Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly Summary #4 - Putting things on hold..

Another weekly update for you all, not much has happened in the past week.. if i'm honest i've been lazying around, getting things ready to go on holiday and preparing myself for a very long week at work this week.
Also, to start the news.. i have had to say goodbye to my ombré hair :( - sad times, my sister kindly pointed out that i had a few grey hairs coming through, i saw no way out and decided it was time for a change, i miss my ombre hair so much but i'm sure i'll end up ombre'ing my hair back soon.
I also re-organised my make up storage, had a little clean out and saving all those un-loved products for another blog sale.
I've also had to put opening up my online store on hold for now, the timing isn't perfect at the moment.. so much stress from work and family that i've just had to slow things down.. i worked endlessly on opening up my online store that i forget to eat sometimes so as soon as all the stress calms down i'll start working on it again.
For bigger news, i have a very exciting giveaway coming up on my blog very soon so keep your eyes peeled.. the Michael Kors case gives it away a bit ;)
And i think that's it for now.. One last thing, it's been 2 weeks today since i said goodbye to my precious Molly and i miss her so bad everyday.. i think of her all the time, hoping she's okay and that she's safe.. I'm sure she is.. but time does heal a broken heart..

That's it for now, until the next time guys! <3

Saturday, 29 June 2013

3 Quick And Easy Summer Hair Styles

Summer time is probably the only time i really do styles with my hair, through the year i wear my hair in very boring hairstyles - 99% of the time i wash my hair, blow dry it if i can be bothered and straighten my fringe.
However Summer time it's as if someone has taken over my body, i like doing different hairstyles.. wearing clothes i normally probably wouldn't..
I put together a few of my favourite Summer hair styles for long hair, i will also being doing another post for shorter hair which will be up shortly.
As always, i used my niece as a guinea pig so that i could take photo's of the hairstyles..
My all time favourite style is the French Braid, instead of having it in the middle i normally take mine to the side so my hair sits on my shoulder. French Braid's can be very hard to do, but once you get the hang of it you can easily do it by yourself within seconds.
This hairstyle took me around 3minutes to do, it's very simple and it keeps your hair out of your face.. It's great if you want to go swimming as your hair will stay in place when you come out, also it's great for doing other Summer sports such as Volley ball as your hair won't fly all over the place.
The next favourite is the Side Bubble Braid, i did a tutorial on how to do the Bubble Braid on my youtube channel so if you want to check that out i've linked it..
This one again is very simple to do, this hair style again took about 3-5minutes to do.. I think it's a trick of the mind kind of hair style.. You look at it, and it looks complicated but really it's not.
Instead of starting off as a low side pony, take the top half of your hair and tie it off to one side.. make a small hole in the middle, and twist the hair upwards through the loop. - You will be able to see in the tutorial.
- Also in the tutorial, i had the head bands still in my hair, in this hair style i snipped the elastic bands out and it achieved this look. You can tug and pull out hairs to make the look a little more messy...
Again, this hairstyle is perfect for the Summer time as the hair is free from your face and you can still move around and do activities without worrying about your hair coming loose.
Now the last favourite is still pretty simple to do but takes a little more time and precision to do.. I've been wearing this hairstyle for a couple of years now.. it's my favourite Summer hairstyle.. I like to call it the Half Down Half Up With A Bow.
I like to curl my hair before hand, it doesn't have to be completely curled, you can take a few sections and curl.. it also doesn't have to be to neat.
Starting by taking your top half of hair and tying it in the centre.. Then form a bow and again tie it off with another elastic.. have a little play round with it and then using bobby pins, clip down any areas which need pinning. There a loads of tutorials on Youtube, i did mine a slightly different way but my favourite tutorial has to be by Beboxo plus she explains it better than i do.. this is how i learnt how to do it!

Which hair style is your favourite?.. Would you like to see more hairstyles for long hair?..

Friday, 28 June 2013

Tutorial: Ombre Make Up Brush Holders

If you checked out one of my lasts posts on some DIY Make Up Brush Holders - see here.. I showed you a few DIY brush holders i had been working on for the past week.
I'm hoping to do more DIY projects on my blog so if you have any DIY suggestions then please feel free to leave them below and i shall see what i can rustle up for you.
So my first DIY has been these ombré brush holders, perfect for holding your make up brushes, Q-tips or can even be used as a pen pot.. So let's get started..
What you will need:
  • A Small Glass Cup
  • A selection of nail polishes you want to use or you can use paint.. -You'll need a dark shade, a medium shade and a couple light shades.
  • White Nail Polish or paint
  • A piece of sponge
  • A mat or something to lean on.. 
Starting off, take your glass, sponge and white nail polish or paint, here i used OPI Alpine Snow..  then put the rest of the polishes aside for now..
Now you can either paint straight onto the glass or paint onto the sponge and just dab on, personally i found that it took the longest by applying on the sponge and then onto the glass.. So i painted straight onto the glass and kept dabbing until it was completely covered..
Don't worry as much if you get dry spots it adds the effect and detailing..
*tip* If your struggling to paint without touching the polish then if you have smalls hands, place your hand inside to help hold whilst painting..
Take that the white is done, take the darkest polish you have picked out.. Mine is Barry M Cobalt Blue
doing the same as you did with the white, keep dabbing until you have cover the whole glass.
Once that is done, do the same with the next couple of nail polishes, starting with the darker shades first working up to the lighter shades.
I applied Barry M Cyan Blue, then over the top of that i had Barry M Greenberry..
For the last colour i picked Models Own Apple Pie and instead of covering the whole thing i did little patches of this in small areas so it doesn't overlap the other shades.
.. Set aside and leave to dry for a couple of hours and here is the finished results..

So there you have it, some quick and simple DIY Brush Holders with items you will already have at home.. very simple and very easy to do..

What do you think of these brush holders?.. Will you be giving it a go?..

- if you do decide to give it a go, please either tweet me @missholly_xo or leave your blog post in the comments section so i can give you a mention in my next DIY post!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DIY Make Up Brush Holders

A little project i've been working on lately is some DIY Make Up Brush Holders, i always like to do things myself, that way i know how i want it to look like.. 
I've been re-organising my make up storage and came up with the idea of doing some DIY Make Up Brush Holders.. - All fairly easy to do..
The first one is this DIY Glitter Pot, which i like to call it.. The pot was from an old candle which i had used up, dug out all the wax and the wick, cleaned it up and painted over with a glitter nail polish. 
I used the Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter nail paint to paint all over, then added a thin layer of top coat to seal it all in.
The next is this bejewelled one, which took the most time out of them all, i bought a couple of packets of embellishments from eBay - link.
You can pick whatever colours you want, i opted for pink and silver and patterned it to how i liked..
Now this is my personal favourite, i like to call this one the ombré brush holder, i don't want to give to much away as there will be a tutorial on this up in the next couple days, but i'm really happy with how this one came out, it's really pretty and great for the Summer time!

Which DIY Brush Holder is your favourite?..  Would you also like to see more DIY projects?..

Goodbye Google Reader...and Hello Bloglovin'..

So it's nearly time to say goodbye to Google Reader, as you may know already.. i'm pretty sure everyone and their family and pets know..
It's a sad time but we all saw it coming.. On July 1st we will be officially saying goodbye to Google Reader.. and a lot of people have been saying it's GFC that's also being taken away, but not to fret as we always have other blogging platforms we can follow each other on..
I've already imported all my favourite bloggers onto Bloglovin' and suggest you all do so too.
Bloglovin' is an easier way to follow all your must-read blogs and it's so easy to import from blogger.
I wrote a post a couple of months back on how to import all your favourite blogs onto blogger - see here.

If you would like to keep up to date with Miss Holly - please follow me on Bloglovin' and i shall see all you beautiful people over there :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

LOTD The Last Of The Ombré

Technically this is kind of cheating as this isn't today's look of the day but in fact from the other day which i thought i had uploaded but obviously not..
It's been a sad time for my hair as i've had to say goodbye to my much loved ombré hair, my lovely(horrible) sister pointed out that i had a couple grey hairs coming though, so i had' had enough and dyed my hair again..
You will be able to see my new hair in my June Favourites 2013 video, even though i'm not so sad anymore cos my ombre hair has slightly come back over the top of the hair dye..! Score!

What do you think of this look?..

June Favourites 2013

Yay, it's my favourite time of the month.. not the other time of the month.. no, that sucks!
It's my June Favourites! - I have been loving quite a lot of stuff this month and thought i'd share them with you.. It seems like just yesterday i was uploading my May Favourites.. How time flies..
Anyway, here is my June Favourites for you all, i hope you enjoy.. Please do 'like' and subscribe if you haven't already.. Also, if you have any video requests please feel free to leave them in the comments section!

What's in your June Favourites this month..?

From The Beach Look to The Casual Look

Now that Summer is finally upon us, it's time for us to dig out our bikinis, sunglasses and sandals and ditch those coats, knitted jumpers and onesies.
I've put together 2 different looks, going from a nice Summery Beach Look to a Casual Look.. Normally when i'm hitting the beach i take 2 sets of clothing, my beach look and a casual look to go out for dinner after, or to grab some fish and chips.
So starting with the beach look, i picked up these gorgeous retro sunglasses with a multicoloured frame, paired with some feminine peach sandals, a stunning burgundy rose headband from Crown and Glory, and for the main piece i've picked this red and blue piece from Freya's Swim Collection.  
I think this bikini is gorgeous, it's very unique and stands out quite a lot as you’re mixing a matching colours essentially; the print on it is stunning as well! 
As for my casual look, i've gone for something a bit plain but really trendy - i like loose flowing tops and jackets so picked a loose fit striped top with a dusty green blazer.  I've also paired that with some boyfriend denim shorts which i've taking a real liking to as well as these Fred Perry canvas plimsols
I think both looks would be perfect this Summer, i really like the piece from Freya's Swim Collection, paired with the sunglasses for a nice lounge at the beach or by the swimming pool.
And for the casual look, i love the whole thing.. the loose fitted top, the boyfriend shorts and the plimsols, and if it gets a little chilly then the blazer would go perfectly with this outfit.

What do you think of these outfits?..

Monday, 24 June 2013

Selfridges Festival Beauty Box

As you may know by now, i love beauty boxes..  especially one-off beauty boxes as i find you get a lot more for your money and you also great some real treats inside.
The recent one i've been eyeing up lately is one from Selfridges and it's there Festival Beauty Box.
For only £25 you get 11 absolutely amazing products which combined costs £110, there is a mix from a refreshing cooling mist, to lipgloss to even a hair shadow, it's the ultimate Summer survival kit.

Box contains:
Topshop lip crayon in Powder Room
Sol de Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Navy
Coloursmash Hair Shadow
Violent Lips Lip Appliques in Warm Rainbow
Illamasqua Liquid Metal metallic cream
Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Moxie lip gloss
Azature nail polish in Champagne
Cowshed anti-bacterial hand gel
NPW mini scented hand & face wet wipes
NPW chubby glitter stick 

Pretty darn amazing for £25, i'm sure you'd all agree! - Now this box is not only limited edition but it's also only available in limited numbers so you'll have to be quick if you want to snap one of these boxes up. - link

What do you think of this Festival Beauty Box?.. 

Simple Soothing Eye Balm

I'll be perfectly honest here and state first that i don't normally use any sort of products for my under eye or my eyes even, i'm not sure if that's just me being lazy but i see no point in doing so unless i've started getting wrinkles or have problems with my under eye area.. however, i don't.
I've been testing the Simple Soothing Eye Balm for a few weeks now and having tried and tested the product for that amount of time i can give my honest review.
Simple are one of the biggest skincare brands, and i have used and loved a lot of their products in the past so am always happy to try new things from them, however i'm sad to say that this product isn't one i'll be rushing out to re-purchase any time soon..
After using this product for a few weeks, i can say that i saw no difference under my eyes, nor did i experience any difficulty.. i do however like that it has a cooling effect and does make you feel as if it's doing something but i could see no different..
As much as i hate to say this but i found the whole process a little pointless, but i wouldn't state that for everyone.. as i said earlier on in the post i don't normally use eye creams, or any other products under my eyes so that may be the issue.. i probably didn't see any change because i don't normally use them products, however.. i do think that people who use under eye products would benefit from this and may actually see some sort of difference or results, but sadly for me.. i didn't.
I can however state that this product is good for sensitive skin, and i can vouch for that.. i have slight sensitive skin and it didn't cause any sort of grief on my skin and i didn't experience any sort of break outs.. 

Have you tried the Simple Soothing Eye Balm?.. If so, what were your thoughts?
* PR Sample - Full disclaimer

Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer Beauty Wishlist

I can't believe we have finally hit Summer, i am so darn excited for this Summer.. As you may know if you have read any of my latest blog posts, i'm going away in just under a month..
I'm off to see my family in Newcastle again and just to get away from my hectic lifestyle.. I've had my eye on a few beauty products which i'm dying to get my hands on before i go away.. Don't worry, i keep telling myself no because of the spending ban.. an update on that will be soon.
So i have loads of summery products which i've been wanting to try out, some i already have but haven't gotten round to purchasing the full sizes yet.
The first two products are the new Barry M Gelly Nail Paints in Mango and Guava they are part of the new gelly hi-shine collection range and are the new shades, i've already bought 2 which i've featured on my blog but stated that they didn't have all the shades in stock which i wanted.. these were the other two shades i also wanted to pick up - i really love the Models Own Beach Party nail polish which was in my May Favourites, and the Mango shade reminds me of the polish.. I'm also really liking the shade Guava! - sucks i'm on a spending ban..
The next product is the Chanel Broze Universel which was in my wish list months ago and i'm still yet to get this, i'm a bit umm'ing and ahh'ing over this as it's an expensive product and i'm not sure if i'd end up using it.. there have been so many products i've bought in the past which i don't use now.. We shall see..
For blushers, i've been wanting the Benefit Hervana and Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace, both of which are gorgeous, i'm leaning towards the Blush By 3 palette in Lace as it's cheaper but still great quality and it has 3 gorgeous blushers in one palette..
There's also been a highlighter and it's the Sunbeam by Benefit, i think it'll be great for Summer time, i did have a sample of this which i've already used up so i'm thinking of purchasing the full sized version.. what do you guys think?.. is it worth the money?..
There's also been a new foundation which i've been eye'ing up, It's the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation with SPF 15, i had a sample of this a while ago and never got round to actually using it until the other day, i loved the way it looked on my skin and think i may get the full sized one!
And lastly is a self tanning product, this is probably the only time you'll see me have a self tanning product on my wish lists but i think this Summer i'm really going to make an effort with my body/weight.. eating heathy etc.. i really want that sun kissed glow for my holidays.. i've already tried this Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Tan Lotion and i loved it so tempted to pick up another one..

What's on your Summer wish list this year?

Latest In Beauty Glamour Box

Another fantastic box from Latest in Beauty which i had to share with you all, i've only ever purchased one other box - The Estée Lauder Discovery Box.
I love receiving little boxes of goodies in the post, it's a nice little surprise and a great way to try  new products you wouldn't normally try.
I picked up the new Glamour box from Latest in Beauty for only £14.95 which includes the postage.
Inside the box you get 9 products from a mixture of full sized products to sample sized..
- John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Formula - 25ml sample
- Benefit The Porefessional - 7.5ml sample
- Stila Lip Glaze in Guava - 1.5ml 
- Revlon Nail Polish in Siren - full size
- The Vintage Cosmetic Company Tweezers - full size
- Jinnylash Strip Eyelashes - full size
- L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza - full size
- Batiste Original Dry Shampoo - 50ml sample
- Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel - 10g sample size
I think this box holds so many great products,  some of which i've used before and some of which i've never heard of but am excited to try out.
I'm most excited to try the L'Oreal Gel Liner, Jinnylash Strip Eyelashes and the John Frieda Frizz Ease.. I've tried and tested a few of them already such as The Vintage Cosmetic Company Tweezers and love them, they are amazing! - I've also tried the Stila Lip Glaze and really like that also, aswell as the Porefessional by Benefit which i've already tried sometime last year but wouldn't quite say it's amazing enough for me to purchase the full size.

Overall a fantastic beauty box with so many great goodies from some great brands and for £14.95, you really can't go wrong!
What do you think of this box?.. Would this be something you'd be interested in?..

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Key Lime

Another shade i picked up from the new Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine collection was this lime green called Key Lime - I recently review the shade Blue Grape which was also one of the new shades that Barry M had brought out.
Key Lime is a shade i don't actually own any of, it's actually a really cool muted lime green, not exactly a bright lime green as it was shown in the pre-release images but still a pretty lime green nonetheless.
This shade wasn't one i was going to pick up at first but when i saw it in-store it seemed to go pretty well with a few outfits i had planned for my holidays so i ended up picking this and Blue Grape, plus the other shades i wanted were all out of stock, surprise surprise!
The consistency and texture of the nail polish is just as good as the previous Gelly Hi-shine nail paints, 
they dry pretty quick and last a good few days before chips start to show.. however for £3.99 you really can't go wrong..

Like the previous gelly nail paints they retail for £3.99 each, Barry M have also bought out 4 other new shades - if you'd like to see what other shades they have released see this post.

What do you think of this shade?.. 

Kooma Tarot Card

Have you ever had your Tarot card read for you, or ever wanted to experience what it's like..?  I had my tarot card reading when i was 18 years old at Brighton Pier..
I know it's a hit or miss with some people, but i find it amazing how you have psychics look into your lives and also predict the future for you.. even if you don't believe in these sort of things it's also a very fun experience.
When i went for my Tarot reading mine was more of having my future and love life read out for me,  i've always wanted to know what my future would be like, even if it may not come true or doesn't seem real.
So when i was 18years old, me and my best friend Kat (at the time) went to have our future read out, mine was the following.. i can't remember all of what she said, i remember telling her to just give it to me straight.. this is what i do remember..

"You have lost a lot of good friends in your life and experienced a lot of heart break, you have been best friends with someone very close to you since a very young age and your friendship will continue for the rest of your lives.  You also lose a very close friend in a tragic way.. You have met a man whom you are unsure of, but give him time.. this may be the man you end up marrying..
Your life has a lot of ups and downs and is one big roller coaster - but one day you will have to make a life changing choice..
Your career right now doesn't make you happy, but in your early 20's you'll find your perfect career.. with a lot of hard work and dedication you could be doing this for years to come.."

So a lot of what the lady said was true, i did lose a lot of friends and experienced a lot of heart break in the past, i also have a best friend whom i have been very close to since a young age.. which is my sister Rachel.  I did also lose a very close friend of mine in a tragic way.. won't say on here..
I did meet a man, who i am still with called Billy.. i wasn't sure of him because he didn't want to commit, however we have now been together for 7years..
I have yet to make a life changing choice but this may be to do with my future.. whatever it is scares me a little.
And lastly, my career.. back then i was a sales assistant and when i lost my job.. i started my blog.. even though my blog isn't my career i feel as though it has made me a whole lot happier.

Would you be interested in getting your tarot card reading?.. - click here do all sorts of tarot card reading wether it's for love and finding advice for relationships or maybe you have been injured or become ill there are also healers, spirit coaches, mediums etc..

- post bought to you by Kooma
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Iconic Body Art Temporary Spray Tattoos

I've always wanted a tattoo, my sister on the other hand has 4 or 5 tattoos.. unfortunately for me, my boyfriend won't actually let me get one, the big bully.. no but he's scared i will just get bored of it like i do with hand bags and quickly regret it.. so having a tattoo right now isn't an option for me.
However, that doesn't mean i can't have a spray tattoo right?..
I've always loved Henna tattoo's, not that it's something i can do by myself but the whole look and concept of them are great and something i would love to learn to do..
Anyway, i was recently sent this Iconic Body Art Temporary Spray Tattoo Kit in the post to review and feature on my blog.. Having a ton of kids in the household at the moment i decided to use the two eldest as guinea pigs for the day and test and try this out.. - of course i supervised them and they didn't touch any of the kit.
Inside the kit you get 3 different designs to choose from - shown above, however there is a stencil that you can split into two and have 4 designs instead..
It also includes 6 alcohol wipes, instructions and the spray itself - also shown above.
The instructions are pretty simple and self explanatory - wipe down the area your about to apply the stencil on, make sure the area is clean and dry.. Apply the stencil making sure to press firmly.. shake the spray and spray approximately 15cm away from the area.. Allow to dry before removing the stencil..
I must say that they came out a lot better than i had expected, the 2 kids said that it didn't hurt, it didn't irritate their skin and it also washed off when they had a bath.. both kids were really pleased with their new temporary tattoos.
Not only would they be great for kids, the would also be great for festivals, parties and even for people like me who don't actually have tattoos and were interested in trying out temporary ones.
I'm tempted to make more stencils and try my own temporary tattoo..

The Iconic Body Art Temporary Spray Tattoo Kit retails for £10 and you can also choose from a few other designs if these designs aren't for you..

What do you think of these temporary tattoos?.. Is this something you'd be interested in?..
* PR Sample - Full disclaimer

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR - Permanent Taupe

If you missed my previous post on the shade On And On Bronze which i reviewed here, then i basically said that i really wanted to try more of the Maybelline Color Tattoos and ended up picking this shade and the On And On Bronze..
I also bought this shade to go with my matte shades which i wear, for days where i don't want to wear shimmery eyeshadows.. this again, is one of those shades which has been hyped up so much in the blogger world and it was also a shade i've been wanting to pick up, not because of all the blogger hype but because i had seen the shade in stores and loved it.. but it didn't help that all the bloggers i follow all basically had it! - to those of you bloggers that i follow and have this.. damn you.. but also thank you..
I went for this shade again, because i loved it and because i wanted to wear this with my matte eyeshadows, lately i've been wearing this with the Urban Decay Basics Palette in the shades, Faint and Naked 2.
The creamy gel like consistency makes it easy to apply, i like to apply this with my ring finger as i find that applying it with your fingers make it blend smoother and easier than it does with a eyeshadow brush.
The color tattoo can also be worn on it's own, however i find that it does smudge on me if i'm wearing this though out the whole day on it's own.

Do you own any of the Maybelline Color Tattoos?.. Which shade is your favourite?
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