Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Clinique bonus time at Nordstrom - US

Clinique bonus time at Nordstrom. Gift items review - For US based bloggers.

I received the free Tracy Reese for Clinique gift bag after I made my purchase with Clinique at Nordstrom, and the products in it are great. I would have never tried most of these products if I hadn't received the free gift bag, but now there are several that I would actually purchase in the future. This is why I love bonus time and other gift with purchase offers. Here you can find almost all cosmetic offers by Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome happening at department stores like Macy's, Dillard's, Nordstrom... Let's take a look at the bonus bag at Nordstrom.

The picture of the bonus bagBonus gift from Nordstrom 

Gift items

  1. The Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream is very smooth and luxurious. I put it around my under-eyes before I go to bed and my eyes are soft and moisturized when I wake up. I canít tell if the wrinkles are any smaller, though.
  2. The Liquid Facial Soap is mild like it says on the bottle. It is pretty gentle and does not dry out my skin too much. I use another Clinique face wash regularly- the Oil-Free liquid to foam Acne Cleanser, and I prefer my usual product to the Liquid Facial Soap. But for somebody who needs a very mild cleanser or somebody who has sensitive skin, this cleanser would probably be a better option.
  3. The Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips works so well. I put a small drop of it on a Q-tip and rub it on my lower eyelids to take off my eyeliner, and it does the trick instantly. I have also tried it to remove lipstick once, and this worked well too.
  4. The Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo is a lovely shade. The package comes with two colors- New York Dawn and Chocolate Chip. I like to mix them by putting the lighter shade in my eyelidís crease and the darker one at the base by my upper lashes, and then I blend them together over the lid in between.
  5. The Long Last Lipstick in Twilight Nude is not the color that I normally wear. I typically use brighter shades of lipstick when I wear it, but it was actually nice to try something new. The lipstick itself is creamy and stays put after application. This is one product that I will probably purchase after my gift sample runs out.
  6. The High Impact Mascara in Black is a really great product that I already use regularly. It doesnít form clumps like drugstore mascaras do. The application wand is wide and long, making it easy to apply the mascara quickly and efficiently. I love this mascara.
  7. The Tracy Reese for Clinique cosmetics bag that the free samples came in has a lovely design of colorful flowers. This might be my favorite part of the gift set. I can use it when I travel and I can store my cosmetics in it at home. It is bright and beautiful and it makes me happy when I see it.
I am very glad to have received this Clinique gift set at Nordstrom. For more information click here. The bonus time is still active and you can get it with any $30.00 Clinique purchase at Nordstrom. Online or in-store.

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Mermaid Perfume Oil

A perfume i've been loving lately is this one, the Mermaid Perfume Oil.  With lots of high notes of citrus and orange.. it makes the perfume somewhat mysterious and it's been my go-to scent lately.  
It's not a cheap product retailing at $50 but it's definitely one to look into..  I like to apply this on my wrists and neck in the morning and the scent just lasts all day without smelling to overpowering.
This perfume oil comes in a small cardboard tube and it holds the 1/8oz glass bottle, it's 100% perfume oil and the scent is described as a 'orange blossom flowers'.  I know i say this a lot but this perfume would be perfect for the summer, it's lovely and fruity and just the perfect scent for the summertime.

The Mermaid Perfume Oil retails for $50 and can be found here - www.mermaidperfume.com

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Avon Nail Paint - Painted Peony

Hello all, well i'm back... kind of! Sorry i haven't posted in a while, some of you were asking if something had happened etc.. but no, i just took a short break from blogging as i had so much going on.. but it's safe to say i am finally back.. Anyway I hadn't done a nail of the day post in a while so i thought i'd show you all what i'm wearing on my nails today. Avon - Painted Peony is so simular to ELF Coral in terms of the shade, texture and the look however i prefer this nail polish over the ELF one..  The texture is quite thick so you only really need one coat, however i applied two..  This polish is also a tad lighter than the ELF Coral polish but they look exactly the same when applied onto the nails.
This shade is a gorgeous coral shade with golden shimmer, it's the perfect shade for Spring/Summer..

What do you think of this shade?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Glossybox 2nd Birthday Edition | May 2013

Happy birthday Glossybox! - Celebrating their 2nd birthday already.. How time just flies, i remember when Glossybox first came on around (despite the fact i weren't subscribed to them back then)... but still..  It's been amazing see'ing them grow.
I weren't really sure what to expect in this month's Glossybox as i hadn't seen many snippets, they kept it a real secret this month..  The first item i spotted was the biggest product, and a full size product of the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Ginger Shine Spray.. i've tried a few products from Paul Mitchell in the past so i'm excited to try this product out. It smells really nice and it's meant to nourish and moisturise your hair whilst restoring weak and damaged hair..
Full size £18.95 for 125ml

The next product i spotted was the Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara another full sized product, i was excited by this product at first but when i opened the packaging and saw the mascara it looked like a Collection mascara, i didn't like the packaging as it looks really cheap and tacky.. however i was still willing to give this mascara a go despite the looks.. I've tried it twice already and it's an okay mascara but i wouldn't purchase this again, it didn't really give my eyelashes a good lift..
Full size £15

Another full sized product i received was the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in black.  I love liquid eyeliners so i'm always happy to try new one's. I've tried this out a few times and even though it's not as good as the Soap & Glory Supercat Extreme Eyeliner Pen i'd say it's pretty simular and a good cheaper alternative.  The only problem i found with this is that the brush dries so quickly when your applying it that you have to keep dipping it back into the pot and go over the flick and normally i like to do the flick all in one so that i don't have to go over it with my unsteady hand..
Full size £2.99 for 6ml
The last full sized item i received was the Headline Colors Nail Polish in the shade Poolside Party which is this lovely Turquoise Blue..  I don't own anything from Headline Colors but have seen their stuff around, i was a little shocked to see that this nail polish retails for £9 though when Essie is better quality than them and they are cheaper at £7.99!  The texture of this nail polish is nice, thick and only really needs one coat..  I do really like this shade, but i don't think i would purchase it again.. not at £9!
Full size £9

The last item i received was this sample size of the Beautiful Movement Cosmetics Prime & Create Mixing Medium which is a multi purpose product.. It can be used as a primer alone for a matte, shine-free base for flawless make up application or it can be mixed with foundation for an airbrushed effect.. either way this product really intrigues me and i'm excited to try it out.. I'll probably do a full review on this product if i do like it..
Full size £20 for 20g

And of course for the mystery free gift, i received some miniature nail files which i'll be throwing in my handbag as i always seem to chip my nails at work so these will come in handy.

Are you subscribed to Glossybox?.. If so, what did you receive in your box this month?..

Shade Station: Marc by Marc Jacobs MBM3142 Watch

I was given the chance last week to work with the lovely people over at Shade Station who were generous enough to send me this gorgeous Marc By Marc Jacobs MBM3142 Watch.
I've always wanted the Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph watch but had taken a real liking to this one instead and it came safely the next day in it's official Marc by Marc Jacobs presentation box..
Part of the Amy Dexter collection,  this rose gold stainless steel watch has a circular face and has Marc by Marc Jacobs embossed in the bezel with different coloured stones as the markers on the dial.  It also has the Marc by Marc Jacobs engraved on the metal push clasp where the straps fastens.
The watch strap consists of small links which came be either taken out or added in order to fit.. The watch came up a bit bigger on my wrists so i had 4 links removed, which can easily be done at the jewellers for a couple of pounds or if you know how to do it yourself you can, i got the trusty boyfriend who does all my watches to do it for me.
It is also water resistent up to 50 metres which is good but i'm so careful with this watch that every time i'm doing the dishes i remove it so i don't risk getting it wet. 
This watch is just an all round gorgeous, sophisticated watch and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a rose gold watch, why not go for this one rather than the original Michael Kors watch that everybody seems to have..? 

The Marc by Marc Jacobs MBM3142 Watch retails for £185 and can be purchased at Shade Station

What do you think of this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to make the perfect cocktail

Having had my sister recently move out, we've made loads of plans for the Summer.. one being a Summer BBQ with loads of food, snacks and cocktails.
I must admit i am absolutely rubbish when it comes to making cocktails, i tend to throw a whole bunch of things mixed together and it normally tastes like horrible.
However in saying that i love the idea of sitting outside whilst the boys are cooking on the barbecue, i'll be sitting on the sun lounger sipping on my cocktail..

Spa Breaks have created this great video on how to make the perfect cocktail which i've found so useful, i always love watching other people make cocktails.. and i am sure as hell going to be taking the tips and tricks from this video when it comes to making my own cocktails this Summer.

What did you think of the video?.. Also what would you have in your perfect cocktail?...

*Post brought to you by Spa Breaks.
All opinions are my own - Image taken from Google

Monday, 13 May 2013

April Favourites | 2013

As always, late for my monthly favourites post.. i was originally going to film my monthly favourites but with the house not being as quiet as normal.. If you've noticed in my other videos.. kids screaming.. dog barking.. then yeah it's not been the quietest lately so instead i thought i would do my usual post on my monthly favourites.. I haven't had very many favourites this month, i would say a fairly average amount but mainly the same as my other favourites..
Anyway i'll get started, first which is probably the most eye catching is the Gucci Guilty Eau De Toilette which my sister kindly gave me.. along with some other perfumes.. but if you remember back in February's wishlist i actually posted that i really wanted it because my sister had it etc... well she gave me her one! - As i said in that post i really liked the scent of it, it's one of those scents which you can just sniff every second of everyday without getting bored of it and my feelings there haven't changed.. I've been wearing this perfume everyday for the past week or so and i am absolutely head over heels in love with it.. As always i'm rubbish at describing perfumes but you can read the description of the perfume here to get a feel for it.
Next is my favourite skincare item of the month and its the Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream which i featured in my April Beauty Haul video, i love this cream so much it's perfect for dry skin as it's really rich and moisturising and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth.. I like to apply this underneath my make up on a day to day basis..
I only have one favourite hair care product this month and it's the KMS California Tame Frizz De-Frizz Oil*, not going to ramble on to much about this product as i have literally just posted a review on it..
For make up items i've been loving the Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation which i also featured in my April Beauty Haul, it's such a nice everyday wearable foundation with medium coverage but can easily be built up. I'm in the shade Nude and it's a perfect match for my skin tone..
For my cheeks theres only been one product i've been really loving and that's the Sleek Blush in Life's a Peach which i actually featured in last months favourites which i didn't realise.. you can take a peek there on what my thoughts were on this blush instead of me repeating myself..
I've also been loving Barry M Greenberry which i cannot stop wearing i think i'm going to have to buy myself a few back-ups of this as i love it so much, it's the perfect mint green and i can see myself wearing this shade a lot in the summer.
And lastly, of course are the lip products.. i've only really been using two products.. both of which are lip stains.. The first is the Rimmel Apocalips in Luna - full post and swatches here.
And last is the L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Lolita, which i've also done a full post about which you can see here

That's my favourite's for this month, what's been your favourites?

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Life Update

Hey everyone!
Sorry it's been a long time since i blogged properly, a lot has happened/is happening right now with my life that i've taken a slight break so i thought i'd do a life update post and share with you all what's been going on lately...
Oh gosh where do i even start.. well i'll start by saying that the household has expanded majorly.. my boyfriends sister, her fiance and her 4 children have moved in so the house now holds 12 of us! - yes, 12.. it's crazy! I'm not going to go into detail as to why it happened but everything happens for as reason... and in saying that.. gaining 6 and losing 2... My sister Rachel who has been featured on my blog a fair few times is moving into her first new home with her boyfriend Danny..  I had a little cry today over it, i feel as though (even though i'll be see'ing her all the time, she's going to be around the corner).. but it's not the same.. I just feel as though we're all growing up to fast but i'm so so happy for her..   We went to see her new home, which i did a brief vlog about but forgot to finish recording it but once their all moved in i'll do a small vlog :)
As well as that, i've started my Youtube video's again.. Yes i'm finally back - if you haven't seem any of my video's yet then click here to go watch.. I'm only at 4 video's but i'm really enjoying making them again, so if you have any other video requests feel free to leave them below..
Also, the dog (Molly) celebrated her 3rd birthday the other day, 3 human years not dog years.. i think in dog years she's 21?.. 

Anyway, that's my short little life update.. i'm sure i'll be back to normal blogging really soon

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Beauty Haul | Miss Holly

Sorry i've been missing over the past couple of days, i kinda disappeared off the face of the earth.. I'll be doing a life update soon but for now I filmed a teeny beauty haul for you all, just a few bits and bobs i've accumulated over the past couple of weeks or so.. I always love the mug shots Youtube gives me.. trust me this thumbnail was the best out of the others..
Also, i'm looking for a new camera for filming so if anyone has any recommendations i would love to know, it would be a massive help to me as i'm useless at cameras and filming etc..!

Thanks for watching, any video requests please do leave them below :)
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