut up about it already'.. i have spoken way to much on this gloss stick lately that even my boyfriend is probably getting sick of me.. I picked this beauty up in Boots whilst in Newcastle and again, i am talking about Newcastle - i literally cannot help myself, Newcastle and Gloss Stick is all i have been talking about lately, i'm sorry.. i promise i'll stop... soon.
So i picked this Gloss Stick up after a few Youtubers raved about it and i thought i'd give it a shot, i love nude lip sticks and glosses so combine the two and your have a gloss stick, yippee!
Boots were and still are having a 3 for 2 deal on Soap & Glory cosmetics so i highly suggest you pick this up! 
I didn't go for the 3 for 2 deal however, i didn't really fancy the look of any of the other shades and i do find that Soap & Glory are a tad over priced.. plus, if i didn't like this gloss stick what was the point in me going for more shades..?
It's quite a sheer gloss stick but gives off a good colour as well on the lips, i picked the shade Nudist as i wanted a everyday wearable shade and i think this one is perfect, i like how glossy it is on the lips to and it gives my lips a slight nude tint.
It's really creamy and has the most amazing vanilla scent to it, damn you Soap & Glory for having the most amazing scents to all your products!
This also lasts a good few hours before having to re-apply.. i eat or snack every few hours any way so i barely notice these things.. However it doesn't bother me, i just re-apply for the fun of it..
I've also had a lot of compliments when wearing this and i'd definitely recommend it and i'm definitely picking up a back-up when i'm next in Boots.

What do you think of this shade?.. Do you own any Soap & Glory cosmetics?..

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

KMS California Silk Sheen Shampoo & Conditioner

So after reviewing the Tame Frizz Hair Range, i was given another chance to review some more of the KMS California products. I picked the Silk Sheen Shampoo and Conditioner to review as i felt my hair lacked shine and softness. I've been using these shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks approximately and overall my hair has improved, it looks a lot more shinier, softer and also healthier..
It also says it increases manageability and movement which i have also noticed, my hair seems to be a lot less tangly and also easier to brush through and it's also given my hair a lot more shape and umpf to it.
Overall i really like the duo, combined they make a perfect team leaving your hair feeling soft and nourished.
They retail for around the £12 - £13 mark which isn't cheap but if your looking for some good shampoo and conditioner, look no further..

What do you think..?  Have you tried any products from KMS California?..
*pr samples

Sampar Glamour Shot

Sampar Glamour Shot*€27,30

I've tried my best to find this product in the UK in online stores but haven't managed to find any or cheaper so i've listed the price in euros for once which i normally wouldn't do, it works out to be around £23 roughly.. Anyway onto the product, so this product claims to instantly minimize wrinkles and imperfections while mattifying the complexion, it can also be applied before make up or as a touch-up to make up.. 
Again like with the Matte Perfection product i also reviewed, see here.. i really dislike the scent of the product, it's like a strong alcohol scent which just lingers on the skin, and is a little over powering at times.  I found that this product doesn't sit well with liquid foundations on conceals, that also includes liquid blushes, bronzers etc.. they don't sit well with this product at all and i also found it to be quite drying, i have dry skin at most times and i would not recommend this product if you do suffer from dry skin..
I applied plenty of moisturiser before use and it seemed to work okay, however later that night i found my skin to be a little dried out after using this product..
It's a great product however if you have fine lines and wrinkles as it slowly works its way to improving them and has also been raved about by a few celebrities, for example.. Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, actress Claire Danes and Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy..

What do you think?.. Would this be something you'd be interested in?..
*pr sample.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Sampar Glamour Shot Matte Perfection

Glamour Shot Matte Perfection is especially elaborated to combat unwanted shine. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind "Ultra Matité" Complex, Glamour Shot Matte Perfection, is the first transparent mattifying concealer: ensures a 6-hour, non-stop matte finish, with no need for touch-ups, balances sebum secretions for perfect control of unwanted shine over time, visibly reduces size of pores and unifies the complexion. Sebumetric evaluation performed on 30 participants over a 6-hour period after a single application.

I'm not one for matte primers or face creams etc, but when i was asked to try this product out i thought why not, if it works then great if it doesn't then it was no biggie.
I'll start by stating that i have only used this product once, and it did work quite well.. however it's the scent of the product that i can't stand.. When i first applied this onto my face i didn't really noticed the scent, however it really kicked in after a minute or 2, and i'm lucky to have used my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which is scented to cover it up but i could still smell it even with foundation on top, the scent is so strong and it smells quite like alcohol, or when i first took a whiff it smelt like nail polish remover which i cannot stand the smell of and it really gets up in there and just lingers..
The scent did wear off after a while and i was then allowed to appreciate the product more, you can wear this product alone or wear with make up in my situation i wore with make up and i did notice it made my make up last longer without any touch up's - i normally only really touch up my powder if needed.. However again as much as i like the product i really could not put up with applying it again, the scent is just to overpowering.. On the box it also says it's a 'Transparent Mattifying Concealer' which i'm not really sure it is, it mattify's the skin but it definitely doesn't conceal.. 

It's also not a cheap product coming in at £26 for a 15ml tube but the results are good so i'll be keeping this product aside and maybe using it from time to time instead.. i wouldn't repurchase this product due to the scent but if you like the whole alcoholic scent then maybe you'd like this..

What do you think?.. Would you be able to put up with the alcoholic scent?..
*pr sample

Elemis FreshSkin Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash

"Hydrating chicory extract, conditioning elderflower and skin-awakening lemon, leave the complexion beautifully soft and glowing. Suitable for all skin types. BEAUTY TIP Clean skin is the first step to good skin maintenance to avoid clogged pores that can turn into spots. Make sure you cleanse day and night to allow skin to breathe and leave skin at its best for day or night cream. Skin Type: All, Teens to 20s"

I take a lot of time with my skin care routine, having almost perfecting it - well, my skin care is never perfect as i'm always trying out new things but i have found a selection of products i tend to stick to..
I have been using this Elemis face wash for a little over 3 weeks now and although my skin has had an improvement it has also had a little bit of breaking out to.
I have been using this face wash morning and night for a few weeks, the face wash lathers up really nice and has a nice peachy/grapefruit type scent to it which is also quite nice and refreshing.. It removes any last signs of make up and dirt on the face and cleans it feeling soft and squeaky clean afterwards..
However i did notice it makes your face seem a little tighter and sometimes makes it a little dry also, the product states it's for all skin types but if you suffer from really bad dry skin then i wouldn't recommend this.. at the time my skin was a little dry and sensitive and the product wasn't at all rough on my skin and it didn't irritate my skin at all but it did leave it a little dry in some areas, mainly cheeks and forehead for me, however nothing a good moisturiser can't solve.. It's an overall nice morning and evening cleanser which i will continue to use and would also consider repurchasing..

What do you think?.. Is this face wash something you'd be interested in?..
*pr sample - all opinions are my own.

SinfulColors 24/7 & Pinky Glitter

I haven't done a 'notd' for what seems like months, actually i think it has been a few months or so.. Anyway i am getting back into the routine of blogging again and will be doing more nails of the day posts as i do quite enjoy doing them.
Lately i've been sporting these nails, both polishes are from SinfulColors - the base colour is 24/7 a very popular shade from the line and i've paired it with Pinky Glitter on top! It's like having the perfect Barbie nails don't you think?..

What do you think of this look?..

Sunday, 28 July 2013

PRIMARK HAUL | July 2013

So when i was in Newcastle, i did a teeeeny bit of shopping and thought i'd share with you all what i got, i mainly went to Primark but also stopped off at a few other places to, i also filmed my beauty haul from Newcastle, if you wanted to see that then click on this link.  I love Primark Newcastle, it's one of my favourite places to shop.. well the Metro Centre is and also Eldon Sqaure
Anyway i hope you like this video, if you have any more video recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments section :) - and don't forget to subscribe for more videos

Friday, 26 July 2013

New Look Wishlist

I have been eyeing up so much stuff lately from New Look it was only fair i did a wish list on these items.. i have always loved New Look in-store and online, i have been shopping with them since i was a teen and remember my first ever item from New Look was from there Tammy collection and i used to beg my mum to buy me a few dresses from the collection to! However, times have changed since then.. mother no longer buys my clothes which means i accumulate more and more clothes..
I've picked out a bunch of items which i have been eyeing up for a while now, starting with the Blue Tribal Print Maxi Dress which has a side cut out, i've never been one for 'cut out' clothing.. silly as it sounds i don't quite have the 'skinny' figure to pull off any of those type clothing, but i spotted this today when i was out shopping today and it is simply beautiful, i love tribal prints, especially on clothes and i love all the colours as well - i also think it would be great for not only the Summer but for the colder months if your ever going out for special do's..
Another colourful and also very eye-catching item i spotted was this Pink Tapestry Floral Stripe Crop T-shirt, this reminded me a lot of the Cath Kidston type designs, i really like the floral art on the top and also again, the colours.. this really appealed to me as it's so girly and fun!
Going back to Aztec, i also spotted these, they are the Black and Cream Aztec Socks - if you watched one of my last videos then i basically stated i had an obsession with socks.. I seem to be growing a bit of a collection with me, these will next be added to the collection.. again i LOVE the aztec print.
For accessories, i really liked these Pink Retro Sunglasses, even though they look more red to me than pink.. And also this Addicted To Shopping Purse, how amazing is that.. i definitely need that purse in my life!
And lastly, saving the best bit to last.. I am loving sandals lately so when i spotted these two pairs my heart just dropped.. they have a few pairs in Primark which i spotted today but i've also noticed that Primark have put there prices up a bit to, the first pair i have been loving are the Beige Chunky Strap Platform Heels, they are the perfect height for me, i like mine with a bit of a heel and i love the colour too aswell as the Blue Chunky Platform Shoes which are the same style but in a different colour..

Have you got any items on your wish list this month?..
*collaborative post - all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Glossybox July 2013 | Seaside Splash

Another very exciting box from Glossybox this month, this box being named the Seaside Splash which is perfect for this month with the hot weather, lots of trips to the beach and sunshine.
This months box instead of the light pink Glossybox it is a lovely aqua blue with a starfish and seaweed on the box.. Having opening the box the shredded paper this month is Orange instead of Black and there is also some funky seaside tissue paper..
The one thing i spotted straight away which was very exciting is the Ciaté Paint Pot mine is in the shade The Gossip and it's also a full sized product as well, i love how i received the polish in this months box but i wish they had sent me a different shade as all the boxes i've received this year have had the same if not very similar shades and i'm getting a little sick of red/dark pink shades.. However, i'm not going to moan to much as i still love Ciate regardless.. This Ciate Paint Pot is a full size and retails for £9.
The next item which i have been loving using lately to cool me down and to refreshen me is the Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me facial spritz, this has been a complete god send and i have been spraying this on my face like crazy lately to cool me down, it has a lovely floral scent which is nice and refreshing.. i love this product.. This again is a full size product which retails for £6 for 100ml
Another 2 products i've been enjoying using are the Sleek Pout Paints, i've really wanted to try these out for such a long time but never really thought of purchasing them.. I got the shades Lava and Pinkini
shown above is Lava and Pinkini, and then both shades mixed together.. I really like the pigmentation of these, literally a tiny pea size of this product goes a long way and it has a great staying power on the lips.. I didn't have to reapply throughout the day which i'm pretty impressed with.. These again are full sizes and retail for £4.49 each.. 
The next product was a moisturiser with SPF 30 - Coola Organic Suncare Classic Face SPF30 Moisturiser.. I've already used this sample up and really like this product, however i don't think i'll be paying £25.99 for the full size.. it's a really nice moisturiser with SPF 30 which dries really quickly when applied and soaks nicely into your skin, it has a really nice cucumber scent and it's nice and refreshing but i think £25.99 is a bit steep for this product..
Lastly is a product for your hair and it's the Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist.. I have used this twice now and i really like it, i applied it to my damp hair and tousled it around. It gives my hair that nice 'beach look' style, it gives it a nice wave without having to use heat on my hair.. this is a sample size the full size retails for £23 for a 125ml..

What did you think of this months Glossybox?.. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Beauty Wishlist | July 2013

Being as though we are already near to the end of July and i figured i hadn't done a wish list solely for beauty products i thought i would do one.
I've had my eye on so many beauty products this month, to many to keep count of but here are a select few which i've had my eye on all of which are from LuxeBC..
First two products are the EcoTools Bamboo Buffing Brush and the EcoTools 6 piece Eye Brush Set, i love my Real Techniques Buffing Brush more than anything but wanted to try more brushes out, i own a few brushes by EcoTools and they are all pretty amazing!
The next two products are from Physicians Formulas and they are the Happy Booster Blush in Rose and The Physicians Formula Concealer Duo in 101.. Again i have already tried a few products from the brand but want to try more, i have the Happy Booster Blush in the shade Natural already but found that is was very close to my skin shade so it barely shows up and i now want to try the shade Rose as it's a lovely rose shade which i'm hoping will show up on my skin.. The other is the concealer which has a green and light to conceal and to cover up any redness and scars.. i have never tried a product like this before so think this would be an interesting product..
Also with make up i really want to try the Smashbox Self Adjusting Powder Foundation, i have never used a powder foundation, purely for the fact i have dry skin and i feel as though liquid products are the only products i can use on my skin, however i've lately only been apply powder to my face and it's worked really well without showing any of my dry patches..
The next product is something which i've looked into, The Rose Water Hydrating Spay.. i already used a few products like these to keep me cool when it gets to hot.. so after i've used those up maybe i'll get this one..
The last product is the Nuage Dry Sunscreen with SPF 30, i've been looking for a new Sunscreen to replace my Nivea one and this one sounds like a perfect option, it's dry and non-greasy which i like the sound of..

What's been on your wishlist this July?..
*collaborative post.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Today i wanted to share with you all my trip/holiday to Newcastle.. Now i'm going to try and remember as much as i can so that you can also share my experience with me and so that i can also come and read back as a keepsake as i really did have the most amazing time and i wish i could be back there. 

Day 1 - Friday 12th July
On day one we left bright and early at 6:30am to pick up my mum who was also coming to Newcastle with us and took a 7 and half hour drive up to Newcastle with 2 stops on the way.. One was to go to the toilets and the other one was to pick up flowers and have the most expensive breakfast ever! - £25 for 2 very small portions of egg, beans, bacon and a tiny sausage.. totally ripped off.
We arrived in Newcastle at 2pm and went straight to my uncle Billys to drop my mum off as this is where she was going to stay for the next few days.. Chatted away to my cousin Sophie and my Nan and then we headed off to check into our hotel - The Hilton Hotel, Gateshead.
We've stayed at the Hilton Hotel previously and loved the services and of course the amazing views over the Tyne Bridge..
At 7pm we left the hotel to have dinner with the family over at Uncle Billys again and took a few pictures.. The above picture of me, nan and mum.. that's 3 generations right there.. 
After dinner we headed back to the hotel and went straight to sleep.
Day 2 - Saturday 13th July
The next day we took a trip to the Metro Centre, possibly one of my favourite places ever! - done a lot of shopping.. see here for my beauty haul.. and here for my fashion haul from Newcastle..
After shopping we ventured back to the hotel to get ready for dinner with my cousin Sophie and her bf Rob. We went to dinner at 7:30 at Casa Antonio's i think it's called, a lovely Italians, the food there was simply amazing!
After dinner we headed back to Gateshead where our hotel was and my cousin and bf took us for a tour around Gateshead.. See above images..
The Millennium Bridge lights hadn't come on then so we went to the hotel and had a couple of drinks whilst waiting for them to turn on to take another look around Gateshead..
Day 3 - Sunday 14th July
On the Sunday it was the hottest day of the year, we took a trip up to Seahouses which is where my Auntie Anna works and had a day trip up there.. I was literally sweating all day and stupidly wore black jeggings! - Anyway we had a lovely day and spent the day out with family, the views were amazing and i even had a zZAPp lolly - even had a picture taken with me holding it haha.. We headed back to the hotel early and then went over to my Auntie Anna's for Dinner.. 

So that was Part 1 of my holiday to Newcastle.. 
PART 2 coming soon..

Monday, 22 July 2013

Sleek Blushes - Coral & Sahara

Every time i pop into Superdrugs i have that strong need to have a look at the Sleek counter to see if they have bought out any new products or what's best if they have any new blushers.. I am already a massive fan of Sleek.. i own a few of there eyeshadow palettes, their blushes and also their lip products..  When i was holidaying in Newcastle i popped into Superdrugs to pick up some essentials and spotted these blushers out the corner of my eye, now they aren't 'new' but my local Superdrugs haven't stocked these shades for so long, always sold out!
So i picked these two shades up, Coral and Sahara.. 
As with all the Sleek products, they are extremely pigmented and these blushers did not disappoint.. i normally apply the product on my hand first and then apply onto my cheeks so that the product doesn't come off to strong on my face.
Either that or i apply a tiny amount on my brush and the tap off the excess.. 
The Coral shade is a lovely deep coral shade and Sahara is a pretty light brown with a little hint of coral.. Both shades are perfect for Summer time, which is the reason as to why i picked them up in the first place, plus they are extremely affordable.. Another 2 more blushers to add to the Sleek collection..

These Sleek blushes can be found at Superdrugs and retail for £4.49 each - link

What do you think of these Sleek Blushes?..

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Newcastle Beauty Haul 2013

I have a new video up on my Youtube channel - a Newcastle beauty haul.. I spent so much money in Newcastle but had the most amazing time ever. A post on my holiday will be coming up shortly but for now - click above to watch what i bought in Newcastle.. 
My fashion haul from Newcastle will be coming up over the next few days..

Thanks for watching! XO

How to deal with hate on blogs and Youtube.

I've been wanting to write this post ever since i first started blogging really, starting back 2 years ago when i first set up my blog, i knew i did it for a reason.. that reason was to just write about things i loved, talk about my life and just talk to others like-minded.. However if i had known further down the line i would of received hate mail etc i probably wouldn't of done it.
I first received my first 'hate mail' about 2 years ago, just after a few months of blogging.. i hate a very horrible spiteful girl basically spamming all my posts i had written just to call me names, saying how much she hated my blog and even got called some racist names.. I found out who that person was and just forgot all about it until lately when i started to receive more hate mail.. i got an email a couple months back, a very horrible email again saying that she hates my blog, my blog is pointless out there compared to other blogs.. called me all the names under the sun..  I didn't reply of course, i didn't delete the message either..
I also started a Youtube channel back in April, i've only published about 10 videos so far but even then, i have that one sad person who goes round 'disliking' every video i make.. I know a lot of people will just say, why do you take notice of these things.. Personally, it took a lot for me to start a Youtube channel again, i am a very private person if i'm honest, i don't share much of my life because of it.
Back when i was in school i was pretty much the same, i didn't like to speak much about my life, i also got bullied so that also made me more of the quiet private person i am..
Anyway, before i made youtube videos i knew how long it took a person to record, edit and upload a video.. so for me, if i didn't like someones video i would of never clicked the 'dislike' button nor would i ever even think to write a nasty comment. - It's things like that, that affect others. saying one hurtful comment can really effect someone.. If i simply didn't like the video then i just click off it, as simple as that.. 
As for bloggers as well, when i do receive a nasty comment i simply now just delete the comment and forget all about it, end of the day i just put it down to jealousy.. only jealous people talk about those behind their backs, only jealous people bitch and gossip about others..
Call me old fashioned but bitchyness has never been for me, i don't like it at all, i can't stand those who do it!
I know starting a blog has been the best decision of my life, it's made me more confident as a person.. it's made me who i am today.. the hate mail just comes with it, but that one person doesn't effect the hundreds/thousands of people who read my blog... your just an ant to me.

I think one day, everyone is bound to deal with some form of hate and you will have to choose a way to deal with it.. weather that's to respond or to ignore it..
Responding to hate only makes the problem bigger, you have given them the reason to reply back to you which will soon escalate..
Ignoring them gives you the satisfaction.. they can keep picking fights with you, and if you ignore it then they will soon give up.

Have you ever received hate mail?.. How do you deal with it?..

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Acne Killer Peel Off Face Mask

A couple of weeks ago i was sent a very interesting package, inside it contained this product the all natural new Acne Killer peel off mask which is suitable for all skin types, first off.. i didn't know such thing existed and secondly i was more intrigued to see if it would actually work.
I have to state that i was excited but very nervous to try the product, my skin has been breaking out like mad lately so if this worked for non-acne skin then how amazing would that be.
The product comes in sachets and i was sent 5, i have used 3 of them already spaced apart over the past couple of weeks and also gave my sister a sachet.. mainly to laugh at her, the nice sister i am ;)
The mask - instead of being a clear type gel texture like the others i have tried in the past was instead a thick black liquid..
The consistency was like any other face masks, a thick smooth texture.. i applied my mask after taking all my make up off and after cleansing my face, you leave the mask on for 30minutes to dry fully before peeling.
A lovely snapshot of the action above.. Also a little warning to not apply over your eyebrows!
Once the mask had fully dried and began peeling the mask starting from the bottom, now i kid you not it took me about 30 minutes to get the mask off..
The mask was stuck to my skin like glue, unlike other peel off face masks i've tried in the past this one didn't want to budge.. it's also hard to find a place to start peeling, anyway starting from my chin area i worked my way up.. i'm one of these people who like to peel off face masks all in one go without the mask breaking.. anyone else like that?
It was fine up until my cheek area and under my eye where i literally could not stop laughing from how much pain i was, my boyfriend can vouch for that ad he sat back laughing at me.
However once the face mask was off, my skin felt a lot smoother although it felt as though it ripped out all my hairs on my face at the same time.. Looking past that though my skin looked much better in the morning, more clear and my break outs looked smaller and reduced.. i didn't experience any break outs with this mask and despite the pain that i went through getting the mask off i felt like it was all worth it in the end.
And of course i had to laugh at my sister whilst she tried to take off her face mask to, expect it didn't take her half an hour to do like it did me.
This Acne Killer peel off face mask is suitable for all skin types, it's animal testing free and it is hypoallergenic - it's also received a lot of good feedback to.
You can purchase the Acne Killer peel off masks in packs of 5 from StyleLux and retails for £14.95 - link

What do you think?.. Would you try the Acne Killer face mask?..
*sponsored post - all opinions are still my own and 100% honest. see my full disclaimer 'here'.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Quick Max Eyelash Growth Enhancer

I've tried a few eyelash treatments over the past couple of years, i vast majority of them don't work on me, i have very stubborn lashes..
I have been trying this Quick Max Eyelash Growth Enhancer for the past few weeks, as you may already know as i've mentioned a thousand times, i have such short stubby lashes.. i would kill to have long fluttery eyelashes but no, god won't allow that.
So i've been using this Quick Max Eyelash Growth Enhancer everyday for 2-3 weeks and if i'm completely honest i don't see any difference, as sad as it is to say that.. i have been using it everyday and your supposed to see results in as little as 7days, however for me.. i just didn't.. It's not the first time something hasn't worked on me.. i've tried another brand which also didn't work but has worked really well on others.
So what your supposed to do is apply the liquid as close to your lash line as possible, wait 2 minutes for the liquid to absorb into the skin, rinse with warm water and pat dry.. do this everyday..
Having using it for 2-3 weeks, i didn't see a difference whatsoever, i did what it said on the instructions but as stated earlier, some reason these types of products just don't work for me..
I left the liquid to also absorb longer, i normally left it on for up to 10minutes then rinsed off but still no difference for me.
I have now passed this product down to my sister who will be testing this over the next few weeks to see how she gets on, despite the fact she has long lashes already normally products like these work for her so we shall see..

- Updates to come shortly..

Have you tried a lash growth enhancer before?.. If not, would you be interested?..
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Friday, 12 July 2013

GIVEAWAY! Michael Kors, MAC & Urban Decay

Time for another giveaway guys! - This one is probably the most exciting giveaway i have ever held since being a blogger. I'm pretty sure you'd all think so too!
So the prizes are:
- Michael Kors Camila Sunglasses
- Urban Decay Basics Palette
- 2x MAC Lipsticks (of your choice)

There will be one winner - which i will contact either email, twitter or facebook and also announce the winner in a video.

- Subscribe to my Youtube Channel - MissHollyx11 - link
- 'like' the giveaway
- Leave a comment on the video.. telling me what your doing this summer time?.. Any holidays your going to.. or even what your doing this summer? - And let me know if you have done any of the other entries in the comments section.

- Follow my blog on BlogLovin'
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OR if you don't have Twitter you can always follow us on Facebook and share the giveaway, remember to tag both accounts again..
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Yipppeee, i am finally off on holiday today! - I am so so excited and shall be doing vlogs and stuff whilst i'm there!
This is like a repeat of 2years back where i went, but i am basically going to Newcastle to visit my family, go shopping and eat as much as i can..
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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

NYX Round Lipstick - Strawberry Milk

As well as the NYX Matte Lipstick & NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams my sister picked me up from IMATS, She also picked up this beauty of a lipstick.. This is the last IMATS purchase, i promise.
The last lipstick is this round lipstick, i think that's what it's called.. unfortunately the shade Strawberry Milk isn't available on the website..
I am in love with this lipstick, it reminds me a lot of the MAC St Germain which i also own - should of really done a dupe post.. but if your familiar with St Germain then you'll be familiar with the shade.
This lipstick is so so creamy, the texture reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters maybe a little more creamy.. It stays a good few hours on the lips before it starts to fade, the colour of this lipstick is a bright baby pink.. really pigmented and creamy.

What do you think of this NYX lipstick?..

NYX Matte Lipstick - Tea Rose

Along with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams which i reviewed here, my sister also picked me up this gorgeous matte lipstick from IMATS.. I only really asked for lip products and blushers but apparently all the blushers had sold out by 12pm.. My sister knows me very well and knows i love dark plum lipsticks, this one in particular caught my sisters eye and i must say she was very spot on as i've been wearing this lipstick everyday since..
I really love the finish of this lipstick, it's quite moisturising despite the fact it's a matte lipstick, the pigmentation is beyond amazing and glides onto the lips like a dream.. it's got quite a rich creamy texture to it which i also like, also not drying at all on the lips.
The shade is a deep rich plum which i've been lightly applying onto my lips and then adding a lipgloss over the top or the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan to make it softer and lighter on the lips.

What do you think of this NYX lipstick?..

Viridan Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil

Ultimate Beauty Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil from Viridian Nutrition moisturises, strengthens and supports healthy growth for both fingernails and toe nails. With anti-fungal properties, this organically-grown blend of soothing waxes, essential oils and botanical extracts can be applied daily to encourage improved nail appearance, condition and growth.

Lately my nails and cuticles have been looking and feeling a bit rough lately, i partly blame my work for this and the constant lifting and handling at work so my nails do suffer a bit.. I've noticed lately as well that they aren't growing as well as they used to (before i got my job).. it's as if they've lost the will to grow..
I've never been one for nail and cuticle oils in the past but having tried the Viridan Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil i would happily try more in the future if it makes my nails and cuticles look this good.
The oil unlike others which i've tested in the past, i say tested because i've gone into shops and tried them but not bought them.. normally have a orange citrus scent to it but this is more floral and quite an uplifting scent.
It comes in a dropper style top which makes the application easier, i like to do a drop of oil on each nail and massage it into my nails and cuticles - the oil is a slot thicker to others i've tried, it's nice and rich and felt good in quality.

After using it over 2 weeks i have noticed that my nails feel and look a lot stronger and has also helped with the growth of my nails, my cuticles as well has improved a lot, they skin normally splits quite easily but after using this nail oil it's helped the condition of them overall.

The Viridan Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil costs £12.95 for 12ml of product and can be purchased from Viridan Nutrition

Have you tried a nail oil before?.. if so, which one's your favourite?..
*PR Sample - full disclaimer 'here'.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Miners Luxe Lips Creme Gloss

"Luxurious cream gloss contains moisturising mineral oils and beeswax for a super-charged glossy shine. The high quality formulation not only offers a shot of pigment rich colour that really makes lips pop, but with the added active ingredients lips will be left feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. The fine bristle applicator leaves lips fully loaded with colour and precise application coverage is a breeze". 
Material girl - Beauty Queen - It Girl - Uptown Girl - Duchess

New to the Miners range are the new Luxe Lips Creme Glosses, there are 5 in the collection ranging from a bright pink to a bold red lip.
In all honesty, i never get that excited by Miners Cosmetics in general, i do find some if not most of there items simular to Collection and there packaging are slightly tacky but with these i think they are spot on.
I really love the packaging of these lipglosses are the shade range is fairly good as well..
The pigmentation is pretty amazing to, the only downside to these is that they are a tad sticky and they don't last very long on the lips, also there are no names on the lipgloss themselves which makes it difficult to identify them but having done some research i managed to find the names of them.

For only £3.99 i would say that's a pretty decent price for the lipgloss and they will be available very soon at minerscosmetics.
*PR Samples
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